Ali Gunn of Gunn Media dies suddenly. Like other close advisers of David Cameron and Tony Blair.

TAP Blog Post July 18th 2011 –  

#Hackgate Bodies Start Piling Up

Christopher Shale’s death at Glastonbury occurred on the day his leaked and his tampered-before-publication memo reached The Mail On Sunday, criticising David Cameron.  His death is still unexplained.   Reports at the time said that after ten days an update would be available concerning the cause of his death.  That is now a month ago.

Christopher Shale – here’s one I did earlier

Now another body rolls into view.  The journalist Sean Hoare who whistleblew Coulson was found dead in as yet unexplained circumstances…..see below.

and another – Sean Hoare.  He told friends he was keeping his head down.

Anybody considering either publicly attacking Cameron or revealing information which would undermine his authority must be noticing the body count.  

NOW –  Another member of David Cameron’s inner circle dies suddenly –  

Almost a year ago (Guardian from 2006), Gunn was asked to lend her expertise to the Conservative party, after a mutual acquaintance set up a meeting between her and David Cameron’s closest adviser, Steve Hilton. She is now an important part of Cameron’s coterie, working for the party “at least” one day a week.

and now maybe another
(the only online picture for someone who’s played a key role as part of David Cameron’s coterie)

Ali Gunn dies

21.02.14 | Sarah Shaffi and Benedicte Page
Literary agent Ali Gunn has died suddenly while in Switzerland.
Gunn, who was in her 40s, is understood to have been found dead yesterday morning (February 20th) after suffering a brain haemorrhage.
Gunn worked at Curtis Brown as a literary agent for a number of years before leaving to set up her own company, Gunn Media. Jonathan Lloyd, chairman of Curtis Brown, told The Bookseller: “It’s the most terrible shock. The world is slightly less fun today.” Curtis Brown joint c.e.o. Jonny Geller added: “My colleagues are devastated because she was such a life force. She always had a glass of wine and a smile. She was full of colour and devoted to her authors. The idea that this has happened so suddenly is really shocking.”
Camilla Ferrier of The Marsh Agency echoed his words, calling Gunn “such an incredible life force.” She said: “We sold her foreign rights for many years, she was a very exciting person to be around. We are absolutely stunned.”
Tributes have been pouring in on social media. Among Gunn’s authors was Jenny Colgan, who tweeted about her “darling friend and fabulous agent”. She said: “Of course we’re all in bits. thank you for all thoughts.” Novelist Ben Hatch tweeted: “Very shocked and sad to hear of the death of literary agent, Ali Gunn. She was always always fun to be around and sometimes scarily honest.”
Gunn had done some consultancy work for the Conservative Party. Its chairman, Grant Shapps, said: “Ali was very much a people person. Friendly and always full of life. She will be hugely missed. Our thoughts are with her family, and her very many friends.”
As well as Colgan, Gunn also represented former secretary of state for defence Liam Fox, and former royal butler Paul Burrell.

TAP – she must have known a lot about key goings-on.  She was also ‘scarily honest’.  It could be natural causes, but there is a long history of whisperers not lasting too long in Cameron’s entourage, same as with Blair’s before him.  

Opponents from inside the camp have low life expectancy – Robin Cook being a classic example.  

John Smith was eliminated to make way for Blair (illegitimate Rothschild).  War was ever thus.  The first casualty is the truth, and that includes anyone who tries to tell it, or stand in the way like David Kelly.  The cause given is usually heart attack or suicide.  The brotherhood knows how to bring life to an end in all kinds of devious ways. 

The current war is against us the people.  It is being carried out covertly – through weather manipulation, nuclear and other contamination of the environment, chemtrails, HAARP, fracking, food adulteration, the killing and sterilisation of kids with vaccines, combined with gradual political, social and economic collapse.  The programme will accelerate once it gets too obvious to everyone what’s going on.  Down the line await concentration camps and elimination of all opponents of a worldwide totalitarian state.  

Many good people have already been ‘removed’.  They could be the lucky ones.  Imagine how we’re going to stomach directives issued by dictators Blair and Cameron once the pretence of democracy is dispensed with.  Their total arrogance will be unbearable to live with, along with watching the decimation of the world we once knew.

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13 Responses to “Ali Gunn of Gunn Media dies suddenly. Like other close advisers of David Cameron and Tony Blair.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Grant Chapps is known as a MJ or mossad jew, which means he serves them first, how we get these people running our political parties and country is beyond me.
    I was disiliusioned with the racism of the 3 main parties so joined the BNP,along with 200 others who left at the same time because the jews had started to fund it and it became pro jew so i left, i joined UKIP and now i find they are freinds of israel
    so there is a mass hemorrahging of members leaving ukip now
    BTW the day after christopher shale died a whistleblower did give info on his murder

  2. Anonymous says:

    @anon above,

    You’re wasting your time on political parties. All are controlled by Jewry. Those that aren’t aren’t because they’re on the road to nowhere.

    To succeed as a PP you need publicity. Jews control that.
    If your party is pro indigenous and anti immigration they’ll just keep slapping you down through the media until you’re going nowhere.

    And last but not least, all inner cabinets are and always have been sock puppets. Why you’re even botyering about PP’s is beyond me. You should be doing your best to destroy the system, not promote and feed it.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Another superb comment from harbinger, but what is PP ?
    its true and many greater brains than i have said if UKIP starts to succeeed it wil go the same way as the BNP and the NF and oswald mosleys england first parties, rotted by jews who sneak in to poison it, look at what they did to colin jordan, lies more lies and still more, any crime and the jews linked his name to it

  4. yes2truth says:

    @ anon 7:59 pm

    A PP is a Parliamentary Politician, I would assume.

    @ Harbinger

    There are far too many dreamers and/or deluded and misguided people in the truth movement who think that the system can be changed or reformed, Brian Gerrish being a classic example of this pathetic mindset.

    He talks about getting ‘common sense people’ into parliament when the democratic parliamentary system is the problem, no matter who is elected.

    We need to be rid of democracy – real name – Demon-ocracy.

  5. Tapestry says:

    We have to fight in any and every arena available Harbinger. Don’t denigrate the efforts of others. Support them. Think positive. Or die.

  6. yes2truth says:

    @ Tap

    There is no point supporting people that must and will fail, it’s no different to flogging dead horses. They are like that TV recording system that never took off.

    The Scriptures too are clear i.e. NEVER put new wine into old wine skins. The democratic parliamentary system being the old wine skin.

  7. Anonymous says:

    We have reached the point where the beast of zion no longer feels it needs to hide in the shadows, the mafia is now openly showing its colours.

    None of todays leaders would look out of place in a 1930’s gangster photo complete with Thompson machine guns.

    I always thought Sarkozy was the ultimate example.

    But Mr Cameron is a lovely man, upstanding, patriotic..just not to Britain unfortunately.

  8. A10Sean says:

    Did you see the latest from Tony – Just Do A Hutton – .. recommending to Brooks that she carry out a ‘ Hutton ‘ Style enquiry to lift her out of the muck – They are getting complacent …


  9. Tapestry says:

    Things can be changed via the main political game. For example, they intended to ram Britain into the Euro, but failed to tame the Conservative Party during the Blair era. IDS saw off Portillo just long enough to keep the EU sell-out off the Euro, and he made it permanent party policy not to join the Euro. I am sure with Portillo in control of the Tories, he would have caved in and supported a Blair push for the Euro ( as would Ken Clarke). It was the efforts of activists that felled Portillo and stopped him getting rid of IDS, even with full media support across the spectrum (apart from The Telegraph). Boris Johnson’s Spectator was pro-Portillo in 2003.

    I am sure too that IDS would not have won the Conservative leadership in 2001 unless UKIP had put the frighteners on a large number of Conservative MPs. Remember Hague trying to sound all eurosceptic just before the poll. UKIP managed a mere 1.5% coming from nowhere, but Conservative canvas returns were showing 20% of Conservatives were thinking of voting UKIP.

    UKIP was making hay from the Conservatives until 2005, when Michael Howard kept his campaign focused with the slogan ‘We’ve got to do what’s best for Britain’. Only later did Cameron abandon such notions and go for open Europeanisation.

    But look at the price he is paying in lost support, same with Clegg. UKIP are now making hay taking votes from Labour by saying they will support working class Britain’s survival, and stem the tide of immigration.

    The traditional party system could be about to collapse in a dramatic turn of events. I’d play along with the possibilities.

    John Heyes tried to stop the wind power nonsense but was sacked by Ed Davey. Owen Paterson is refusing to agree that climate change is causing the floods, even while selling out on GM foods and fracking. The majority of the people at the top are Jews in the system but not all are. It is best to try and get the people we want into Parliament against all the odds. And to educate as many of the others our way if we can. It doesn’t make sense to entirely ignore the process because we’re losing the game at the moment.

    Farage stood against war in Syria as did enough MPs to stop it. Things are slowly changing – very late in the day, but maybe some more small victories are possible while they deliver the depopulation onslaught ending the lives of millions of people across the globe. Politics will be needed if we are to end the nightmare. I would say people should be more active, not less.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of all the friends of Bill Clinton who met mysterious deaths.
    Bill was another of those Jews who pretend to be Christians.
    Quite a lot of Bills bodyguards died at an early age.
    Most American Presidents are related to the UK royal family.
    Just that fact alone should make us all wary, the royal family are the longest running serial killers.

  11. sovereigntea says:

    Susan Watt’s imprint at Quercus, Heron Books, is to publish a first book from Liam Fox, former secretary of state for defence.

    Rising Tides looks at how globalisation is impacting on the world, and draws upon both his own experiences and those of some of his political contemporaries, including Tony Blair, Condoleeza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld.

    Heron Books signed UK and Commonwealth rights from Ali Gunn at Gunn Media.

    Susan Watt, publisher at Heron Books, said: “This is a really fascinating book, sharing with readers the inside story of recent international issues and how it felt to be in the headlights, but also full of new ideas and questions on how we could deal with these better in the future.”

  12. sovereigntea says:

    The plot thickens. Many of the great & good have been involved in shady dealings in the AIM market.

    Gunn married to Nick Pople, 38, fund manager at Ludgate Investments

    Ludgate’s major success has been fuel cell group Ceres Power, which the fund invested in during 2001 “when the shutters had gone down following September 11”.

    Gunn daughter of John Gunn

    The Cayser family controlled British and Commonwealth Shipping took full control of Bristows in 1985.They ran a low key, long term,ultra conservative policy which made them and their shareholders extremely rich. Then ,they(Caledonia Investments plc) sold out to John Gunn and his friends,Peter Goldie and Cameron Brown,aided and abetted by lots of debt,and, hey presto,120 years or so of retained earnings went up in a puff of smoke.Could be a lesson there somewhere..

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