David Cameron, the Prime Minister, supports the Palestinian genocide

British Prime Minister David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron
Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:0AM GMT





Stuart Littlewood, Veterans Today

The Palestinian Embassy, for once, has done something useful and released figures that paint a shocking picture of Israel’s mega-crimes against their helpless Palestinian neighbours over the past year.

Of course, these statistics for 2013 barely scratch the surface. The stomach-churning story of the rogue regime’s inhuman conduct stretches back to World War II, before its founding, when its terrorist ancestors were attacking and murdering British soldiers of the mandated government right up to their departure in 1948.

Subsequently the terror gangs and militia massacred or put to flight hundreds of thousands of Palestinian villagers and townspeople in order to hugely enlarge the territory allocated for a usruper entity in the UN Partition Plan.

Their programme of ethnic cleansing and land theft continues to this day and has even accelerated during so-called negotiations, making crystal clear Israel’s contempt for peace. Israel’s purpose, it is surely clear by now, is to establish as many “facts on the ground” as possible under the cloak of a bogus peace process, engineered by the AIPAC string pullers of the US administration, in the hope of making their illegitimate territorial gains irreversible. To achieve this they resort to every foul murder, every mean theft and every barefaced lie; and they get away with it thanks to the international community’s dereliction of its solemn duty to bring Israel to account.

Israel’s thugs, apart from being the darlings of the US Congress, are particular friends of our prime minister, David Cameron. According to the Jewish Chronicle, Cameron recently told Jewish leaders: “I am with you and with the Israeli people, genuinely. As far as I’m concerned, an enemy of Israel is an enemy of mine. A threat to Israel is a threat to us all.” He was talking on this occasion about Iran. He went on: “I can promise you this: Britain will stand with Israel, Britain will support Israel, Britain will keep the pressure up on Iran. We do not want you to have a nuclear-armed near-neighbour, a nuclear threat facing your country … We share that feeling and show you our solidarity.”

Who on earth was he speaking for? Certainly not for me, nor for anyone I know. And why has he got it in for Iran, which has no nuclear weapons and poses no threat to the UK? Why isn’t he anxious for our Iranian friends who face the threat of a nuclear-armed, power-freakin’ Israel, with its 400 warheads?
Israel’s enemies include Iran and Syria, and anyone else who stands in the way of Zionist ambitions for a Greater Israel dominating the Middle East. They aren’t Britain’s enemies by any stretch of a sane imagination. Cameron, only a few weeks ago, wanted clearance to bomb Syria but mercifully was stopped in his tracks by Parliament. He and his foreign minister Hague have nevertheless inflicted vicious sanctions on the Iranians intended to impoverish them and ruin their economy, for no particular reason except Israel and America wanted it. We haven’t been able to stop him on that cruel caper, unfortunately.

Where is his mandate for such objectionable policies? Has he ever consulted the British people on this pledge of servitude to the criminal Zionists? Cameron has declared himself a Zionist and that, it seems, is enough in his tiny mind to make the whole UK pro-Zionist. He and his government colleagues support and admire the criminals who are responsible for this:

And they have the nerve to commit us British citizens to the cause of these Israeli delinquents.

Boycott Cameron
Interviewed in 2005 Cameron was asked why Conservatives should be friends of Israel. He replied, “Because Conservatives believe in supporting democracy, defending freedom and standing up against terrorism. Israel is in the front line in the international struggle against terrorist violence and we should show solidarity with all involved in that fight. Conservatives also recognise Israel’s unique position as a lone democracy in a region that currently boasts no others.” He admitted he hadn’t been to Israel (nor presumably to the occupied Palestinian territories), so one questions whether he knew what he was talking about.

By 2012 he was still talking bollox. Here are some of the things he said in a speech to a Conservative Friends of Israel lunch …

“I am a passionate friend of Israel – and that’s the way it’s going to stay.”

“We promised to stand up for Israel and in Government that’s exactly what we’ve done. We said it was ridiculous that Israeli officials felt unable to visit Britain because of the malicious and unfounded use of arrest warrants so we changed the law to end it.”
“We said we’d resist calls for boycotts on Israel and yes – we are going to keep on working with Israel, doing business with Israel, trading with Israel.”

“To me it is clear what needs to happen… We need the Palestinians to understand there is only one path to statehood, and that is through negotiations with Israel. We made that clear with that UN vote a couple of weeks ago.”

“We said that Britain could not support a resolution that set back the prospects for peace and that did not commit the Palestinians to return to negotiations without preconditions. Well: they did not provide the assurances that we asked for. So… we did not vote for it.”

“And I have made something else clear that needs to be made clear to the Palestinians. Britain will never tolerate the obscenity of a football tournament named after a suicide bomber who killed 20 Israelis in a restaurant. We will not tolerate incitement to terrorism.”

Cameron is clearly a danger to himself and our country. Worse, he will be seeking re-election in 2015. Activists for justice would do well to include him and his fellow friends of Israel at the top of their electoral boycott list.


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22 Responses to “David Cameron, the Prime Minister, supports the Palestinian genocide”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cameron supports pedophilia, rape, child abduction, and endless war. This is not the type of man you want running your country, or anything for that matter. He might be of some use swinging a mining pick, however.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cameron’s a Jew and a wealthy one at that. What more do you expect?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Of course Cameron supports the Israeli terrorists-if he didn’t then he wouldn’t have been allowed to become Prime Minister! Like all the other British Prime Ministers, plus American and French Presidents over the lat thirty five years he was selected on this basis and if any of them had erred from their handlers message then it would have been a messy end for them!

  4. shirlz007 says:

    Of course he supports the fucking Palestinian Genocide… ANYONE who isn’t coming out in support and solidarity of Palestine, is supporting the fucking Palestinian Genocide!!!

    Iv’e just read the other comments… yeah!

  5. shirlz007 says:

    ANY AND EVERY FUCKING ONE!!! is either standing up for Palestine… or agrees with innocent children being slaughtered and killed… NO MIDDLE GORUND!!!

  6. shirlz007 says:

    THERE IS NO FUCKING MIDDLE GROUND ANY LONGER!!! You either agree with innocent women and children being slaughtered (and raped, and tortured etc)… OR YOU DON’T!!! (Iraq, Palestine, Syria… THE FUCKING WORLD!)

    NO MIDDLE GROUND!!! and stop pretending like those who speak up have are something their not!

    You agree with women and children being murdered… or you don’t!!! ITS FUCKING SIMPLE!!!

  7. shirlz007 says:

    THE GUY SACRAFICED HIS OWN CHILD TO THE ILLUMINATI!!! (I aint the only one saying it… Gordon Duff)… he stole three nuclear weapons… he don’t give a fuck about Palestine!!! Last thing on his fucking mind!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    ““Because Conservatives believe in supporting democracy, defending freedom and standing up against terrorism.”

    And they support Israel? I would do a ROTFLMFAO but the deaths of innocent, indigenous Palestinians at the hands of invading Yids, whose only intent is their genocide is no laughing matter.

    ““And I have made something else clear that needs to be made clear to the Palestinians. Britain will never tolerate the obscenity of a football tournament named after a suicide bomber who killed 20 Israelis in a restaurant. We will not tolerate incitement to terrorism.””

    No, but you’ll clearly support a rogue, apartheid state and threat to world security that’s history is steeped in the murder of Brits? You are no friend of Britain David Cameron.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou henry for posting this and thankyou to everyone who has commented, the brtish public have spoken.
    have you noticed the past 12 months that anyone who speaks out about the israeli genocide such as
    Maud Dib Chrstopher Bollyn Chris Spivey Kevin Field etc are immediately denounced as liars homosexuals frauds etc
    Spurious cloned emails are doing the rounds on several of these people where they all admit to being crooks anti-semites kiddy fiddlers and frauds, and all are so similar its so obvious its the same hands behind it.
    makes me sick

  10. Anonymous says:

    A freind recently shareda thought with me, the israelis are poisoning the wells of the palestinaiin people and dropping sprays from aircraft to kill the livestock etc.
    well in medievel times the witches were accused of this also, the witches were hook nosed people who also spat on the cross etc
    could these witches have been jews ?

  11. Anonymous says:

    SUSAN FOSTER says:-
    RE- the attacks on whstleblowers, here in Coventry we have several pubs where real news is discussed and we have an active membership of Truthjuice, some months back a man was actually caught spreading muck about truthers, he claimed that if i remember right Maud Dib Chris Cooper and a couple of others including an Indian doctor who were actve anti-NWO broadcasters were in reality an umemployed plasterer from Ealing, and even faked emails to support his case
    severl members of truthjiuce investigated this and found it was all bunk, the man responsible uses the name Ellis Tailor.
    The fact remains that anyone who says anything the Israelis do not like will mean they will be attacked like this.

  12. sovereigntea says:

    Pelindaba “Cylinders” The mystery cash that the Tories ended up with ( Question in Hansard ). Camerot accompanied David Kelly RIP.

    Aim listed folding company fraud

    Former UK military source


  13. Anonymous says:

    Of course Israel is going to hit back at blogers and broadcasters
    of course it will attack and discredit them, lies and deciet are part of this, i am just surprised people are shocked when israel uses its agents to attack others cerdibility, and in these economically deprived times it will happen all the more i am quite sure.

  14. sovereigntea says:

    Thatcher Savile – King David Hotel Bombing Isreal celebrate by putting up a wall plaque there. I Lies about the circumstances British Military were murdered by Israeli terrorists.

    26th May 1986 – The European Community adopts the European flag.

    May 26 1986

    Margaret Thatcher: Speech at King David Hotel reception Thatcher spoke at the King David Hotel with her friends.

    Peres the Terrorist – Lavon Affair ! Ben Gurion

    Mrs T “One final word: I want to say thank you to Mr. Peres for inviting me to Israel and I want to say how much we in Great Britain admire everything that he has done,” Mrs T traitor !

    Thatcher first visited the holy land was in 1975 the same year as Savile who met the leadership. Savile visited and was honoured by Israel ? in 1979 for services rendered ?

    Thatchers visits to Israel and Camoron here details from her own archive.


    For the curious there is also an intresting military insigna SPQR and a short sword ?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou henry for the quality of these comments just superb.
    Does anyone know there is a large plaque on a wall in Tel Eviv thanking Jimmy saville for his services to Israel WTF ?
    We all know Tony Blair used british lives to destroy Ieaq for israel, but did you know W W 1 and W W II were also fought for the jews ?
    yes its true
    BTW a very good website which explains this is
    “i am the witness “
    google it please

  16. shirlz007 says:

    November 5th… London!!! Organise it properly, and bring about a change in Government!!! (one the whole world can look to) I have honestly had enough of this shit! It’s all talk and no action… FUCK THESE FUCKING PEOPLE TO HELL!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree ….their should be at every town hall around the country ..not just London ..people power ..yeah ..And no more fff talk shops …Tx007

  17. Anonymous says:

    The tories new labour and libdencons are all controlled shit,
    all working for rothschild
    why cant we have politicians who work for us ?
    come back please Oswald Moseley

  18. Anonymous says:

    look up how the isarelis killed her on this fab website


  19. Anonymous says:

    the israelis say once they have taken every last penny and made jerusalem the worlds capital and made us their bumboys the massiah will come.
    well we aint gonna be any ones bumboy let alone for jewboys so put that in yer pipe an smoke it
    bastards !!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    elm house latest singer Jess Conrad and conjuror Derren Brown
    to be questioned
    how many more ???

  21. salty says:


    Chinese President calls for East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital

    On Thursday, China’s President Xi Jingping called for a Palestinian state within the pre-1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital.

    “China supports the peaceful process in the Middle East [and] the establishment of a Palestinian state with its capital being eastern Jerusalem,” he said. Xi added the Palestinian problem “should not be marginalized.”

    “Maintaining the legitimate interests of the Palestinian people is the responsibility of the Arab League as well as the international community,” Xi said.

    This was followed by the president announcing a $7.6 million aid package to the Palestinians.


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