Gordon Logan replies to Aangirfan and WASP

Our Dear former leader on his way to being the first EU President – until Gordon Logan pointed out a few home truths……..

Hi Tap,

I managed to get in touch with TPVTV.   They want to do an interview with me.
I read the stuff you referred to. I don’t have an inside track on the political paedophiles. However, I did spot the significance of Jeff Gannon’s admission in 2003 that he had ‘entertained’ Tony Blair. At the time Gannon was living a double life as a male prostitute and a student of journalism. He disclosed to his fellow students that he was entertaining Blair, without mentioning his other life as a prostitute of course. The fact that Gannon was almost certainly Johnny Gosch opens up a huge can of worms. In 2005, before the British general election, I had intended to stand against Blair in his constituency. I mentioned this to a few dangerous colleagues and within a few weeks I got an e-mail from John Symonds (the ‘Romeo spy’) warning me that they were planning to kill me. The Gannon story was lethal, both for Blair and Bush. As it turned out, I decided not to go back to the UK and the plan was shelved. John’s warning confirmed the fact that the Gannon story was red hot, which was why I used it in 2009. I was in Bahrain at the time, and in August and September I told everybody I knew that I was going to nail Blair, and sure enough the media predictions that Blair was a shoo-in proved to be false. I had already told the embassy spooks that there would be trouble because of my wife’s visa problem.

To cut a long story short, Whitelaw and Brittan were a couple of oddities and if there were two politicians that might be homosexual paedophiles, it was them, but as I say I have never had any privileged sources. Anybody who thinks that these two were normal males is entitled to his beliefs.
As for the putative German secret service, the DVD, Christopher Story and Michael Shrimpton refer to it, but I would agree with Paul Maleski. It’s a psy-op. After all, Germany is an occupied country. Story may have believed in it, but Shrimpton’s a rogue, though sometimes worth reading. As for WASP, in 2011, I found out that he could read Hebrew. His response was bluster. Enough said. You can be sure that the blog is penetrated by zionism, because of all people they’re ubiquitous and indefatigable.  In this regard, google ‘kol nidre’.
Somebody on the blog has claimed that KGB boss Kryuchkov had admitted that the infamous ‘Bulgarian umbrella’ had been made by the KGB. I’ve read his memoirs and there is no such admission there. The man who did make such an admission was General Oleg Kalugin. Kalugin was merely parroting the western media version of the killing, because the Russians were secretly making a lot of mileage out of the British involvement and were quite happy to take the rap. 
Using an umbrella like a rapier to poke Markov would have attracted instant attention. So we must exclude that. Instead the umbrella was dropped deliberately with the left hand, so that the killer could bend down to pick it up while firing a miniature air gun concealed in a pen at point blank range with his right hand. That is what they say in the Bulgarian KDS and if anybody knows, they do, because they did it! The idea that the killer accidentally dropped his lethal umbrella is hard to believe. 
The Markov case was used as a bargaining counter and may well have secured British submission in Bosnia between 1992 and 1995. It is significant that in early 1992 Radovan Karadzic went on a speaking tour of Russia and obtained the support of his audiences by saying that Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union had both been broken up by the west in a similar fashion. Karadzic must have known something about the Moscow secret, maybe because I had leaked it to the Serbs.
There is a mountain of evidence about the Moscow coup of August 1991. My account has been taken seriously at high levels in London, Moscow and Washington. However, I have had a lot of other experiences for which I have little or no evidence. For example, the Chinese recently managed to photograph ball lightning for the first time in history. A few months prior to that, a ball of lighting burst outside my window a couple of yards from me. But who would believe it?
Best regards,
Gordon Logan
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would believe it gordon, because in Nicosia bay weather manipulation exercises were carried out where ball lighninig was engineered and steered across the bay at one point i thing 9 swirling tornados ripped across each equi- distant to the one before

  2. yes2truth says:

    WASP can read Hebrew eh?

    Ha ha the plot is thickening quite nicely.

    As for aangirfan he’s a Bolshevik Marxist disso of dissos with far too many pics of little boys on his page. Make of that what you will.

    Also have a huge tub of salt next to your computer when you read his dissembling disinformation.

    When everyone is a Nazi or a Jesuit, you know you have ’em banged to rights.

  3. Anonymous says:

    knockout drop attack kills an old lady , black rat gets only 4 years


  4. A10Sean says:

    What does Gordon make of ChemTrails ?


  5. Anon says:

    One of the bloggers referred to above is a collective of convent school girls.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A10Sean, Gordon is not an authority on Chemtrails, we are.
    Read up on Chemtrails by using the Search Archive on the right of the page.

  7. A10Sean says:

    Anon .. There isn’t much I haven’t read . Afraid of candid discussion ?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Enough about wasp. He is overly defensive, his posts are delusional and he acts like a child throwing a tantrum because mommy won’t buy the toy he wants or listen to why it’s so important he wants it. He’s a MISINFORMER. attacker, who cannot logically speak. Ignore him at all costs.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Tap, I put a comment on here this morning about seeing ball lightening but it’s gone, just wondered if google have removed it.

  10. Tapestry says:

    It was me. Not sure if it was a piss take. Sorry if it wasn’t.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Tap 5.38, That’s ok I thought it was google. I perfectly understand your reasons.
    I didn’t realise they were that rare at the time until I mentioned it to people and few believed me. But yes, it’s true I saw one.

  12. yes2truth says:

    @ anon 10:32 am

    Yes I have seen and experienced one too. It blew out the electrics in my house and set the alarm off.

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