It is entirely legal for the result of major sporting events to be fixed in advance

We all know that professional
wrestling is a stage-managed
But did you know that recently a US
judge ruled that when you buy
a ticket to an NFL game that all
you are entitled to is entertainment.
It is not illegal in the US for leagues
to fix their own games.

– Brasscheck

TAP – That’s why sports people are paid so much.  They can make it look like real, while in fact all they are doing is acting out choreographed entertainment.  The money profits from gambling and the political gains for politicians have to be shared with the players, to keep them quiet apart from anything else.

GORDON –  Why I hate the superbowl.

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13 Responses to “It is entirely legal for the result of major sporting events to be fixed in advance”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you know they changed the rules in America a few years ago on who has to pay tax & that American football teams or the people who own them don’t have to pay tax on the profits.

    Tax payers pay for the upkeep of the infrastructure to support the teams like roads & buildings as well.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The intelligence world know that all wrestling most boxing football and horse racing is fixed, we recently sawa racing cyclist penalised for alleged drug taking, most racing cyclists do drug take, yet the sporting world know all footballers take performance enhancing drugs and nothing is said because as Robert Maxwell said ” football is the NWO distraction flagship by which we take over the country”
    football is considerd soft port by psychologists who see the damage it inflicts on families.
    racism ios illegal yet psychlogists say that supporting one team over another and one country over another is as racist as it gets.
    yet is is still allowed

  3. Anonymous says:

    sorry Theresa ann pocklington here i am 78 and almost blind
    i sent in the wrong thing
    silly me.sorry

  4. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I watched the France v Brazil world cup final years ago,hoping to see some of the Brazilian magic.Well, the Brazilians looked half asleep and there was a home victory,how nice.Since then I have known that it is all fixed.Latest news sportsfans.Man Utd can’t play well now their manager has retired,don’t make me laugh.

  5. Roy Wright says:

    I doubt any sport that is popular golf,NBA,NFL,Motor Sports, you name it if it makes big money it will be fixed! Maybe WRC isn’t but F1 has been for ages.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ina fabulous article i think on Chris Sopiveys website some months back, he told of Screaming Lord Sutch and his time tryin g to get into Parliament, when i look at what we have now i so wish he had got in, but he said the world cup was fixed by harold Wilson who said it would be good for Britian, after studying football for some years i belive Sutch spoke the truth, because i have a nephew who is a club footballer and he said it was undoubtably true

  7. Anonymous says:

    any sport where big money is spent will atract the fixers,
    the krays fixed boxing bouts
    before the krays took over Peter Rachman did and before him Jack spot and Billy Hill, London racketeers were always jews, and the East End fought them all through the war,up until the present day.
    In W W II the jewish spivs could get you anything, any food which wa srationed…at a price of course

  8. Anonymous says:

    David cameron is goin g to israel to be told how and when yo have the war on Iran,
    many Brit soldiers have threatend to walk away from any more “silly ” wars

  9. Anonymous says:

    Man u (red devils) will win the treble in 2018 (3×6) as they won the treble in 1999.Put some money on it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Statistically I believe boxing is officially the easiest sport to fix – and oh how it shows. Anyone remember he Benn versus Eubank ‘fight’?Think that was the one where Benn spent 12 hours that day getting his braids done. So blatant a draw was on and a lucrative rematch to follow – always remember that stand up guy Bazza Hearn being asked how he thought the fight would go – (with the judges prior to result being announced) – ” I don’t know- probably a draw” Bazza said in the worst piece of ham acting you’ll ever see – try and google it – so obvious.

    And don’t forget that pathetic excuse for a human being and full time slime ball Grobbelaar and co taking money to throw games – allegedly. Grobbelaar went to two crown court trials and then won a libel suit against a paper but was awarded one penny in damages and effectively called a liar by the judge.
    You think it’ clean today with all that extra money knocking about?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ok the police got Lester Piggot for VAT raud but what they wanted him for was race fixing, they would watch how te betting was going and in the far east betting is big big big, then when they saw the betting, they would fix the race each jockey would get 3 grand apiece
    the reason it did not ahead with the prosecution was that piggott used to race for the queen mother
    and it was hushed up
    a senior intel guy who died last year told me this.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The tribe match fixers within the boxing world were following the Caucasian demoralisation plan to throw matches in the coloured opponents favour. It was part of the Frankfurt immigration plan, and to instill in young kids/men that black men were superior fighters and of course lessen the whitemans standing within his own country and dissuade young white men from standing up for themselves..and it worked.

    As for most other sports, but football the brainslayer in particular, the use of highly emotive and “hero worship” talk was introduced in the 60’s as football was being prepared as the new religion for low intellect people.

  13. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Good point,it is a religion.All those people getting milked of their enthusiastic emotions every sabbath afternoon and parting with plenty of the folding stuff.

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