Cities where white women feel like prey

(Editor’s note: Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse. WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by the rest of the media due to their concerns that reporting such incidents would be inflammatory or even racist. WND considers it racist not to report racial abuse solely because of the skin color of the perpetrators or victims.) Videos linked or embedded may contain foul language and violence.
Black History Month in Baltimore is a busy, busy time. Every aspect of black life in this city is remembered and celebrated: Black schools. Black music. Black movies. Black churches. Black literature. Black clothing. Black politicians. Even black trains.
Then Tracey Halvorsen had to go and spoil it all: She wrote an article about crime in Baltimore. How she and her mostly white neighbors live in fear. And no one seems to care. Or worse, lots of people think it is normal. “Baltimore City,You Are Breaking My Heart,” is going viral for an on-line magazine called A few quotes:
“I’m tired of being looked at like prey.”
“I’m tired of thinking about the horrifying final moments for 51 year old neighbor, Kim Leto, stabbed to death in her own home by two teenagers.”
“I’m tired of wondering why city leaders haven’t said s*** about recent horrific murders committed by children in supposedly ‘safe’ neighborhoods.”
“I’m tired of living next to a beautiful park that I’m scared to walk into at any time of day, thanks to regular stories of day-time muggings, drug dealing and gang violence.”
Much like a similar article last year, “Being White in Philly,” Halvorsen’s story contained all the requisite apologies for noticing. All the protestations about her black friends. All the denials that she was a racist.
That did not change one fundamental fact: Crime in Baltimore is a black thing. And black on white crime is a secret that is simply not discussed. Other than to excuse it as a product of white racism, that is.
As indictments go, Halvorsen’s was pretty mild. She left out the dozens and dozens of examples of black mob violence documented in Baltimore in“White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It.”
In 2012, this violence became so bad that Maryland State legislator Pat McDonough asked the Governor to declare a “No-Travel” Zone around the downtown Inner Harbor area. McDonough said he wanted to “prevent the consistent and dangerous attacks upon citizens by roving mobs of black youths.”
Yes, he really said that. And more: “St. Patrick’s Day witnessed another out-of-control incident involving hundreds of young people in a mob-like posture, fighting among themselves, and attacking innocent tourists and visitors to the harbor area.”
Millions around the world watched it on video.
McDonough also saw an episode of black mob violence at the Inner Harbor while downtown with his wife.
Over the summer, just a few hours after a rally to protest the verdict in the trial over the killing of Trayvon Martin, a black mob stalked and attacked a restaurant worker on his way home. They put him in the hospital with broken bones all over his face. That’s on video too.


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6 Responses to “Cities where white women feel like prey”

  1. Anonymous says:

    here in Britian black on white crime is far the higest of all
    categories and is labelled “zebra crimes “
    The present craze of Knockout drops, the sudden punching of passers by, is done by black youths in gangs, tallies are kept
    and high numbers gain credit on the streets, such black gangs as the Enfield Nigs who claim they played a large part in the 2010 London riots aare said to be planning attacks on the polish/russian communities this summer, one wonders whether the BBC will gloss over the racist factors as they usually do

  2. Alan Abraham says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    I live in Enfield and most of the Enfield Nigs dont even live in the area, they are from Tottenham and walthamstow, two black ghettoes where white people are not safe.
    I am Polish and have been here 4 years and even in that time i have seen agressive black gangs roaming the streets, never any sign of the police at all

  4. Anonymous says:

    Even Winston Silcott has disowned the balck gangs here, the police just say if white people are out at night then its there lookout as we cant be everywhere, bulshit
    they are sitting in the police station and dont come out if you do phone for help

  5. Anonymous says:

    WE lived in the are of the London riots and poice stood back and let the black gangs do their damage, the BBC went toa lot of trouble to film the few whites who were tagging along too, it was god awful and very scary

  6. Anonymous says:

    The media on both sides of the Atlantic is Jewish owned & controlled.Jews love racial conflict as long as it doesn’t affect them-BUT-recently some “knock-out” attacks have been carried out on Jews in the Brooklyn/Crown Heights area of New York.Suddenly,after years of ignoring it,the US media is reporting it!.Go figure,as the Yanks say!.

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