How America was brought to her knees by the system of education

The KGB spent far more time and effort dismantling America’s ability to defend herself mentally, than physically as regards weapons and so on.  The prime target was the education system.  People are made to believe in equality, and permit the destruction of their own opportunities.  When they realise and try to revolt, it will all be too late.
The demoralisation of the United States is now complete.  The success has been tremendous.  It’s been done by Americans to Americans.  A person who is demoralised cannot be changed by information.  Tell them about concentration camps in the Soviet Union and they won’t believe it.  Only when the military boot crashes down on their own head will the person duped by education be able to realise the extent of his idiocy.  It is then of course far too late. 
Americans are already way beyond defending themselves from tyranny.   The terror is now inevitable.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Henry I dont know how many US readers you have but here is news from the USA as readers may know the jewbankers robbed us too

  2. Anonymous says:

    This post reminded me that i was a teacher in an inner london school in the seventies, i saw teachers using the school printer to print hand outs which were given to the rioters in the london riots telling them to take back from the fascist shopkeepers the wealth which belonged to the people, i saw the head of year lecturing the kids on how good socialism was and that democracy was finished

  3. Nixon Scraypes says:

    The American education thing reminds me of the NSA using GCHQ to spy on Americans and GCHQ using NSA to spy on the English.The Russians use America to demoralise their citizens and America uses the KGB for the same purpose.A world government has existed for a long time and is now being made visible.They’re all in it together,and so are we – in the ordure.

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