Your doctor is paid handsomely to poison your kids

Mercury is often used as the preservative in vaccinations, called Thimerasol to hide what it really is.  So too is aluminium often used as a ‘replacement’ for mercury.  Both are poisons deadly to nerves.  Nerves run everything in your body.  Any insertion of toxic metals like these into babies and young children is likely to cause trouble, yet that is what your doctor is trained and paid to do.  Heshe is handed a generous bonus for high vaccination uptake rates of between 70% and 90%.  The more kids your doctor can poison, the richer he will be.

A doctor I know describes himself as a ‘drug dealer’ for fun.  Many drugs like marijuana, cocaine and opium have health benefits.  The poisons he administers to your children have none.  He should change his job title to ‘child-killer’.  Doctors are dangerous as they have no idea or have closed their minds to what they are doing.  Some are aware up to a point, yet very few will not walk away from their inflated salaries.  Same goes for dentists, putting mercury into kid’s teeth.

If you decide vaccines are not right for your child, some medical
personnel can get downright abusive and disrespectful.

That’s exactly what happened to one mother and father when they
brought their child into urgent care. 

Not only did this unprofessional nurse potentially violate a
serious privacy law (HIPAA), but she also showed how extremely
ignorant she was on vaccines.

This story is a must read for informed parents. Click on the
link below to read the story now!

EXTRACT –  ……after he was born he received none of the vaccines, or the vitamin K shot, or the eye antibiotics, and we did not circumcise, either.

I continued doing my research. And then I did more research and am still researching. I probably never will stop.
My husband and I came to the obvious conclusion that the risks of vaccines outweighed any potential benefit.

..while the parents are given the blame for the ones that die.

Come and listen to leading professionals from around the world discussing the growing number of parents being falsely accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome after a vaccine injury has occurred.

At an online webinar (conference) titled:

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    Drs ..are whores …….drug dealing FW ….Sitting on their fat arseies …..

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    People don’t care….simple …

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