Britain’s Constitution is imperilled

No Parliament can ever legitimately circumvent the constitution. The contract of our Constitution utterly forbids any encroachments upon its provisions. Thus our Constitution lays down the fundamental duty for all in authority to follow. This duty has always been prerequisite to holding any office of the Crown and is designed to protect the people from unconstitutional assertions of power (e.g. the re-introduction of cruel or unusual punishments such as torture is placed beyond the authority of Parliament).
Our constitution ensures no taxation without representation; the freedom of speech in Parliament; guaranteed right to trial by jury in traditional courts, to habeas corpus, the presumption of innocence, the right to one’s property, the right of self-defence and much more. Its purpose is to ensure the people are never again to be oppressed. “An Englishman is born a free man save under the due restraint of the necessary law” is a phrase that resonates the world over. The rule of law enshrines accountability in the administration with ultimate enforcement in the hands of the people, not those who govern.
The Constitution was never intended nor does it in any way permit the divine right of kings to metamorphize into the divine right of our politicians. The freedom of self-determination under our own law is our guaranteed birthright. It is not something for mere transitory politicians or for that matter any one generation to give away even by referendum. The rule of law itself is guaranteed to us by contract in perpetuity. It is bound by the law to be the only means by which we may be governed. Sir Robert Meggary VC said in Manuel v the Attorney General 1983 (C. A.) “As a matter of law the courts of England recognise Parliament as being omnipotent in all save the power to destroy its own omnipotence.” That omnipotence is constrained by the Constitution but at least Sir Robert recognised one constitutional principle of the limitation of power. This principle has been progressively broken by successive governments.
The misconception that Parliament rightfully enjoys unfettered power now threatens entirely to undermine our Constitution and the rule of law itself. The EU treaties and constitutional proposals are eroding to the point of destruction our constitutional principles. History shows unequivocally that we tolerate this erosion at our peril. By what authority may our politicians or their parties consider that they are empowered to destroy all this? No such authority can or may legitimately exist under the British Constitution, which has provided security and stability to the people of the UK since 1689.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This will give you a giggle when the firm whom our council farms out its work, sacked all its British workers first week they put up all these large signs
    saying No fishing and no swimming along the river bank, but as they cant read english they put the fishing sign with the swimmong notices and vice versa, they also crashed 3 vans, it was found several were using forged driving licences and passports.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anon 12:08, I think we need to sack all the Councillors, don’t you ??
    They are having a great laugh at us.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Councils were first bloated with ludicrous overspend permitted by central government. Now they’re being hammered with cuts in central government funding. They’ve cut jobs but haven’t had to fire many as job churning in jobs which have so little to do and no job satisfaction.

  4. yes2truth says:

    This is just so much wind in the air.

    The Constitution (Declaration of Rights 1688) came into existence and was changed into an Act (The Bill of Rights) in 1689.

    In 1694 the Bank of England took all those rights away when we became a debtor nation.

    One hundred years later (1799) we were bankrupt – debt slaves and have been ever since.

    He who controls the money rules the world.

    Until we are rid of the Canaanite Jew and his usury we will always be slaves.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thankyou yes2truth i always look forward to your wise comments

  6. yes2truth says:

    @ anon Thank you for your comment, you’re always welcome.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “An Englishman is born a free man save under the due restraint of the necessary law.”

    And therein lies the problem.

    Freedom means NO restraints regardless. The above statement is thus an oxymoron. You either have 100% freedom or slavery. That 0.00001% cancels any freedom whatsoever. You can’t have both. It’s the same hypocrisy with speech. We don’t have freedom of speech. We have hate laws now – section 4a, 4b & 5 of the public order act which can see a man fined or worse, imprisoned all for calling a policy enforcer a ‘cunt’, even though he’s just unlawfully assaulted you.

    No man (collective term for both sexes) has any authority over another without their consent. The freeman movement will say this is only the case in civil/contract law. It is, yes, but it also comes down to, or should come down to, common law as well.

    If we are born free and equal, then laws are thus man made. Some will say that common law is G-d’s law, yet were it G-d’s law why is it a crime for a man to murder another in a street, yet perectly lawful for soldiers to kill defenders of lands they’ve invaded? A blind eye is thus turned when profit is to be made by those who ‘own & control’ us. If all are equal in this world then who has the right to judge us? Who has the right to give any man the position of judge? If common law is G-d’s law then judgement should be by G-d in the spiritual realm and not in the material, regardless if they [judges] believe they have the right to as representitives of G-d’s law – another fallacy and blatant falsehood.

    So law is bullshit. It is the tyranny of the elites, exempt from these laws they enforce upon the majority poor in order to control them.

    If man truly is equal then one man’s enforcement of his belief (law) upon another is no different to five, fifty, five hundred thousand or more. Without the implicated’s consent to abide by its authority over him, it has no power regardless. Tyranny is control of another without their consent.

    Therefore as soon as one adheres to any man made document, you willingly contract to its authority over you. And so speaking I include any scripture, Magna Carta, Bill of Rights and Constitution. They are control over the individual, peddling disinformation to have you believe you are free should you abide by what’s written within when in doing so you become the property of ‘another’.


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