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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well considering that the people who own the private banks in Iceland and the rest of the world, the Rothschilds, sit pretty above the law here in the UK and considering that the police work for them, as well as the politicians how on earth do we arrest them?

    Considering that the judiciary work for the Rothschild’s how do we bring them to court, that is if we do manage to arrest them?

    What would happen here in the UK is that any mass demonstration would instantly be infiltrated by the police who would start a riot, allowing the police in with tear gas and water cannons. Protest over. We’d also have to apply for one as well which would be denied.

    Look, the bottom line is a simple one Tap. The only way the Uk will ever be free of the Rothschilds, the corrupt elite, politicians, police and judiciary is when their heads are all firmly sticking on the top of poles.

    No one is EVER, EVER, EVER going to breach the inner sanctum of the elite through any legal or lawful system within the UK. They’d just call the army in who’d start killing people, following their orders.

    Iceland is Iceland with a population of 320,000 people. It’s a different kettle of fish when your population is 60 million and heavily oppressed within a police state, protecting the elites for crying out loud.
    I’m really pretty tired of hearing the Iceland bollox. Yes, well done, but it ain’t never going to happen here that’s for sure, well, not in the ‘oh so peaceful’ way they managed to.

    If we want freedom, we’re going to have to fight tooth and nail. It means killing coppers and members of the army and very likely getting whacked yourself by some sniper or bomb, but the bottom line, after the sacrifice of literally millions (and that would be the number) I think we’d ‘maybe’ succeed, but then, on second thoughts, they’d just call in other country’s police and armed forces to subdue the rowdy rabble and it’s right back to square one. More so, out of the total population of the UK only a small percentage would actually have a go. The rest would be too busy watching DeadEnders, Dead Factor, I’m a Moron get me out of here and Coronary street.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Strange things have happened at Sea, Harbinger, never say never.
    When the Chemtrails have done their worst, and the population is starving.
    This is the time for regime change, this is why we need to know where the Politicians really live.
    Obviously we will need to talk to them on a man to man basis.
    When we are starving the Elite will not really matter, they only have so many bombs and bullets.
    Molotov cocktails will be the order of the day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @Anon above,

    With all die respect; when the molotov cocktails come out, that is after the wars, the food, water and vaccine poisoning, the spraying, the GMO’s, possibly even more deadlier biological weapons being used along with aids, our society will have a far smaller population than we have today.

    When the molotov cocktails come out, no doubt the weaponised police, very possibly cyborgs, along with the military, infact, I reckon they’ll have merged by then, will be pretty much indestructible, quite happily mowing down citizens due to the fact, from birth, they’ve been trained to be killing machines with zero compassion whatsoever.

    I just really don’t buy any revolution by the people whatsoever. 60 years ago, armed with the information today? Hell yeah! but our liberal, hippy, homosexual loving, effeminate male and masculine women generations today are too busy with their technology to want to do anything about anything.

    I don’t hold your optimism, possibly because I don’t believe in 11th hour fight backs, especially when society’s progressively getting dumber by the day.


  4. shirlz007 says:

    Harninger!!! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU PAL? ;D where the hell did you come from?

    Take the fight right to the top… on British soil! I want ‘the people’ to rise up, and I believe if enough people took to the streets, the police and army would NOT kill British people on British soil… but that does not look like happening any time soon.

    … we organise ourselves underground (probably best to stay off the World Wide Web!), and we hit them in public (whether by explosives, snipers or straight execution in the street and having to sacrifice oneself to the law). Release statements to the press, on why these assassinations are being carried out, why these people are being targeted (The Guardian… maybe RT… PressTV would lap it up! lol)… no doubt the internet community would speak for itself.

    You might just be surprised the support it may get from ‘elements’ within British Intelligence! (maybe some of the boys on the other side of the pond too?) 😉

    Take out Lord Rothschild and his poncy little son… IN LONDON… IN FRONT OF THE WORLD!!! heads would turn!



    some of you may not agree… but Im sure a few of the old heads from a certain ‘Republican Army’ could be of use!

  5. shirlz007 says:

    Lord Rothschild gave me the taste for killing… and now he wants to shut me down? 😀


    I get the joke Rothschild! 😉

  6. shirlz007 says:

    Here’s an even more hilarious one!!!

    “The arguments we’re all having about the exploitation of security for doubtful purposes are going on inside MI5, too. It’s not monolithic, MI5. MI5 is just like the church – it’s riven by people who feel or think different things very strongly. There are people inside MI5 who think what has happened in the last 10 years is absolutely disgusting and a betrayal of what they should be doing, and a regrettable lurch into dishonourable activity. There are other people who believe that we the citizens are right to be scared of the abdication of all power to the security services – which is what’s going on.”


  7. shirlz007 says:

    if there was one world leader that would have backed it… The late Colonel Gaddafi! (young Saif is not in a position to back such a plan… not yet anyway! besides he’s got the dirt on Nathaniel, Tony Blair, Sarchozy!).
    -Fidel Castro is a f*****g fraud who always has answered to Rockerfeller/CFR/people ACTUALLY in the know at the CIA… he was responsible for the death of his good friend Hugo Chavez (looks like Che Guavera aswell)
    -Vladmir Putin won’t back such a plan… though he’ll quite happily sit back and watch!
    -The Chinese have no real interest… why would they?
    -The NSA wont go near it (their just a bunch of trolls!)… GCHQ aint shit!
    -I don’t trust the CIA… WHO DOES!!!

    THE FRENCH!!! French Intel went on strike in 2012! Pickets and everything! LMAO! they can handle their own affairs… but as always in history… Brits have gotta do it first! :p


  8. shirlz007 says:

    one more! and then im off too bed… I promise! I have a psychiatrist appointment in morning…


  9. Anonymous says:

    My money goes with harbinger but i like the nger of shirlz007 she just needs to harness it, i wa sthinking back to the moners who went on strike and rothchilds then bumboy churchill put the troops in and they were shooting my miners. this killing of your own people reminds me of the cowardly RAF who are spraying their own people and families right now

  10. Steed EOW says:

    As Harbinger pointed out, Iceland is a country where people have just a couple of degrees of separation from everyone else. That means word-of-mouth is feasible, and that’s how they regained their country. This isn’t possible in an overcrowded land like Britain where most people don’t know their neighbour let alone most of their community. That means we rely on state-controlled aparatus for the spread of information, which is inherently corruptable and will always work against us.

    So no, an Iceland-style revolution is NOT possible here, or indeed anywhere with a large diverse population. This is another reason for mass-immigration – it has destroyed our ability to unite as Iceland has.

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