Green Party’s green about geoengineering

Yesterday, expecting a parcel delivery, I answered a knock at my door.
A man representing the York Green Party was standing on my doorstep, seeking my vote in the forthcoming local elections.

A group of us had sent the local Green Party a lot of information on Geoengineering and also invited them to attend our talk last June on the very subject. Their reply was that other issues like over fishing were far more pressing.
So on February 8th this man from the Green Party was standing on my doorstep.
I said to this man that if his Party was to have any credibility it must take a position on Geoengineering.
What? He said.
 I repeated, what is your view on Geoengineering, personally and as a Green Party representative?
What do you mean? he said.

Well, I said, as a Green Party Person you should be able to tell me a lot about Geoengineering?
Well, he said, I if you don’t tell me what Geoengineering is I cannot say anything.
I said this is why as a Party for me you have no credibility and I am in disbelief that you are not informed. It is shocking and appalling.
He shrugged and looked totally lost. At this point I said well what about Chemtrailing?
A look of relief came over him….oh THAT he said! We have many more pressing issues to worry about than THAT! With a how could you be so stupid look……like I am a crazy conspiracy theorist.

What do you know about Chemtrailing I asked him? Blank confusion covered his face…
At this point, I could no longer contain my irritation.. I know I should have held it together, but I didn’t .
I said to him…pin back your ears…and told him about the militarisation of weather, control of food supply , de population, terraforming and mind control as brief headings.
He was disappearing away down my path at a fast pace.
I suggested he informed himself before knocking on doors for votes.
I failed to win him over! Ha ha!  but really it was his own total ignorance that determined the outcome.

Really, would you vote Green? We have sent them a lot of info and they are simply not interested.


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5 Responses to “Green Party’s green about geoengineering”

  1. Kel Lee says:

    Well done, Janet! I hope I get a visit from a Green MP this year!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You did your best Janet, keep it up.

  3. Paul says:

    I do the same to every political knock on the door I get in one way or another. Scares them shitless 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    In the early 1980’s friends and I used to fund raise for the Green Party (then Ecology Party) however as with everything else such has become infiltrated by the Jew Rothschild world takeover agenda.


  5. sovereigntea says:

    Reminds me of the time Greenpeace came to town. After money they were.

    I got three of them to gather round and explained the financial relationship between the oily dollars of the Rockerfeller foundation CFR etc and packed them off tails between legs once they realised that they were helping the antithesis of their well meaning but misguided environmental beliefs. They were in two groups, I met a friend later and she unknown to me had met the other group did more or less the same with the same effect. Both groups were issued with lists of URLS to study. People 2 NWO O and no funds left the town for the corporate blaggers at Greenpeace. Result. Note that education / persuasion is as effective as protest. Make sure you do your bit !

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