Immigration. Why it never stops.

Any alien culture and people with a much higher population growth than the indigenous in any land is a threat. Islam is a threat to the indigenous majority full stop. My initial wakening was the problems posed by Islam, but I found the greater threat were the Jews, not just because they’ve been 100% behind the migration of Muslims (predominantly Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Saudis and of late Somalians) into the UK & Europe, but more importantly, stopping any chance of an indigenous fightback to stop this threat.

Your average reply is always:

“Why on earth would Jews, enemies of Islam, provide unfettered Muslim immigration into the lands they live in?” 

And the answer: 

“Because firstly the destruction of the majority indigenous block has been their primary goal and secondly creating racial tensions amongst the indigenous is great for Zionists because it instantly creates a support base for Israel and public support against Islam (as seen with the Zionist EDL). Due to white flight from inner cities, due to the main target habitat for aliens, it also allows YET MORE immigration in order to fill jobs.” 

Islam will always be a threat in the West or anywhere outside of its natural habitat. However Judaism will always be the bigger threat for reasons explained as well as the fact that Islam merely seeks to unite the world under Islam through conversion, whereas Judaism seeks to cull 93% of the world’s population and enslave the remainder. One seeks a return to the Old World Order under religious authority whereas the other under a New World, technological totalitarian, one world government under Satanism. 

The anti Islamic stance of the msm is understandable considering who controls it. And it’s precisely this reason Judaism is never painted in a negative light and those who criticise it are.


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  1. Anonymous says:


    Says it all really.

    Turning brother against brother til man is no more.

    Until mankind identifies the culprit of massed immigration, then we will always be fighting each other under circumstances created by those with something to gain by it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree with Harbinger

  3. John Bull says:

    Disagree with Harbinger on this.

    The Islamaphobia thing is a smoke screen and a distraction and too many in this movement waste their time foaming at that mouth over it.

    The Jew’s primary tool for white indigenous distruction and annihilation is the negro.

    That’s why all our TV programming and advertising always includes negroes with white girls or white women especially blonde white girls and women. This is what we should be angry about.

    If you want to fight Islam then start attacking the putrid mealy mouthed liberal Anglican Church. They’re the people who should be leading the way against Islam.

  4. John Bull says:

    Apologies should be ‘at the mouth’ and ‘destruction’

  5. Anonymous says:

    Heard the very thing this week: A friend said to his customer:

    “They’re going to ban Christmas…so as not to offend Muslims.”

    My immediate thought was “Stuff them!” before that was, the penny dropped.

    Islam sees Jesus as a prophet and surely Muslims are not offended by Christmas. Jews however are offended by Him.

    I reminded my friend of the school playground where two with a disagreement become bated by the others: “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

    “You foolish Goy,” I reminded my friend, “You spread their divisive propaganda for them!”

    “Next time you see your customer remind them it’s Jews who want to ban Christmas:


  6. Anonymous says:

    none off them know God!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    John Bull,

    “The Islamaphobia thing is a smoke screen and a distraction and too many in this movement waste their time foaming at that mouth over it.”

    Of course it is. Anything that keeps the focus off of the Jews is a smokescreen, but nonetheless, common sense states that if your people are procreating far less than an alien people colonising your land, time dictates you WILL become a minority and be at the mercy of the alien majority – or do you disagree?

    “The Jew’s primary tool for white indigenous distruction and annihilation is the negro.”

    It’s one of them, but not the primary one. Immigration is. Once you add an alien culture into your own you destroy it’s uniqueness. If you have a bowl of chicken soup and mix it with tomato it no longer is uniquely chicken. Keep adding more different soups and eventually it’s completely unrecognisable as chicken anymore.

    “That’s why all our TV programming and advertising always includes negroes with white girls or white women especially blonde white girls and women. This is what we should be angry about.”

    Africans/W.Indians/negroes make up a far smaller percentage of the England population than Muslims. There is no majority African city in England but there is Muslim (Pakistani/Bangladeshi – Birmingham).

    “If you want to fight Islam then start attacking the putrid mealy mouthed liberal Anglican Church. They’re the people who should be leading the way against Islam.”

    Disagree. Years of brainwashing has seen the decline of the church and Christianity. It’s also been heavily infiltrated by minority groups. Ironically it’s being kept alive courtesy of eastern european and African immigrants.
    Like I said above, Muslims through procreation will become the majority by 2060/70. This can only be stopped through repatriation. Nothing else will change this obvious fact. ->

    “But that’s stupid. If you say the Jews are behind this, they’ll be in the same shit as the indigenous?”

    I doubt it. By that time there will be a world government and a greater Israel which will have swallowed up Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iran. It will be where ALL Jews live fleeing the violent west created by their banker leaders. There will be the world emperor and they will have complete technological control of the world by then. More satellites in space, armed and targetting every land.


  8. Tapestry says:

    The soup is always changing. The powerful always keep the population on the hop by manipulating culture, like the turning of a large wheel. This technique was worked out thousands of years ago, maybe in Babylon, or no doubt even earlier. The record of history is hidden.

    You have to keep the goy unbalanced so that consecutive generations cannot agree with each other as to what the world is all about. You create new movements – political, cultural, economic purely for purposes of social control. The world cannot be allowed to stand still, and people to prosper consistently or they will start to demand more say in their daily lives.

    Fear and the inability to balance themselves, form community or family stability, is what keeps the people at the top who have money and long experience of manipulating human societies in control.

    Immigration has to be seen in that context. If they can’t control the goy, then they want to kill us. They deploy technologies such as the internet to achieve greater control. Yet each control device has a tendency to fail and lower their control, so they have to bring out more and more control initiatives. MI5 people once slavishly served their owners, for example. Many now see their former role as mistaken and realise they were deceived into destroying their own country, not saving it from foes. David Shayler. Gordon Logan. And many others.

    The people at the top are forced to recruit people of lower and lower ability to keep their machinery of enslavement turning. They need to appoint mostly pedophiles to protect them – other psychopaths. In the end, only the bloodlines are loyal. Their hundreds of illegitimate children are meant to serve the system. Yet even they can turn against them and want good to triumph – Princess Diana, her father James Goldsmith, for example.

    They have to murder greater and greater numbers including their musicians like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and many many others – as well as their political assistants – John Smith, Robin Cook, and many many others.

    They are desperate to get the world into a war. Only that way can they bring about the circumstances whereby they can impose their will over the whole of mankind, and people will be forced to obey. Yet many now realise that their endless wars are all contrived. Their propaganda is mere theatre. Many of their heroes and villains are trained agents – HItler, Saddam Hussein – or managed by handlers – Churchill, Stalin – David Cameron, Tony Blair also.

    The awakening is happening. Putin might buy us a little time, if he is not just another theatrical creation, kept in place for the purpose of creating the big war they desire to bring about.

    Gordon Logan believes that he was instrumental in getting the Russians to quit the Rothschild system of control and go independent. Let’s hope he’s right. The only thing that can hold back the brutes who rule us and want us all dead is another bigger brute that they can’t tame. Yet will he care a fig about our destruction either? Of course not. But maybe someone with the instinct for independence will respect that in others for a while. We have a long way to go.

  9. Steed EOW says:

    Interesting and pertinent point there by Tap – our enemies do require us to be in a constant state of fear and confusion; never having consensus and unity of purpose from one generation to the next, one region to the next, one class to the next.

    The reason for the importation of vast numbers of immigrants is simple – divide and rule. It’s a technique as old as civilisation itself, and it will always be the most successful way of subverting a nation. Mass-immigration kills many birds with one stone: It distracts us, overwhelms us, burdens our infastructure, creates competition (which distracts us further), drives down wages and increased property prices, garners support for Israel, alters the national bloodline (and thus the bonds to its values and land), reprogrammes us, creates disillusionment, paves the way for other egalitarian concepts, consumes land which then makes the nation dependent on imports for food, and last but not least – it sows the seeds for inevitable civil war, which (as those of us who’ve studied Zionist Bankers know) is extremely profitable.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The only way I can see any future for people is the total abandoning of the political system altogether.

    Through this system, the Rothschilds manipulate every inch of society. It has to be stopped. They are, without a doubt, demons in the flesh. If the Rothschilds remain humanity is doomed.

    Tap reiterates my soup analogy. Steed goes into more detail writing what I’ve stated many times on the woes of immigration. No one benefits from it other than the internationalists, the capitalist business owners and those glogalist indigenous who have abandoned their culture.

    Until people realise that politics is merely the installing of puppets, implementing international banker policy, to the overall detriment of the indigenous and eventual destruction of their culture and nation, nothing will change and their country will continue on course to the cliff’s edge. It is interesting but just before I wrote this I read an interestihg article on the destruction of America’s middle class. It could so easily be Britain’s story too:

    The Suicide of the middle class

    I really do mean what I write. It is incredibly negative, but that cannot be helped because man, through his apathy at not wanting to find out the truth is creating his own dystopia. The road society is on is one to complete totalitarianism, abject poverty and servitude. Once it arrives at this destination it will stay here for a very long time. Generations after generation will be nothing more than mindless drones, created to serve a G-d status elite who have no love nor compassion for anything but their own. Thankfully I’ll be gone when the NWO comes into full effect but your future generations won’t.


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