Food supply deliberately engineered to end human life

(NaturalNews) Paul Chek is one of the most brilliant and well-informed experts on advanced fitness and nutrition topics alive today. His work, showcased at has helped millions. Now, Chek tackles the reality that the global food supply is deliberately engineered to promote death and disease rather than nourishment. Click here to watch the video on YouTube now.

Recently, Paul Chek was moved by an article I posted here on Natural News entitled Battle for humanity nearly lost: global food supply deliberately engineered to end life, not nourish it. That article, widely considered shocking to most readers, documents strong, emerging evidence that the food supply is deliberately formulated to destroy human life.

In this eye-opening video, Chek explores the subject in fascinating detail, covering concepts like:

• How Romans “salted the fields” of their enemies in order to conquer populations through the destruction of the local food supply.

• Why organic farming can vastly out-produce genetically modified agriculture.

• Why GMOs are “stupid and dangerous” for humanity.

• Why pharmaceuticals are killing more people than nearly all diseases.

• How toxic metals in the food supply cause permanent brain damage to the population, dumbing people down and destroying the very foundation of intelligent society.

• How “weapons of mass distraction” keep humanity ignorant of the reality of healing foods and nutrition fundamentals.

• Why famous celebrities often don’t even use the very nutrition products they endorse for profit.

• Why “killing people slowly” is hugely profitable and economically supports the modern “sick care” industry.

• How to contribute to solving this problem by voting with your wallet. (Reward honest companies that produce and sell clean, safe products.) “If you don’t buy it, they can’t make it!” says Check. “If you quit buying poison, they won’t make it.”

Why Paul Check is a true treasure for humanity

Personally, I’m really inspired by Paul Chek, and I think Natural News needs to cover his work in much more detail. Chek is an incredibly bright individual and he’s also courageous enough to explore the truth rather than run from it like the cowards we find in the mainstream media and conventional medical institutions (which profit from the continuation of disease).

To learn more from Paul Chek, check out his author page here.

Or visit the Chek Institute at

I would also like to send a public message to Paul with the following: “Paul, we are brothers in arms fighting for the survival of the human race, allied against greed-driven corporate monopolies that deliberately profit from human disease and suffering. I applaud your public education efforts, your courage and the incredible breadth of your knowledge that’s desperately needed in our world of engineered mass ignorance. Please keep up your efforts to awaken and empower the people, even those who are naturally resistant to this awakening. For our efforts, we are now launching and expanding our efforts to conduct non-profit heavy metals testing for a huge variety of foods. Our aim is to empower those who wish to survive what I’m now calling the “food apocalypse.” I truly believe it is individuals like you who will be instrumental in saving humanity… if, indeed, humanity can be saved from its own self destruction at all.”

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2 Responses to “Food supply deliberately engineered to end human life”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Food supply deliberately engineered to end human life.”

    Shouldn’t it be mentioned that these many poisons are destined to destroy, not just human life, but ALL forms of life – including all creatures that live in the ocean and in lakes, streams, ponds, etc., all earth animals, insects & plants, and the soil itself? They don’t just want us dead, they appear to want the whole planet dead.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    When I was a young boy many, many years ago I read in a book that in years to come people would look like swine and that food would be virtually worthless.

    Why such a statement should be permanently lodged in my mind is beyond comprehension but nevertheless perhaps it was because I was brought up on wholesome natural foods.

    I still muse those words from time to time so many years ago and find them to be so prophetically true when I look around the world and see so many people looking like pot bellied pigs feeding themselves on non nutritional foods while others look so lethargically zombified.

    You are what you eat was drummed into us as children and should be a slogan imprinted above the doors of every restaurant and fast food establishment to enforce the root to good health.

    To this day I have never found those words in that book again. Was someone trying to tell me something? That book was the Bible!

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