If the Gentiles (non-Jews) knew what we are teaching against them, they would kill us.

The Romans knew all about the Jews and their capabilities. They are but one of many of the world’s peoples who have spoken out against Jews and Judaism, yet we are continually led to believe they were wrong, nothing but haters and the Jews were persecuted throughout history for no other reason than they were simply Jewish. From Willie Martin who has done a great deal of study in this whole debacle:

“Even Tacitus, the Roman historian who lived shortly after Christ (55-120) A.D.) wrote:

“The Jews are a race that hate the gods and mankind. Their laws are in opposition to those of all mortals. They despise what to us is holy. Their laws condone them in committing acts which horrify us.” (Historian V. 3-8)

The Jew knows that when the non-Jewish world knows his laws and sees through his plans that he is lost. Therefore, by threat of death he forbids their translation and publication. A well known Jewish scholar (Dibre David) writes:

“If the Gentiles (non-Jews) knew what we are teaching against them, they would kill us.”


TAP – OK.  What are you teaching against us?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tap: Start by googling “what the talmud says about Jesus Christ”.The
    Talmud is the Jews real’holy book’.
    Also in their Torah (our 1st 5 books of the Old Testament)there’s
    plenty of indication of how the old-time Israelites regarded non-jews.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When Germany was in real danger of meltdown after the jewbankers robbed the country blind( as we are now experiencing ) many jews who had busineses and facing ruin went to the Third reich and became informants, the info they were giving was horrific, from child sacrifice and child sex to big bank plans to make German a third world pisspot, like Britian today, anyway Hitler and the boys decided with these jews help to tackle the problem head on by expelling them
    the rest is history or the lies of…
    shame though

  3. Anonymous says:

    In your own words Harbinger, “Who gives a shit anyway”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s referring to the Talmud I think. Here is a link that gives a good overview of the hatred the jews have for non jews in the talmud.
    The Talmud was originally a set of teachings full of hatred and discrimination – made up by rabbi’s and passed on orally by the rabbi’s before being recorded in writings.


  5. A10Sean says:

    Wasp Very Quiet .. Does he never join this type of discussion ?.. Does he just lead his own way ? ..

  6. wasp says:

    I am not one who enters into inane discussions, constantly, repeating that which I have previously stated, I am not a Scott, though many of my forebears had Scottish connections, but I too can be just as blunt as Harbinger.

    To which I would add, I am also not someone who has a limited vocabulary, but it is sometimes better to use vernacular terminology, & in so doing it is obvious Harbinger knows sweet F/A about the THIRD REICH, the CONCORDAT STATE, or the role that the JESUIT VATICAN played in it’s inception, together with them installing Puppet Dictators through out Europe. Your knowledge of the Jesuits appears to be non existant.

    This information is readily available, & I have submitted the same, on many occasions. Avro Manhattans The Vatican Holocaust

    Someone who did know what they were talking about was the late Count Avro Manhattan, who was a recognised expert Vaticanist.

    I would suggest Harbinger, Rabbit&, & Y_2_T, I believe it was, who also don’t have a clue, should keep their heads firmly embedded in their RELIGIOUS TEXTS, but before they assume their ostrich like activities, they should apologise to the descendants, if there are any of the Serbs who were Massacred by the Roman Catholic USTASHI, which just happened to be composed of in it’s Higher Echelons of Ordained Jesuit Fathers , who these characters refer to as Jews. ( but they didn’t know they were).

    Prof. Richard P. Feynman, stated:-

    “You will never solve a problem on the same level at which it was created, everything must be reduced to it’s simplest terms. q.v. “The difference between we mere mortals, & those who are so gifted is that they can always do this, whereas we can only do it sometimes. Feynman was just such an individual, who could always do this, & explain the most complicated scientific theories to normal people. Prof Richard P. Feynman was not known as no Ordinary Genius, just by accident!

    The corollary to this would suggest, RELIGION should be reduced to its simplest terms, i.e. a MASS CONTROL SYSTEM, & just look at the history, & facts related to events.

    I am preparing another Post, which will shortly follow.



    • TMWKTMBNE says:

      Walter Veith includes Avro Manhattan on list of Papal Knights, can’t remember if K of Malta or Columbus. His books are on my reading list, but are now super-expensive on Amazon, like many other controversial books, esp. early printings. I saw a first edition 1966 printing on ‘The Tragedy anf the Hope’ by Carol Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor and advisor, from Georgetown Uni. a Jesuit Uni. for $700

    • Anonymous says:

      Wasp …..oh H&R. when will the penny drop…they think they are the Bee knees. No it alls no FA. ..when will their brains clock it ..hahaha ..Thanks again To The Brilliant lovely Wasp. who is Spot on it …x Wasp fan clubxxx

  7. Anonymous says:

    You can be sure that when WASP replies it will be only to insult and yet again promote his disinformation about the Jesuits & the Vatican, funding Hitler. And don’t forget his arrogance casting everyone else as knowing SWEET F.A. about a subject because they disagree with his ‘all knowing stance’.

    The pompous, prattling, prick says it’s not the Jews, vehemently remaining firm it’s the Jesuits even though, they were set up BY JEWS, FOR JEWS, in order to masquerade as Christians, in order to deceive the Spanish Inquisition. No matter how many times I ask the Mr Know It All about the letter from the Chief Rabbi of Spain to the Grand Satraps of Constantinople in 1492, seeking guidance on how to avoid exile and the subsequent reply speaking only of infiltration, he still ignores its every word.

    His basis is that just because the Jesuits were created by Jews means nothing. He constantly attacks anyone with any religious knowledge or interest thereof implying no answers will be found thereof.
    I put up a post showing funding of Hitler’s NSDAP (which he conveniently ignores) and replies that myself and others know fuck all about the Third Reich.

    My final conclusions about WASP are he’s a Jew, most probably a sayanim and an overwhelming disinformation agent who has no basis of argument whatsoever, whose main job is to troll internet forums, disrupt them and do anything he can to dissuade from Jewish control of the New World Order.

    I have to say WASP, I’ve met some truly obnoxious and odious individuals in my time, but you take the biscuit. A complete tosser, with no respect for debate, opposing opinions and contrary arguments. I very rarely call out people on the internet, but you are nothing but a complete and utter wanker.


  8. Anonymous says:


    I’ve just been looking over some old posts to see WASP is a Holocaustianity believer too. It all makes perfect sense now.

    Wasp is a troll, very probably a sayanim and even moreso a disinformation agent. They will tell many truths in order to gain support and then slowly add a bit of disinformation here and a little bit there. This is how the indoctrination begins and the enforcing of lies as truth.

    Be very wary of what you read of WASP.


  9. Anonymous says:

    I don’t doubt that the Jesuits have a superb & efficient organisation,
    And before you say that these top Banker-Jews are Knights of Malta,
    I would say that I remember reading somewhere that that
    title brings with it a diplomatic passport.(I’m willing to be
    corrected on this,if someone else knows better).
    Very handy thing to have.no?

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