22 US veterans commit suicide every day. Or are they in fact being picked off prior to martial law?

Connecticut sends out the first confiscation letters

February 24, 2014
Gun confiscation is one step closer in Connecticut.  The mainstream media spins it as “one more chance” for non-compliant gun owners who failed to register their scary guns before the January 1 deadline.
In reality, these letters – 106 to rifle owners, and 108 more to residents with standard capacity magazines – are the first step in the Connecticut State Police beginning to round up guns arbitrarily made illegal last year in that state.  These guns include America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15 and magazines over 10 rounds, which include the standard capacity magazines made for that America’s favorite rifle.
Failure to register is now a felony now in Connecticut.
How long will it be before there is bloodshed over this law?  We’re not sure, but we’re confident it is coming unless the law is rescinded or struck down by the courts.
Mike Vanderboegh of the edgy Sipsey Street Irregulars released an open letter a couple of weeks ago,warning of what’s coming to Connecticut.  The Connecticut State Police aren’t listening.  Yet.


22 Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day

By Susan Duclos

A day after a piece I did about Obama preparing for civil war, planning a false flag event, a  shooting, in order to move bills that are sitting in the Senate to strip veterans of their weapons, because they would be our first line of defense against martial law and a tyrannical government, two alerts hit the Steve Quayle alert pages about drones and blue ford trucks conducting surveillance on vets and their families in rural areas.

Then the following day, February 24, 2014, another alert, confirming the first two, which makes all this far more than just coincidence.

In rural areas people know the vehicles that should be in the area and for three separate areas, three different families, all seeing these “blue ford” trucks with people blatantly watching these people, means things are coming to a head sooner rather than later.

More about these instances in my video below and the links to each alert will be beneath that.

One point should be considered here: Veteran suicides over the last few years has hit records and are being headlined as “alarmingly high.” 

How are we sure they are all suicides and some of them not the government picking them off because they pose a danger to plans for martial law?

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