Did your great grandaddy finance Mr Hitler’s rise to power, Mr Bush?

‘Hispanic Bush’ Nervous, Dodges Hard Question on Bush Family Nazi Financial Connection

21st Century Wire says…

The Bash Family history includes plenty of evidence that Prescott Bush was involved in Nazi financing out of New York’s Union Bank during WWII. The fact that this ‘next president’ is avoiding the obvious should tell you how well-groomed he is for dirty dynastic politics in America…

This report via Aaron Dykes and Truthstream Media:

Hector Cubillos (citizen journalist) who just confrontedGeorge P. (Prescott) Bush (aka Hispanic Bush) on his family ties to Nazi banker and his namesake, Sen. Prescott Bush (his great grandfather). The younger is now campaigning for Land Commissioner in Texas… 4th Gen Political Dynasty, y’all with Presidential ambitions, to boot, to be the 3rd George Bush president. That’s the We Are Change spirit…


And here’s our video from the day before for those who didn’t see it:

Get this info out or get ready for a 3rd Bush President (someday, anyway) Have you met George P. Bush? Here’s a quick primer… 

Meet George P. Bush, Our Next Ruler from the Bush Dynasty

The Daily Sheeple

If you thought the Bush family was essentially done attempting to run the country, you are wrong.
The fourth generation of the powerful Bush political dynasty that has already seen two presidents named “George Bush,” not to mention a senator and a governor, is about to make his entrance stage left through a low profile but still powerful Texas office.
Meet George P. Bush, son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, nephew of former President George W. Bush, grandson of former President George H. W. Bush, and great grandson of former Senator Prescott Bush for whom his middle initial stands.
George P. Bush is currently running for Texas Land Commissioner on a Republican ticket, a little known but powerful position in the Texas government that oversees vast tracts of both state and federal land, in a race that might as well be unopposed. At the time Bush entered the race, there was no Democratic opponent, but even now it’s only the illusion of opposition. Bush has millions at his disposal, while his only opponent in the GOP primary is fighting for the spot with less than $4,000 to his name (a name with much less recognition). This is a common tactic, to run for a little known position as a political “in” that will allow someone to quickly move up the chain of authority.

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6 Responses to “Did your great grandaddy finance Mr Hitler’s rise to power, Mr Bush?”

  1. paul maleski says:

    Are you so stupid that you actually believe that the President of the United States runs the country? It is the likes of Goldman Sachs and co. who really control the country. It is a charade. The jew buys the democratic process and uses its media to give the illusion of pluralistic democracy. Were the American electorate ever given a referendum on: mass non white immigration, nationalizing the Federal Reserve, putting a stop to gay marriage etc.? Of course not! Slakhtal jew journalists such as Larry King (Zeiger) ain’t going to tell you this. The United States needs the Maleski Convention ASAP!

  2. John Bull says:

    21st Century Disinformation more like.

    The Bushes were errand boys for the Harriman Family.

  3. Anonymous says:

    All the Bush family should be on the end of a rope, and they know it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    people sem to forget that Hitler was the only man to stand up against the march of communism, he was seenas a good guy, and under Neville Chamberlian we agreed to give germany carte blanche to deal with the commies, but…. the jews bought churchill
    to turn the tables on hitler, he was shocked to find the brits turn on him when he had agreements
    but i gues thats the jews for you

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