Home Office gives in and grants visa to paedophile-investigator reporting on child abuse in Jersey

A message from Leah McGrath Goodman:
My visa has been restored about a year now, allowing me to continue my work on the island. This week, I wrote the cover story for Newsweek about Jersey — the first in a three-part series that seeks to examine the situation confronting Jersey islanders. All critiques and comments welcome. I hope to remain in touch with all of you.
Warm regards and best to you all in 2014!
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Restore the visa of banned journalist Leah McGrath Goodman #FreeJersey

This petition will be delivered to:
John Vine, UK independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration
Head of Jersey Customs and Immigration Service
Michael Robinson

Restore the visa of banned journalist Leah McGrath Goodman #FreeJersey

    1. Trevor Pitman, Deputy of the States of Jersey

    3. Petition by
      St. Clement, Jersey

Leah McGrath Goodman is an American investigative journalist, author and former UK resident who was banned from the UK after launching an investigation into the alleged mass abuse, torture and possible murder of children on the island of Jersey – a British Crown Dependency and one of the world’s leading offshore tax havens.
The largest of the island’s scandals made international headlines in 2008 at theJersey orphanage Haut de la Garenne when nearly 200 victims alleged that the government had turned a blind eye to horrific crimes against defenceless children for decades. Evidence taken from the orphanage included the exhumed teeth, blood and bones of children. Then, in short order, our island’s chief of police wasillegally suspended, our health minister was thrown out of his job and evidence of children’s remains were irreversibly compromised as Jersey’s governmentscrambled to shut down the investigation at all costs.
After succeeding in doing so, Jersey’s government, to this day, squanders millions from the public purse to try to silence and discredit its critics and, most appallingly, shield the accused from being brought to justice, a number of who remain in high-ranking positions working closely with the island’s children – free to strike again.
With the help of this international petition, we demand Ms. Goodman’s Tier-1 UK visa be restored so she can complete her urgent investigative work.
The people of Jersey are being denied the democracy they deserve. This should outrage not only members of the island’s public, but everyone in the international community who cares about truth, justice and the freedom of the press.
We are in need of a major overhaul of our troubled system if we are ever going to effect change. Please sign this petition to if you believe in the principles of a free and open democracy. We need a government that will work to protect our children and bring justice to the victims – not oppress them. On behalf of the people of Jersey, this is quite literally an S.O.S.
Every day that goes by without this problem being fully addressed potentially exposes our children to further abuses. 
– Trevor Pitman, Member of Parliament, States of Jersey
“Author and journalist Leah McGrath Goodman watched the investigation and digging at Haut de la Garenne from her U.S. home with interest. As the national and international TV cameras turned away from the story, she remained interested and decided to write a book on the subject. She began making trips to Jersey to research allegations of cover-ups…She set up a meeting with the Immigration Service and says it was all going well until she told them what she was writing about…”
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6 Responses to “Home Office gives in and grants visa to paedophile-investigator reporting on child abuse in Jersey”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Be careful Leah Goodman is a jewss
    and the jews are behind the current explosion of perversion
    My introduction to conspiracy news started by accident when i stumbled on Kevin Fields
    “the truth comes out” hour
    I became a fan and contacted him many times, we lost contact when all the hubbub was going on about him beinga fake and a liar and working for the jews.
    many people read the fake emails said to be about him admitting all this and more.
    I realsied we had been had but it was too late kevin and ex serviceman had gone
    and now i see he died quietly at home thursday night
    god bless kevin and thankyou for the real true news you gave us.
    Brian P

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kevin Field dead ? crikey i remember him so well from the truthjuice meetings, nice guy.
    Surely no one really beleived all that stuff about him being a fraud and a liar a homosexual and all, we didnt, and its so easy to fake emails, i never read that crap and my wife and i never doubted him
    sorry hes gone though

  3. Anonymous says:

    SUSAN FOSTER said.
    The only time that jersey had no child abuse was when the Germans occupied the isalnd, Hitler brought in strict child protection laws and put the pervs in the prisons, just as we should do now.
    Re Kevin Feld i did not know him but its the same with all thse people who speak out, Chris Spivey
    Bigmac Brian Gerrish Chris Cooper T Stokes etc etc they are all accused by some nobhead on the make of being liars homosexuals fakes and frauds etc
    its got to be quite boring…yawn..

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Jews believe that only by destroying the world can they then
    rebiuld it with a sacrad temple in jerusalem from where they will rule the world and all esle will be slaves
    and unless we band together to stop them this is just what they will do

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jersey sounds very much like the UK. Parliament full of dual passport paedophiles who just awarded themselves a 20% pay rise.
    The City of London a foreign Country within our Country, which launders drug money from all over the World.
    And the main Country which has got rid of all our manufacturing industry, which employed millions of proper workers.
    Nothing changes at the top, does it !!

  6. colin says:

    See Bill Maloney on Haut de la Garenne in one of his films at

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