Is Alex Salmond (Solomon) a Jew?


A dual national to boot too!

EXTRACT –  A closer look at the Scottish National Party (SNP) reveals hidden truths. The Odal Rune or Alod is the Germanic word for inheritance and kinship. Also 
Alex Salmond SNPin its meaning it stands for everything connected with the Homeland, the family estate, the family farm, the soil. Therefore, to invert this rune must convey loss of everything connected to the Homeland. Therefore, it is very important to draw ones attention to the logo of the SNP.  The inverted Odal used as the SNP logo establishes  the loss of Scottish heritage. 

Cameron is a Jew
Miliband is a Jew
Mandelson is a Jew
The monarchy are Jews…..

Yet it’s got nothing to do with the Jews? 

How many in the UK again and
yet they gravitate to top positions?



TAP –  so is Blair, possibly both parents.  His mother was a Levita.  His father is rumoured to be Jacob Rothschild.  

Who else?  Diana was a Rothschild on both sides, James Goldsmith, her real father.  Not all are evil.  Royals that don’t like war get eliminated.  She wasn’t the only one.  Victoria’s Albert.  another.  Politicians too.  Robin Cook.  John Smith.  Those that try to break away and set people free don’t survive.  If Scots knew they were being lead to ‘independence’, merely to be more easily enslaved, would they be still interested?  

To commenters who say Alex Salmond is not Jewish, let’s ask the question – who was his mother?

She doesn’t sound very Jewish to be honest.  Maybe you got this one wrong, Harbinger.  Salmond may well be a tool of the Rothschild Zionist programme of national destruction, but is he actually Jewish.  I see no evidence yet that he is.

The Mary Salmond Trust

The Mary Salmond Trust was set up in 2007 by the First Minister Alex Salmond MSP, in memory of his mother Mary Salmond. 
Mary loved life. She and her husband Robert had 4 Children and 5 grandchildren. Mary enlisted in the WRENS during the war, worked in London during the Blitz and then in Plymouth, showing films to naval personnel.
Mary particularly enjoyed outdoor pursuits including activities with the Guides and walking with the Ramblers. She started climbing Munros at the age of 65 and bagged more than 170. She led many walks and was honorary president of the Linlithgow Ramblers for 17 years. 
Mary’s family was very important to her. She always provided a listening ear and helping hand to anyone in need. She learned to use a computer later in life and she enthusiastically embraced the new technology which she used in her genealogy research and to keep in touch with friends and relatives across the world. 
Mary Salmond died suddenly in May 2003 whilst walking with her local walking group, Linlithgow Ramblers, near Glenmore in the Highlands. She was 81 years old and had led a full, varied and active life.

COMMENT from anonymous –

“The names Salman; Salmon; Saloman are used by the Canaanite Jews.” 

As yes2truth states, as well as in link on endzog in OP, these names are used by Jews to disguise their identity. Like the Jewish Jesuits, the west is full of crypto-Jews masquerading as whatever to conceal their true identity. True identity exposes true purpose, hence the deception. 

Jews automatically gravitate to positions of power. As for politics well, guaranteed Solomon was selected while still at school to be where he is. Politicians are bred. They don’t just happen.

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47 Responses to “Is Alex Salmond (Solomon) a Jew?”

  1. paul maleski says:

    I never thought Peter Mandelson was kosher jew in the first place. You can blame him for many things, playing a key role in Jew Labour etc. But it was financial heavyweight Lord Levy and co. who took Phoney Blair to Israel, in the early 90’s, to ensure that Jew Labour would win the General Election in 1997. Decent John Smith, then Labour Leader was to pay a heavy price for this visit. The end results of Jew financed Labour victory was: mass immigration, flogging off 395 tons of gold on the cheap, the promotion of Frankfurt School: homo-sexuality, gambling and pornography etc. And the invasion of Iraq, a nation who wanted nothing to do with the Rothschilds. I know this is true because John Sopel BBC journalist sic. who works for BBC boss jewboy Danny Cohen, never mentions these important facts in his fawning redacted/bowdlerised biography of Tony Blair.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love you both harbinger and Paul Maleski.
    Dont forget that rothschild used the boy-abuser David Abrahams as go between to finance new labour
    through Lord Levy, Tony Blair is a shit who should be in court.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can someone explain to me why the British government, were pushing Nortern ireland back to the irish, funding the welsh nationalists the defunct welsh language etc, sponsoring the scottish breakaway, yet british nationalism
    oh no thats racist.
    what ?
    before W W II the USA demanded the breakup of the british comonwelth and the UK, Hitler wanted Britian to stay strong and united as a bastion against jew-communism

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have been away, i left this website when it was having trolls like wasp material up, but i am glad i am back because today we have some good genune stuff up
    well done boys
    Bill Johnston

  5. Anonymous says:

    The jews who run hollywood are bringing homosexuality and debauchery to your kids see this

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh but those jooos do make me laugh, making some of the best comedy. But that’s one thing you Jew haters never do, laugh.



  7. Anonymous says:

    Neutrino we do not hate Jews, it is the Zionists that are hated.
    We are continually building up the evidence, at the moment the Zionists are still under cover, we are trying to expose them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    No I didn’t know and I still don’t know. What absolute rubbish.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Neither of Alex Salmond’s parents were Jewish, a simple search of Wiki proves that.

  10. Tapestry says:

    If there is any reason to suspect Salmond might be Jewish, it would be unlikely to appear on Wikipedia.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Jews have been in Scotland for centuries.They controlled ALL cross-border & international trade because they could deal Jew-to-Jew & their “kehila” courts could sort out any disputes between,say,a Jew in Aberdeen & a Jew in Lublin.Thus if you wanted your goods to reach a bigger market you had to go to a Jewish trader/moneyman.Also bear in mind the existence of “crypto jews”.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Alex Salmond comes from a humble working class background, raised in the town of Linlithgow. He is not Jewish.I should know because I went to school with his brother who was also not Jewish.

    If you love Scotland that much, why not build a better motorway system in the borders? UK goverment has had decades to do so.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Aye, those ‘ll be the same humble working class background that J K Rowling and Ailish Angolini come from for sure.

    Nobody in power comes from poor backgrounds, it just doesnt work that way. To think otherwise is plain naivety.

    Its made a great centuries old cover story though.

  14. yes2truth says:

    Northern Ireland and Scotland have many Royal Judahites from the Tribe of Judah, but those people are not Jews.

    The Jew is a Canaanite.

    The names Salman; Salmon; Saloman are used by the Canaanite Jews.

    We would need to know Salmond’s mother’s maiden name in order to know if he is a Jew or not.

  15. Anonymous says:

    At anonymous at 9.24. Why are you anonymous. Put a name to your hatred. What are you scared of!

  16. Anonymous says:

    “The names Salman; Salmon; Saloman are used by the Canaanite Jews.”

    As yes2truth states, as well as in link on endzog in OP, these names are used by Jews to disguise their identity. Like the Jewish Jesuits, the west is full of crypto-Jews masquerading as whatever to conceal their true identity. True identity exposes true purpose, hence the deception.

    Jews automatically gravitate to positions of power. As for politics well, guaranteed Solomon was selected while still at school to be where he is. Politicians are bred. They don’t just happen.

    The union is bollocks and always has been. It was formed by the crown coroporation completely for profit. The farm of England simply wasn’t big enough. Sure a free, independent Scotland before 1745 I fully agree with, but today, nope, as stated, the Scots no longer exist.

    Nothing but a land full of Scot descendents, yet not Scots, rapidly being overpopulated by Africans, Asians and eastern europeans. that will see the indigenous become a minority long before the indigenous in England are.

    The Scots support and promote every other culture than their own – lol

    And in the future when the major cities have black ‘yo-yo’ rude buoys running around and the pro multicultural think-they’re-Scottish globalists are feeling oppressed, they’ll desperately cling onto anyghing of the culture they’re ancestors created and be laughed at by the majority non indigenous who will say:

    “We have Lagos, We have Pakistan. We have Beijing. You have nothing. You have no culture. You have no land. Your people are almost extinct, too weak to listen to your own nationalists who warned you of your coming demise and yet happily supported those nation’s nationalists who colonised you. WEAK, PATHETIC, WHITE PEOPLE. You don’t deserve to exist.”

    The writing is on the wall and will stay there as testament to those pathetic inhabitants who gave away common sense, wisdom and their land so as to fit in to their cultural Marxist dystopia and to not offend. LOL


  17. Anonymous says:

    neutrino is wrong take charlie chaplin th east london jew who went to the USA to escape W W 1
    he stole stan laurels tramp figure,
    the jewish studios ask for new material and comedy, then they give it to their own
    Max Bygraves and Bob Monkhouse bought up or stole all the silent comedy films and reused the material gags etc in new guises, not one of the jokes in bob monkhouses joke book was his
    they even stole Edisons moving pictures patyents so they did not have to pay him royalities, look it up

  18. Anonymous says:

    Forget about Jewboy Neutrino. He’s a troll. He’s just pissed off that anti ‘gentilism’ is starting to surpass ant semitism (read anti Zionism and anti fake Jews – yids and kykes). He’s livid to see the goyim waking up to the serious threat of Judaism upon their very survival.

    Oh vey


  19. Anonymous says:

    Even after he became out of favour Alex Salmond still had Rupert (espionage not phone hacking) Murdoch round to tea.

    Rupert the front man.

  20. sovereigntea says:

    Lord Burton – The Good Freemason

  21. Anonymous says:

    Cheers Herby, gotcha

    Kind regards


  22. Steed EOW says:

    I have a problem with these constant cocksure statements about certain people being Jews which often have tenuous evidence. Russell Brand, Robert De Niro and now Alex Salmond – to name just a few. As Harbinger knows, I am aware of the vast Jewish influence on our society, but to make baseless claims makes us look paranoid and obsessed. There are plenty of Goyim working for and with the Zionists to enslave the World.

  23. Anonymous says:


    Salmond is a Jewish name.
    Salmond is no nationalist.
    Making claims does not make ‘us’ look paranoid. History of Jews and current actions fully extinguishes any gentile paranoia and/or obsession.
    And of course there are many Goyim, or should I say ‘shabbat goys’ working for their Jewish overlords.
    The Jewish threat to gentiles this century will make last century’s genocides look like a picnic. Technology, GM foods, weather warfare, deadly vaccines and warfare. We’ll be talking in the billions here, not millions.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Anon 10:23pm, why are you scared, give your name.
    Give a name that is anonymous.

  25. Anonymous says:

    “Nothing but a land full of Scot descendents, yet not Scots” wow 🙂

  26. Steed EOW says:

    You know how aware I am of what we’re facing. Rest assured I’m not in any way trying to exonerate Jewish culpability. I’m just making a sidepoint about what seems a desire to uncover the Jewishness of all perceived enemy individuals. This desire is rife among truthseeker websites at the moment and it comes across a little desparate. Okay, ‘Salmond’ may be a Jewish name – and if so I stand corrected. But I’ve yet to see any evidence that – for example – Russell Brand is Jewish. A twat – yes, a Jew – who knows?! And don’t tell me “he looks Jewish” – he looks no more Jewish than half of Europe. Appearances can suggest but they can’t confirm.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The SNP symbol looks suspiciously like the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon. Maybe Breast Cancer is also Jewish? What about all those other illnesses that choose ribbons too? Are THEY Jewish? Maybe EVERYONE is Jewish. Maybe everyone is Jewish EXCEPT the Jews? Maybe the article is a lot of shite? Seems likely..

  28. Anonymous says:

    How’s this for a theory.
    If a politician has a full head of hair, usually black, and is 50 years old, then he has a good chance to be Jewish.

  29. John Bull says:

    @ Steed eow,

    There is no half-way house with this stuff Steed, you either ship-in or you ship-out and then post comments like the Anonymous numpty above.

    Brand is a Jew, his buddy Johnathan Ross is a Jew. Jews run the media with the exception of The BBC where there is strong Roman Catholic/Jesuit influence as well.

    Whether Salmond is a Jew or not makes no difference, he’s a Bolshevik Marxist left wing goon and an ex-Bankster so carries all the qualifications that any Jew would admire.

    He also claims he’s a nationalist when he supports internationalism and The EU via his Bolshevik Marxism, so what are we dealing with? Answer a scum bag who licks his finger in the morning to see which way the wind is blowing.

    He probably has a lot in common with Winston Churchill.

  30. Steed EOW says:

    @ John Bull

    There is a half way with this stuff – it’s called balance. We won’t get anywhere educating the masses unless we can substantiate our claims.

  31. Anonymous says:


    “We won’t get anywhere educating the masses unless we can substantiate our claims.”

    With all due respect and you know that, the more we substantiate our claims, the more our views will come under hate speech and incitement to racial hatred under many of the various statutes created to stop the indigenous from protecting themselves against invaders, such as these Jewish parasites.

    The big problem here is, as John Bull states, is that many goyim do not realise what Marxism truly is. It is the subjugation of all peoples and their wealth under Jewry. You know this. I shouldn’t have to tell you. So those who promote Marxism or any other form of communism/socialism are infact promoting talmudism which is, as you know, the control over non Jews by Jews.

    It wouldn’t matter whether we give proof upon proof upon proof to show that we speak the truth. If the law decides what is, then it will be.

    Case in example – the holocaust deniers have proven, beyond all shadow of a doubt the non existence of gas chambers that killed millions; no scientific evidence whatsoever for the numbers of dead; complete fabrications and false images; 100% factual evidence of why Jews died; no elimination order from Hitler upon the Jews…etc etc… and yet in these courts of law, owned and controlled by Jewry, these people are found guilty and sentenced to prison terms.

    Do you not realise that once you have control of any law/legal system you can bend it to your will? This is what Jewry’s done. They have created a society where they rule and anyone who challenges their authority and questions their lies is ridiculed in their msm, character assassinated and worse, imprisoned for telling the truth (reported as lies) or ‘removed’ permanently from society.

    You cannot win against this. You cannot use the system to beat the their system, created to protect them and the rest of the elites.

    Mankind, that is the non Jewish mankind has two choices in life –

    1. Remove the Jews from all lands they inhabit and imprison them in another land where they cannot cause mischief.


    2. Face extinction.

    People will say extreme, but reality states (backed up by the talmud) that Jews hate non Jews, will never forgive them for the two millennia of persecution against them, which was in effect merely the non Jewish peoples protecting themselves from Jewish control and sacrifice over them and they will do their best to completely wipe out ever non Jew on this planet, save a small number who will be their slaves.


  32. Anonymous says:

    More so Steed,

    John Bull is like an old nationalist. He sees the threat of Jewry to the west and its peoples, unlike today’s braindead mobs who go on EDL rallies and cheer as rabbies promote Islamaphobia in order to gain yet more recruits for their War of Terror. More Muslim deaths are the result; deaths of people who posed them no threat whatsoever along with more deaths of UK indigenous, or worse, coming back, empty shells of their former selves, suffering from numerous mental and physical disorders.

    I see reality for what it is. If Brand, Salmond or de Niro aren’t Jews, they most certainly follow the Jewish mindset. They are, without doubt, shabbos goyim, who willingly promote Jewish values (talmudism) upon their fellow non Jews.

    My anger, and I won’t deny it, is the simple realisation that Jews DO control society and have heinous plans in store for the goy.

    Worse still, only an exceptionally small number of people see the threat Judaism poses upon humanity.
    We are told the Jews make up 13 million and yet they are in top positions all over the world. Unless they are stopped and removed from their positions of power and influence, the wars and killing will continue reaching a climax this century with a world war that will bring in Russia and China and result in the deaths of not millions but billions of people. And guaranteed, not one Jew will die in this whole affair.

    As I said in my previous reply. The only solution is the immediate expulsion of all Jews (other than the Sephardi and indigenous Jews of the Middle East and Africa) from all lands to, well, Southern Russia (Birobijan) and wall them in. Do not let them out, keep constant watch on them and allow them to live an agricultural lifestyle with no access to any technology whatsoever, because guaranteed, like Israel and its ‘Samson option’ they would destroy the rest of the world given the smallest chance.

    The goyim never created the ghetto, Jews did. They are unable to live alongside non Jews, without seeking to control them. They are a racist, ethnocentric, supremacist, apartheid loving people who utterly loathe anything non Jewish.

    They are, without a doubt, the biggest threat to world peace, always have and always will be.

    My problem is that people will not wake up to this threat until it’s too late and there will be nothing that can be done to revert the inevitable.

    This could easily be classified as hate speech (as the Race Act was brought in to promote colonisation of the UK without the indigenous’ consent, prosecuting anyone who spoke out against it), purely because I seek the protection of my own people from an alien influence that seeks to destroy it. Yes, in our Jewish controlled judiciary, the victims have been turned into criminals and the criminals victims, as was said would happen in the protocols and Frankfurt school.


  33. Anonymous says:

    Herby, I’m not a Jew boy, I’m not pissed off and I’m not livid. Wrong on all counts. Let’s hope you do get banged up for six months for your crime, give us all a break from your repetitive comments

    All the best


  34. Steed EOW says:

    @ Harbinger

    You shouldn’t have to tell me that, and indeed you didn’t have to tell me that. I agree with, and am aware of, everything you wrote in those two posts. But the points you made were largely irrelevant to my previous post.

    Take this as an example… if those of us who discovered the great Holocaust lie started taking it in the opposite direction – making claims that actually it was Germans imprisoned in the (work) camps and Jews who held them captive – then 1) We would be compromising the central truth (much like David Icke who speaks much truth but taints it with nonsense), and 2) We would be acting in an ignoble ‘Jewish’ way by lying, deceiving and exaggerating. This is my problem with the often-baseless claims that “so and so” is a Jew, merely because we don’t like what they’re promoting.

    I also suspect that our disagreement on this issue – if there is one – could be due to our differing perception of Jewish identity. You see Jewishness as a religion and a mindset, whereas I see it as being written in the blood. Therefore (and I may be wrong here) to you, anyone who acts with an overall Jewish mindset is just as a Jewish as Rabbi Ibramovic (whoever the hell he is), whereas I believe that no matter how ‘Jewish’ ones actions are, they are not a Jew unless they have Jewish blood, and furthermore – acknowledge it.

    To me, Jewish identity is written in the blood and cannot be adopted or dropped. The Jews are an ethnic group, and in the same way I will always be an Englishman not a Jew – no matter how much I start acting like one.

    So you see how Salmond, Brand, De Niro etc can only be Jewish if significant Jewish ancestry is proven. It doesn’t matter how ‘Jewish’ they act – unless we have proof of ancestry, or that they’ve converted to Judaism and been accepted, then they’re merely Shabbos Goy, collaborators, and enemies of a different sort.

  35. Anonymous says:


    We’re going to disagree on your concept that a Jew is a Jew by blood why? Take a baby at birth from a Jewish parentage and swap it with a baby of Christian parentage. At this time, both are babies and nothing more. We may be told they are Christian or Jewish but this is 100% wrong. Christ was a man. His beliefs created a religion. Judaism is also a religion whether bible OT or Talmud. Now the baby of Jews is christened and brought up under the bible’s NT. The Christian will be circumcised and brought up under the Talmud. One will love and the other hate.

    It’s in the teaching and not in the blood. Had I been taken at birth, brought up in Norway and never told I was of Celtic-Anglo parentage, I would feel completely Norwegian. Humans are the product of their environments and cultural education. Then again, saying that, taking a negro from Africa, placing him in a rural 16th century Scottish family as a baby, he will grow up under the culture but always be an alien, although accepted by the clan.

    Judaism is in the teaching, as with any other religion. Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Bhuddism, Hinduism are all religions and NOT races. You choose to follow their values or you don’t. Jews are lied to on Judaism, thinking they’re a unique set of people, a different race. They’re not. Like all religious peoples, they comprise of all peoples. Were they told this they’re ethnocentric supremacy would mean shit.

    The most persecuted Jews on this planet are the Karaite Jews. Their numbers are small and are despised by the Orthodox Sephardi and Ashkenazi because they follow the bible OT and dismiss the Talmud. They are the closest on this planet to the tribe of Juddah, the real Juddahites.


  36. Anonymous says:

    John Bull, you sound very much like our favorite WASP.
    He seem to have stopped commenting ??

  37. Steed EOW says:

    @ Harbinger

    We are going to disagree on this though. Judaism may be a religion, but Jewishness is an identity – passed down matrilineally (by their own laws). Jews don’t adopt, for this reason. Israel goes to great lengths to ensure it is genetically Jewish also. Again – these are their own laws and teachings. Jews often have physical features which denote their blood too – they are, by now, a distinct race of people.

    Christianity and Islam, on the other hand, operate differently and do not require a genetic ID card. Judaism only tends to allow conversion through marriage.

    That’s all I have to say on this.

  38. Anonymous says:


    “Jewishness is an identity – passed down matrilineally”

    It is Jews who decided this, moreso Zionist Jews.

    “Jews often have physical features which denote their blood too – they are, by now, a distinct race of people.”

    Are you trying to tall me there are no Arabs who have the same features as Jews? Are you trying to tell me there are no Europeans who look like Khazars? Are you trying to tell me there are no Africans who look like African Jews?

    And Christians, are they a race as well as your belief Jews are?

    I’ll say it again Steed – Judaism IS A RELIGION practiced by 13 million people all over the world encompassing semitic, Khazarian, European and Asians (yes Asian as in oriental).

    I will not deny that the first Jews, of Juddah had defining semitic characteristics, but really, what of the other eleven sons of Israel behind the other eleven tribes? Were they Jews? Would they not have had similar characteristics to their brother Juddah, being of the same father?

    Steed, when the Jews were taken to Babylon they bred with every other people there. They literally destroyed their pedigree. The only thing that identified them was their religion.

    Today, the semitic Jews make up a tiny fraction of those who follow Judaism, the overwhelming majority being Khazars a Turkic-Mongolian people who have bred out their characteristics through 800+ years of mixing with Europeans.

    Jews are not a race as they encompass many. Jewishness is not an identity. Judaism is not a single culture it has many. It is and always will be a religion whether it be Bible or Talmud following.


  39. John Bull says:

    @ anon 4:45 pm

    And you sir, have a very vivid imagination.

  40. Anthony says:

    Go back far enough in Europe and you will find that many of us have a Jewish ancestor in there somewhere.
    So what?

  41. Anonymous says:

    According to the Jewish News “Jews have been expelled from every country where they settled in large numbers with the exception of Scotland.

  42. Anonymous says:

    We are supporters of Scottish Independence and I posted a link to this blog at

  43. Anonymous says:

    Most of these people. have something to do with the knights templars that came to setal in. scotland on there way back from the Christian crusades…masons and 6 pointed stars.from Jerusalem…13 pillows …who wonders what tis all means …jews.arabs…does this mean the. white race comes from jews…I’m fucked if iknow….whitepride

  44. Anonymous says:

    Freedom will never be won in the ballot box bollox, remember not all jews are zionists and not all zionists are jews. We need to unite as one faith.

  45. mark says:

    I liked the article, I’ve been referring to Alex Salmond as Axelrod Solomon for a couple of years now…he’s no nationalist he’s an internationalist with uber slick rhetoric. the Scottish National Party has always been seen as Scottish Labour, communists the lot.

    To me its all Jewish theatre…lies on lies on more lies.

    Something to understand, the Jews are NOT Semites, Hebrews or Israelites…there’s simply no doubt about this. An 2000year deception/enmity.

    In a nutshell, the 95% of modern Jewry are of Turko/mongol/hittite extraction, commonly known as the Khazer, also known as Ashkenazi. They acknowledge their non Semite, non Hebrew & non Israelite heritage, in their in-house writings.Their distant ancestors having converted to the Jewish mindset circa 700AD. the other 5% of modern Jewry being the Sephardic or saphervaim, so called Spanish Jew. As Harbinger posted above,they are of Canaanite/Edom extraction, the historic enemy of the biblical Israelites(including the tribe of Judah).

    Judaism is the Talmud, that’s their book of books.
    The Pharisees with their ‘traditions of the elders’ who Christ condemned as ‘children of the devil’

    “Pharasaism became Talmudism,

    Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism,

    and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism.

    But throughout these changes of names,

    inevitable adaption of custom,

    and adjustment of Law,

    the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered.”
    The very reverend chief rabbi Doctor J. H. Hertz wrote in his foreword to the Socino edition of the Babylonian Talmud, published in 1935:

    So my point was/is to echo Harbinger post & post a link to who the “Real” 12 tribes actually are & its definitely NOT the Jews.

    ‘you will know them by their fruits’

    conclusive proof of the identity of Gods “chosen” Israel.

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