Boris’ water-babies will kill and blind people demonstrating in Britain, unless he’s stopped

The decision will be taken on the 28th February 2014.  Anyone who cares about democracy in Britain will campaign to stop these monsters being deployed on our streets.  Pack out the public meetings. Write to MP and everyone else.  Share this video.

You can never look at Boris Johnson in the same light ever again, the cuddly killer.

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16 Responses to “Boris’ water-babies will kill and blind people demonstrating in Britain, unless he’s stopped”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have mixed feelings on this, the gang who claimed responsibility for the 2010 london riots was the Enfield Nigs
    a large gang of mostly unemployed black youths.
    This summer a war is being planned by russian and polish men after several ex soviet bloc people were “knockout dropped “
    the attacks on passers by where one punch to knock someone out
    earns the attacker to have a certain tattoo.
    If these gangs do clash then the water cannon may be a good idea but dobt forget the police had orders last time to stand back
    why ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    this article shows the homosexual rape of young boys is commonplace

  3. Anonymous says:

    these knockout drop attacks have seen two elderly people die, they are done by black gangs on passing white people.
    The police shout treat them as racist attacks but they say only white people can commit racist crime under the present laws

  4. Anonymous says:

    Outlook Active ViewThe Greatest Conspiracy Ever Told w/ David Hawkins

    Go to YouTube
    Play video
    David Hawkins is a forensic economist who tracks criminal and victim assets through crime scenes and helps the online community solve cold case murders. David Hawkins is the co-host of the weekly…
    Added on 28/04/2013

  5. Anonymous says:

    seeing ention of the london riots we saw 100 black youngsters running past our window, and the police stodd watching them
    we all thought that they wanted the riot to continue

  6. Anonymous says:

    The jews wanted ken Livingston out
    to get boris in
    when we saw this we knew something was very wrong,
    we will see soon that boris is ownded body and soul by the jews

  7. Anonymous says:

    Only recently have the youtube vids of the enfierld nigs been removed, they were blatently talking about making white school girls into white whores for them to exploit and put on the game, bragging about the london riots etc and saying about what they will do to the polish community
    it was disgusting
    Anna Kowalski

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh !!! can will take color out …what ya left with ……than?

  9. Anonymous says:

    The BBC bent over backwards to film white youths rioting in the summer of 2010, but it was almost exclusivly blac si am afriad, we locked ourselves in day and night until it was over.
    The enfield nigs dont come from enfield but mostly from tottenham and walthamstow and are a damn pain in the backside .

  10. Anonymous says:

    but what dim-wits in the Government think that by NOT dredging the rivers will help the flooding problem ????? it is a no brainer …fill a 3ft deep ditch with soil and when it rains the water will flow down the road …!! I drove back from South Wales yesterday and loads of ready to seed fields were under a few inches of water and these fields were no where near the flood plane ? also many fields on a slope had wide chasms from top of field to bottom like fork lightening shapes , cut out by water ….. The ministers who thought it good to cut down all the trees and hedges should be in prison…… also as I passed by the river Severn and Avon there were many square miles of just water with tops of trees poking up ….. I have never seen the water stay for so long ….. ‘tis whose fault ? I wonder if I bought some land the government would pay me to make a lake ? this is their latest thinking , that there be more water catchment areas …. what nob-heads …. just dredge the damn waterways …
    We wondered whether it is all a plot to ruin the framlands to make us buy in Rothschilds GM frankenfods from abroad ?
    I wish the government would stop interfering and just stick to nobbing small boys

  11. Anonymous says:

    @ annon 8.28/11.55/2.15
    OH dear OH dear tap? TUT TUT
    Do i sense a creeping smell of racism/bigotry on the reply’s here.
    This NIG that NIG, why don’t you have the balls to come out with it?
    you are being played for the fools (blame anyone that’s not pink skin is it)
    CLEARLY THE DIVED AND RULE ETHOS IS WELL IN BED WITHIN YOUR MIND(truly sad)and your on this site “What gives you shills”

    This site has been a good friend to my learning and knowledge base over the years,and will continue in the future..
    i will shoot down any fool, who wand to bring the tone of a man’s skin in to it..
    were are all being played-
    dived and rule (look it up fools)

    peace ynwa

  12. Anonymous says:

    some one misunderstands here they call themselves the enfield niggs
    i wasa school bus driver and i used to hear it all
    there is no racism here i am quite sure of that
    thankyou john

  13. Anonymous says:

    Dear YNWA
    i dont think any racism was intended but if you look at the Knockout Drop attacks even the black community admit the victims are almost all white and some asain.
    Its a shame that the yuth do not appreciate this country that took them in and gave them a home

  14. Anonymous says:

    @4.38 John i hear you.
    now i understand your comment…
    just researched this group/gang/mob through,facebook/youtube ect, and sad to say they do exist. like most youths in gangs/mobs of today’s(inner city’s/urban types)they seem to want some kind of recognition among their friends/rivals ect with the pack mentality..
    what struck me is the vernacular they spout and their actions,they inflict upon themselves, and to others! to prove what-i don’t know=
    ego/bravado/intimidation! or just a pure lack of understanding of how to be a stand up human being in today dark/sick world?
    is it poor parenting?(no/lack of male role models?) schooling(horse to water-springs to mind)or just a result and manifestation of today’s F***You culture?
    And why some youths want to denigrate themselves with such tags/names is beyond my comprehension(clearly a lack of respect for them self’s and understanding of the meaning of the N word).To me,its just truly sad and lost on me..
    thank you john.

    @4.44 annon
    i feel you “may” be correct ..
    (racism was not intended)
    its just when i hear certain words said,
    what feels subtle/masked/innuendo-i start boiling hotter than the sun.
    As to this knockout drop attacks,
    It comes from the USA as most crap/negative things do.
    its is part of a gang initiation thing, to show if if your man/big/worthy enough to be part of that gang.
    Out their(usa),they are proper sick at gang Rights of passage.
    to get in some gangs, rape/ murder,and all manner of evil deeds seems to be the norm,ect just to be pass the test.truly sick & vile.
    As for for the youth not appreciating the country that is their home!?
    these youth are 3rd generation,they are not the
    WINDRUSH generation who came to uk in the 50,s you speak of(by giving them a home)
    but the children of those children,of those children.
    Those who came over in the 50,s ARE still God fearing,hard working and humble.
    And made a great effort to
    assimulate/fit in to the British way of life and culture.(and did a fab job)
    The grand children of their/our children ect,they “CHOOSE” behave/act in a rather different manner(sadly)
    Why?? who Knows!!
    lack of education??(uk is not the best now)26 in world ranking,well below Vietnam No17(i kid you not)
    but still no reason to behave and act like FOOLS.As i said above(horse to water)
    lack of Male role models/fathers at home?(the break down of the family unit)?(Big big topic).
    lack of jobs- so why bother mind set(youth unemployment)close to 75 million around the globe)
    ILO(international labor organization)2013 stats.
    But above all THERE is no reason(what so ever) to behave like you were dragged up(fact)
    whatever the reasons, and this
    want now/now and Me/my self & i f*** you culture is no help.
    Any how, now i’m rambling cos i can roll on all day on this and more.
    I feel you will understand what im trying to convey.

    best regards to you 4.38 Annon.)

    peace ynwa

  15. Anonymous says:

    With regard to what has happened to black youth,read this.It explains everything.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The Male role for Y bLack boys …is the Police !!! not a helpful. Role Model …oh ya and for crackers to …don’t ya know!!!…poor youth ……all tones ..

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