1932. Tens of thousands of WW1 veterans surrounded and entered Washington. The US government set the army on them.

Senators left town via underground tunnels. Police held them in check. Cavalrymen came first. Then infantry then tanks. They wore gas masks. Then they hurled tear gas at the veterans. All the tents and the possessions of the veterans were burned.

It was The Depression. The veterans didn’t believe US troops would take action against them. MacArthur, Patton and EIsenhower carried out President Hoover’s orders. The Bonus Army was routed. Public opinion turned against President Hoover. You never hear about this.  I wonder why.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nothing seems to change, the Elite scum will always have the most guns.
    Hopefully this is why Americans have decided to keep what guns they have at home ready for next time.
    Reminds me of when Churchill had the Miners shot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    During WW1, many returning soldiers kept their weapons, and there was a lot of disgruntled vets who came home to find their old hometowns flooded with African immigrants who were running amock. Cardiff is a perfect example, the vets fought back. Also many vets had been promised a plot of land to build a house on for their service, only to find the land was swamp or had been stolen by the dual national carpetbaggers who stayed home. Its said that the post WW1 years were the closest Leons Brittain came to revolution.

    After the second world war, the soldiers had to hand over their weapons and any bits of booty on the boat home, as the dual nationals knew that the bos wouldnt be happy with what they saw. After all WW2 gave the dual national mafia a huge foothold, virtually made white males redundant in their former workplaces, and had socially upturned many families by masculinising women.

    All part of the plan, funny how it always works in their favour.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Alan Abraham, why don’t you peddle your chemicals somewhere else? This is a place for discussion of world events, not an advertising forum.

    We learned about this in American public schools, but we were lead to believe that there was some form of social justice / change after what happened to the Bonus Army. We were lied to; there was no justice, or change. Instead we continue to slide into the abyss. I have been watching and waiting for a sign that things will get better. Perhaps we need another Bonus Army to call the public’s attention away from their “reality” TV shows, bread and circuses.

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