10 Responses to “Christopher Story – Jesuit Vatican EU corruption”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The whistleblower Peter Wright had to move to Tasmania and have very tight personal security
    for his safety,before he could write his great expose “spycatcher “
    never forget how the British government refused him his pension and the media denigrated and rubbished him.
    The jews wanted him assassinated

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had never seen this before and it is a bombshell!
    However, it does beg the question,: if UKIP are so keen to help us exit the eu and if they are what they claim to be, then why has this never (to my Knowledge) been trumpeted loud and long by them, as this is the strongest argument yet that i have seen for our brexit.???

    I intend to write to Nigel for an answer and we shall see what if any is the response, which may indicate a sincere genuine organisation or yet another “controlled opposition?


    • Anonymous says:

      Reiverdave ..UKip ..are no different ..i know because i stood. for them in 06..Lol ..they are gatekeepers for pedophiles …..they are a Mixed bag of Nutters ..Lol.. and ya know what the silly Joe Mug public will vote for them ..if people wanna vote don’t vote for main st vote Independent ….:-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Reiverdave, UKIP are an unknown factor as to yet, i am not convinced they are not controlled oposition time will tell.
    RE Peter Wright, the government did rubbish him for sure, i remember seeing him on BBC TV where this guy was saying wright did not know what he was talking about then this old boy stokes was claiming Peter Wright was correct that at least one high level mole did exist in our intell services as wright claimed.
    Chris Story ? i always believed he was murdered
    Brian P

  4. Anonymous says:

    “there was no holocaust “


  5. Anonymous says:

    This shows how worried many jews are, that they would be prepared to throw Tony Blair to the wolves.
    Blair was recruited by Lord Levy for the Isaq wars.
    telephone intercepts by Chris Cooper secutities, show mossad assets Carol caplin David Abrahams and Lord Levy discussing blair running him for mossad,
    This video is bullshit

  6. Anonymous says:

    chile has banned mercury amalgam fillings,this has angered the rothschlds who own all the mercury mines and its uses, expect some false flag attack on chile as revenge


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