Black magic cathedrals of the Knights Templar

Human sacrifice is not just theatre

Black mass altars.  Demonic images.  All to be found in the cathedrals where people go for spiritual uplifting.  The most evil goings-on depicted.  Built by guilds of Freemasons.  These are not Christian churches.  Skulls & cross bones.

Evil spirits have to be called up in rituals using exactly the right name and words, or you get an imposter spirit appearing.  The magicians had to be good at grammar.  The rituals they used known as ‘grimoires’.  The evil spirits they called up could appear as seductive figures such as a baby, a beautiful young woman or a sweet old person.  Yet their real nature would be outright evil and they had other supremely ugly ways they appeared, either in the smoke of burning incense or other ways they appear during rituals.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    At 45 seconds in the narrator describes “mystical cults which formed on Mediterranean Island thousands of years before Christ”, This is illustrated by an image of the monumental sculpture of Emperor Constantine in Rome who lived between 280AD and 337AD.
    Emperor Constantine lived and died three hundred years after Christ and was the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity. Constantine was also the author of The Edict of Milan which proclaimed religious tolerance throughout the Empire.
    The creators of this video have just used a series of random images of statues and buildings and hoped no-one would notice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anon 9.25 I totally agree. Its a mish mash of images and self assessed opinions. This Chris Everard never gives any reference to his statements and appears to make it up as he goes along.
    He can’t even pronounce Goethe correctly.

    Total anhialtion of what could be good subject matter to a trained researcher.

  3. TMWKTMBNE says:

    The Catholic Church exposed for what it is, pagan devil worship. They only pretend to be Christian for the sake of the goy, or the catechumen. The Roman Church is nothing more than ‘paganism baptised’.
    If you pay attention to the imagery and what they actually say, this becomes clear. They make no secret of who they really are. Rome has murdered millions over the previous 2000 years. Read ‘Foxe’s Book of Martyrs’ or ‘The Pilgrim Church’ by E H Broadbent. I feel sorry for good people mislead into giving their allegiance to The Catholic Church, although many are seeing, or acknowledging, the truth and coming out of Catholicism; see Richard Bennett, he has given many lectures, he was a Catholic Priest for many years.
    Also see Charles Chiniquy, a close friend of President Lincoln who represented Chiniquy hen he was a young lawer against the Catholic Church, who tried to ruin him.

    • Nick says:

      Baloney, on all counts. A church that focuses on Christ is hardly worshiping the “devil”. A church that flourished by adapting local Pagan customs to the teachings of Christ is hardly “pagan”. Even early Christians saw their faith, not as the enemy of Paganism, but as the logical conclusion to and fulfillment of it. Foxes Book of Martyrs? I’ve read it. How many Catholics were put to death by Protestants and had their churches confiscated? In England alone, the Reformation destroyed 2/3 of that country’s ancient and beautiful religious art, music, and entire libraries. Monasteries – which also acted as hospitals, schools and hospices for all people – were closed and destroyed. Yet you make Protestantism out to be “holier”. Martin Luther said, “reason and intellect are enemies of faith, which must be utterly crushed and destroyed”. You make him proud.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have no allegiance to the Catholic Church. I know all about the abuse of children by Catholic Priests. I know Jimmy Savile was a Papal Knight.
    But that does not detract from the fact that this video is a series of mostly random images of statues and buildings which have no connection to the commentary which is all opinion and not backed up by proper research. And as such it is a crock of horse piss.

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