Gordon Logan – The British agent who brought down the Soviet Union

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August 21, 2011

It starts with this letter.

April 29, 2005

The Secret Behind Blair’s Wars

Dear Mr. Keys,

All the discussion on the Iraq war is essentially a diversion. There is a secret clause in the Trident submarine treaty that was signed by Mrs Thatcher in 1983. The secret clause states that the British Prime Minister is required to go to war if he/she gets the order from the President of the United States. You will appreciate that this information explains a lot, notably why Blair has repeatedly gone to war, but only when required to by the Americans. It also explains why Blair is so different from his Labour predecessors, such as Harold Wilson, who refused to send our troops to Vietnam in 1968. The secret agreement was designed by Thatcher to secretly tie the hands of British Prime Ministers for many years to come. Without naming sources, I received this information from a British Army officer a couple of years ago.

Some people (Martin Bell?) may try to dissuade you from raising this information in your campaign. That would be a grave mistake. it could cause a sea change if you can get it into the media. It is convincing, it is true and it explains things. If you can get it into the news somehow, you will be able to take the initiative, even if you lose this election. This information will be of immense value to your movement ‘Military Families Against War’. It can be used to focus your campaign around a priority objective, which is to get the treaty revised and the secret clause removed.

Owing to the subordination of our national sovereignty to foreign interests – American and even Israeli – there is significant dissent within the armed forces and the security services. It don’t think it will take much for people with courage to speak out in your support. After all, it’s obvious. Already Britain has a varied record of dissent in such matters: several people have spoken out on sensitive issues. If not in Britain, they have done it in America, thanks to the First Amendment.

I would be very grateful if you would send a brief reply, to let me know that you have received this. I firmly believe that your son’s tragic death will not have been futile, if you and your movement can make this a national issue.

Yours sincerely,

Gordon Logan

TAP – This latest email goes on a bit about things I have little idea about. He claims to be dodging various assassination attempts, and having inside knowledge about all kinds of things the powerful would prefer stayed under wraps – things like the Trident submarine deal with the USA, which obliges the UK to go to war, if America were to demand it.

Those who are interested should browse the whole email. I’ve never met the guy (UPDATE  since this was first posted, I’ve spoken and corresponded with Gordon Logan on a few occasions), but it makes a fascinating read, whoever he is. I’ll let readers analyse and report back what they make of the details provided. Is this a fantasy tale, or are there elements of truth?

One of his claims is that he was instrumental in stopping Blair from becoming President of Europe by exposing embarrassing information about Blair to the Europeans, involving ‘entertainment’ of ‘some kind or other’. Logan’s email to The Tap explains –

Logan On The Demise Of Blair

As regards the demise of Blair, there can be little doubt that his backers wanted him for his unrepentant lying and righteous warmongering. Mandelson said as much in an interview.

I posted a comment on a GRU website in Moscow in the knowledge that it would be picked up, by the Russians and SIS certainly, probably by the Europeans. A whisper of the Gannon business would be enough to finish Blair. 

(the link provided didn’t work. I’ve emailed Gordon to ask for more details as to what the ‘Gannon business’ consisted of.)

An EU President with that baggage would be impossible to defend. Blair’s prime backers were the Zionists, so it came as no surprise that Sarkozy, who was outed as a Mossad agent by his own intelligence service, was selected by them to break the news of Blair’s unsuitability. He had of course backed Blair until very late in the day. If the Russians, dropped a hint, it would be to the Germans, and I have no doubt that the Germans went for it, as was reported in the newspapers. But Sarkozy would never have sunk Blair unless he got an order. The fact remains that against all the odds, I predicted Blair’s downfall two months before anyone else. I should have put a few thousand pounds on it!

Mick Smith’s Downing Street Memo was a shabby diversion along with the orchestrated anti-Blair movement. The British political media are a huge diversion involving hundreds of controlled puppets, like Smith. as a military intel officer, Smith must have signed the Official Secrets Act before he became a journalist, there is no way that he would ‘leak’ anything. I’ve been leaking off and on for ten years, and I’ve earned a few death sentences and a fair number of threats. That is the way the system works. The courageous investigative journalist hardly exists, I’m certain.They’re all under control one way or another. Anything I’ve sent is on a case officer’s desk within hours, and not a word has got into a newspaper.

Best regards,

Gordon Logan


It is ten years since my article entitled “Understanding the Moscow Coup of August 1991” was posted on Cryptome.org, and twenty years since the unsuccessful coup itself.

The article summarized the bulky ‘Markov File’, which deals with the Moscow Coup, and the murders of Georgi Markov in 1978 and Robert Maxwell in 1991, and was placed as a deposited paper in the House of Commons library in London in early 2000 by Sir Teddy Taylor.

The file, which began in late 1999 as series of postings on David Shayler’s now defunct website, describes in detail with ‘frightening’ documentation how the Chairman of the KGB, Vladimir Kryuchkov, succumbed to weeks of incremental psychological warfare, and launched the hard-liners’ coup prematurely without having made any plans (by his own admission).

This article will (1) review the response to the Markov File and the Cryptome article and (2) describe some important events after the failure of the coup. There will also be a few brief digressions into related events in which I have been involved.

1. The British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook was interested in the file, according to Home Secretary Jack Straw, and Cook decided to make deposited papers available to journalists, who were of course warned off by the security services. I spoke to the man who poisoned Robin Cook last year.

The Cryptome article was copied to www.infowarrior.org – the website of Richard Forno, former special consultant to the Office of the US Secretary of Defense, William Cohen. Forno was also President of the Potomac Chapter of the National Military Intelligence Association. His high level contacts and his high level of security clearance may well have given him prior knowledge of the inside story of the Moscow Coup. I did a google search for ‘moscow coup’ in early 2003, and found Forno’s page with my article on the Moscow Coup. The page had hit the number one spot. A few weeks later, Forno’s site was purged. For good measure the Internet Archive mirror was purged too. News travels fast.

On the NATO website, the Romanian Ambassador to Switzerland, Dr Ionel Sava, cited my name with reference to the coup and gave a link to my article on Forno’s website. A few years later, in August 2004, the Romanians showed their appreciation by naming a new car after me. The Logan is now one of the best selling foreign cars in Eastern Europe.
On the same day that the Cryptome article appeared, the heavyweight Moscow weekly, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, ran a long article in its special services section describing me as an ‘analyst and dissident’ and summarizing my account of the coup.

` Robert Eringer, journalist and covert FBI officer sent me an e-mail with a book proposal that I didn’t take up. Eringer knew Kryuchkov very well, having spent weeks discretely debriefing him in retirement in Moscow after the coup.

In Bulgaria, where it all started, I was received by former President Zhelyu Zhelev for a two hour audience in 2001. A few weeks previously, the Bulgarian press had been full of stories about my account of the killing of Georgi Markov in 1978 and its role in the Moscow events of August 1991.

After returning to Moscow in August 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev famously said that the truth about the coup would never come out. Ten years later, after my revelations, he continued the cover-up with a one liner, saying that Kryuchkov had launched the coup because he was worried about getting fired!

In fact, Kryuchkov had taken his decision after the sudden firing of the Bulgarian intelligence chiefs in Sofia by President Zhelev at my behest, two days before the publication of the notorious Union Treaty – the ‘cloud in trousers’ to use Yanaev’s amusing description – which Gorbachev and Yeltsin cunningly provided just hours before Kryuchkov’s fateful meeting with the other dupes. After all, he had to have something with which to sell his crazy scheme.

After the Markov File was deposited in the House of Commons Library in early 2000, the former Director General of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, ordered my assassination not once but twice. The first attempt was by poisoning in Saudi Arabia in November 2000, and the second was an attempted vehicular homicide in Abu Dhabi in December 2002. 

Fortunately, the second is documented. 

Curiously, the UK Journalist of the Year left a message on my answering machine just before the 2002 hit. Not only that, the publication of Gordon Thomas’s book on the Maxwell killing was held up by his American publisher for months, until Monday 16th December (just two working days after my expected death on the 12th), which made Thomas furious because his book missed the summer holiday market. I still haven’t bothered to write a refutation, because not even the Maxwells believe his nonsense, with all the garrulous ‘secret’ sources and its inevitable disconnect with the available evidence.

I finally forced Dearlove’s resignation at the beginning of August 2003 with my ‘MI6 bombings’ article on Cryptome which had also forced the Foreign Office to get the British bombers out of jail in Saudi Arabia just days after Dearlove’s resignation, which Downing Street pointedly stated had nothing to do with Iraq. Blair was covering himself in case the bombers started talking to the press. Some years later, Richard Tomlinson, like David Shayler before him, had the good sense to terrorize the British security services by putting up a new website with some articles of mine, including the bombings article, and a selection of other toxic MI6 items from Cryptome. He quietly closed the web site on the day he got back to England.

After the resignation of Sir Richard Dearlove in August 2003, his successor Sir John Scarlett, whose career I had made, also decided to have me killed in early 2005.

I had intended to return to the UK and stand with David Shayler as a parliamentary candidate in Blair’s constituency. The killing had to be aborted after I received a tip off in two e-mails from the celebrated ‘Romeo’ spy, John Symonds. He described my killer and warned me to open my own tins.

I didn’t go back to the UK, but in April, before the election I began publicizing the secret clause in Thatcher’s Trident treaty, which obliges British Prime Ministers to go to war. If this issue had been discussed in Parliament, the new British propensity for war might have been curbed. 

Cryptome posted my Trident letter on 30th April and the very next day journalist and intelligence officer Mick Smith’s Downing Street Memo, insignificant according to Bugliosi, hit the Sunday Times raw with no blurb. Jane’s (MI6) immediately sent a copy to Cryptome to displace attention from my Trident posting. Smithy had had no time to write anything, unlike the more important documents he had been given on 18th September 2004, for which he had written two long articles.

A Downing Street Memo web site sprang up fully armed two weeks later. Blair was made the willing scapegoat for a fiscal war, and the secret treaty vanished down the memory hole. Britain’s political class embraced the Chilcot farce – and another fiscal war in Libya.

(One reason for the Iraq War was to free up BP’s North Alaskan oilfields for drilling. They were being used to collateralize a tranche of US federal debt under Nixon’s phoney EPA of 1970. Readers can check Bush’s Alaska exec orders of February and July 2003. So Britain’s bankers, who happen to be America’s most powerful creditors, were behind the Iraq war, Smithy’s chickenfeed, Chilcot and we can be sure, the murders of David Kelly and Robin Cook.).

Some years later, in 2009, after agents tricked my Chinese wife into leaving the UK with our daughter so as to force me to live in China, I paid a visit to the British Embassy in Bahrain.

I introduced myself at the reception as the ‘agent who brought down the Soviet Union’ and asked to meet anybody from the political section.

A diplomat called Mark Keeping came downstairs sharpish, and we went into a conference room for a chat. I told Mark about my family problem and also told him that there would be trouble. Some weeks later, I informed an inquisitive MI6 agent what I was going to do. I would block Blair from the Presidency of the EU.

The agent asked me if I had written anything that was ready to go. I said no, but it will only take five minutes. I used the MI6 bombings story and the Gosch/Gannon/Guckert scandal. 
In July 2003, GGG had bragged to some students about how he would be ‘entertaining’ Tony Blair. The students didn’t suspect that GGG had a website with full frontals to show what he used to entertain the great and the good. I posted the gory details in a comment on a GRU website in Moscow and stated that I was going to block Blair.


Of course, the Europeans, who have had a bellyful of the Brits, loved that. Meanwhile, Murdoch’s Sun confidently announced on its front page that Blair was now certain to become President. Weeks after my announcement, I was proved right and Murdoch was proved wrong. Rompuy got Blair’s job. The mass murdering millionaire’s face was a sight to see. He had even equipped himself with a palace near London.

2. What happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

Thanks to the late Jude Wanniski, Ronald Reagan’s ‘supply side’ adviser, we know the inside story. Before his death, in an article that seems to have been removed from his website.

Wanniski described how in late 1991 the new Yeltsin government sent a letter to America asking for economic advice. There was a meeting in New York that Wanniski attended. It was dominated by Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz. Wanniski put forward some sensible proposals, but was quickly put in his place by Perle, who said, ‘We’ve screwed them once, so we’ll screw them again.’

‘Shock therapy’ – a hoax that had already reduced millions in Eastern Europe to abject poverty – was to be extended to Russia. The Harvard charlatan Jeffrey Sachs was sent to Moscow to preach the shock therapy gospel. Gusinsky, Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky and the rest all moved in to plunder Russia. Sachs himself made a fortune and was kicked out of Harvard for his greed.

For almost a decade Russia was haemorrhaging, until Putin and I stepped in late 1999.

I’ve never met Putin in my life so how did it happen?

Very simple. In 1993, Sir Colin McColl got rid of one of his top buffoons, former MI6 Director of Research, Peter Janke, by sending him to keep an eye on me in the Saudi Arabian Navy, where I was working. Janke told me that he had sent one of his minions to Moscow in 1991, to make sure that Kryuchkov’s successor Bakatin kept the lid on the secrets. Some years later, in 1999, following a transparent deception initiated by Janke, the Saudi Intelligence Service (Prince Turki Al-Faisal himself) visited my Admiral and ordered him not to renew my contract. Our buffoon had persuaded the Embassy to tell Saudi Intelligence that I was a Russian spy.

I took Janke and his ‘partner’ aside individually and got an admission out of each. Just before leaving the country in October, I spoke to a high ranking Saudi naval officer that I knew and told him who Janke was and why he was causing trouble.

Like many other operatives before and since, Janke had thought it might be a good idea to play a little trick on the ‘man who brought down the Soviet Union’.

The result of our meeting was that the Saudis got in touch with their mortal enemies at the Russian Embassy and both sides started to talk turkey for the first time in history. The British Ambassador, Sir Andrew Greene, was disgraced and the Russians suddenly found themselves in favour. Russian Foreign Minister, Igor Ivanov, turned up in Riyadh a few weeks later and together the Russians and the Saudis seized control of the oil market from US Energy Secretary Bill Richardson.

Overnight, Putin solved Russia’s fiscal problems and the governments of the Gulf began to roll in money again! It’s a good story – and I still have the documents to prove it.
Last but not least, the journalist and former Euro MP, Richard Cottrell has been in touch with me and he says that he has just written a new book entitled Gladio. It focuses on false flag operations and will cast light on the notorious British/Bulgarian ‘umbrella’ killing of Georgi Markov – the most important assassination in Europe since the shooting of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914.



There’s enough intrigue here to fill a few TV series or make a couple of Bond movies. I guess someone must know whether all of this is true or not. I don’t know. 

It seems like the writer wants to feel he’s in control of the world’s major events, and wants the world to know. Is this the Forest Gump of espionage who was literally there every time something important happened? 

That said, through a haze of doubt, it raises some interesting questions.

My first question to Gordon Logan is ‘who are you?’ or rather ‘what were you?’

Since this post fist went out, the conversations I’ve had with Gordon Logan have tended to reinforce his claims.  You can check out all the links he gives.

There is a page on Wikispooks which seems to back up his stories…..


In 1985, the Observer (I believe) discovered that there was an army officer working at the BBC for MI5, and that his job was to vet job applicants. This caused a bit of a stir at the time, and the officer concerned was forced to justify his presence at the BBC. He did so by announcing that one of his functions was to protect Eastern bloc defectors working at the BBC from hostile infiltrators – foreign OR British.

To justify the vetting of Brits, he let slip that British citizens were known to have been involved in the Markov killing. Now this admission, although providing the officer with an excellent justification for his function, was a blunder. Were the British collaborators named? No. Were they questioned or arrested? Certainly not. I do not have a copy of the Observer article – but I remember that it was a long one. You might try to get a hold of it and read it. Why did MI5 not follow up on their lead? The reason is that those involved had to be protected.

It might interest readers to know that that there was no air gun mounted in the umbrella. The famous umbrella is just a part of the mythology. You may remember that Markov said that he had turned round to see the assailant picking up an umbrella. Of course the assassin hadn’t dropped his weapon. In fact, the umbrella was merely a prop that the killer was to drop with his left hand so that he could bend down and pull out an air pistol with his right hand and shoot Markov at point blank range in the thigh.

This artifice was made necessary because of the survival of Vladimir Kostov, who had been shot in the back from about twenty yards in a Paris metro station a few weeks before. The State Security chiefs in Sofia decided that the pellet can’t have penetrated Kostov’s clothes. In fact, it had entered Kostov’s back but by a miracle he survived. The failure of the attack on Kostov caused them to order the killer to shoot Markov at point blank range in the thigh, i.e. through only one layer of clothing. Kostov may well have been told about the British connection, but if he has, he’s keeping quiet. Of course, the totally fictitious air gun mounted in the umbrella has become a part of Cold War spy mythology. They’ve even gone so far as to publish diagrams of a specially adapted umbrella that never existed!

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  1. Anon says:

    Interesting that Blair is linked to Johnny Gosch!

    – Aangirfan

  2. Anonymous says:

    I could not wade through all this but two points, ( 1 ) harold wilson said there will be no british servicemen in vietnam
    -but there was, a lot of SAS in particular.
    Gordon does have some good points and it is not generally known that the US since W W II own the UK, they robbed us and bankrupted us which is why they have bases here.
    The poison umbrella did exist and
    Khruyushkov has suplied photos to MI6 some yaers back

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    One agent could not bring down the soviet union
    but anyway this is far more interesting


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    Hi Tap, the Trident submarine deal is a fraud, the UK could not use the missiles even if it wanted to.
    Three computer keys are required to launch the missiles, we have two, the U.S. has the other.
    Submarines are a bit overrated, HMS Astute nearly sank near Skye because its radar was faulty, even Sat Navs are accurate to 10foot.

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