Why I won’t pay my TV licence, BBC. It’s a very long list!

I’d also like to share this with you: written by a man called Michael Aydinian who I follow on facebook.

Please find a link to his page – he wrote (in my opinion) a superbly cogent diatribe to the BBC explaining why he refused to pay the licence.
I’ve copied and pasted it below in case you can’t access it.

Have a good week,

Michael Aydinian
I was sent an E-mail by the BBC. They asked me this – ‘specifically, in your own words, what was your main reason for writing to the BBC & why you refuse to pay the TV licence? Please give as much detail as possible.’ ……… 

Well they asked………..and I replied as follows –

Your coverage of 9/11 ever since the fateful day has been a disgrace & a travesty. There has been no investigation yet you’ve continued to perpetuate the same lies for 12 years! You reported the collapse of the Saloman Brothers building, WTC 7 while it was standing & then lo & behold 23 minutes later this building collapsed at free-fall speed, in classic control demolition style! You’ve never explained this! Hardly surprising for this act alone PROVES the BBC was at best party to information which could have led to the arrest of the real perpetrators; at worst it shows the BBC is inextricably linked to the very people that planned & executed 9/11. I’m in no doubt the latter is true for the BBC has literally become an Israeli propaganda machine.

Even when the owner of the 3 buildings that fell that day, Larry Silverstein, an arch Zionist & close friend of lunatic Benjamin Netanyahu, said while interviewed that ‘they took the decision to PULL WTC 7’ a flat out demolition term & virtually an admission of guilt, the BBC NEVER MENTIONED IT……..or for that matter the billions Silverstein conveniently received through insurance claims! How can it be possible that within a year of buying the Twin Towers for a knockdown $15 million (even though his offer was lower than others), he then proceeded to insure the buildings for $3.5 billion, stating that he must be paid double in the event of the Towers being destroyed in a terrorist attack! How can the BBC never once deem this to be news?

Of course the day to day running of programs carries on as normal which more than helps keep the public oblivious of reality. However when it comes to news not only are we told a pack of lies from squeaky clean news readers like Fiona Bruce & Ben Aligiah but what remains hidden from public gaze is something to behold! Though this has been going on for years, since 9/11 especially, the fabrication of news has now reached levels so extraordinary, I only tune in to the BBC news simply to hear what you’re lying about & more importantly, what you neglect to report. So before you think about writing back to me saying how sorry you are that I feel this way & that the BBC always tries to ensure it’s news is of the very highest quality & blah blah blah, I’m now of the belief, the BBC can actually get no worse!

Before I list a catalogue of lies & non-reporting, I remind you the BBC is in breach of their operating requirements through the ‘Royal Charter & Agreement’ with the British public. This document requires you to show information that is both accurate & impartial. On both counts, this most definitely is not the case! This is why I have refused to pay the TV licence & encouraged many others not to do so. Furthermore such is the gravity of the situation I am in no doubt that I am actually risking my own life by revealing all this because the BBC is totally under the control of Zionists. There can be no question 9/11 was planned & executed by dual national Zionists in America! This was a classic false flag event. The world must never know the truth that Israel & the Zionists are responsible for much of the pain & suffering in the world & the US & UK are the chief architects of state terrorism!

1). Since 9/11 anyone seriously challenging the ‘impossible’ official version of events either has had a blanket boycott imposed on them such as the 2000 experts who’ve put their names behind Richard Gage’s superb documentary Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth or have been branded ‘dropouts’ as was the case with Dylan Avery, whose brilliant 9/11 documentary ‘Loose Change’ has been watched by countless millions on the Internet.

2). The BBC has never once mentioned how ever since 9/11, 1000’s upon 1000’s of family members of victims have campaigned tirelessly for a true & proper investigation. Instead the myth that truthers are unpatriotic is forever sprayed on mainstream media! Moreover, the lie that truthers are merely opening up old wounds for families of victims is perpetuated with unerring regularity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

3). Case in point, the BBC has never mentioned how so many family members have taken out civil actions against Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld for murder. Why has this not made the news? There’s a good reason – none of the cases ever get to court because the entire US justice system is controlled by Zionists. Therefore the BBC have no problem in sweeping this potential nightmare under the proverbial carpet!

4). How come no one in the BBC ever pondered how convenient it was that former Israeli PM Ehud Barak was plotted up at BBC headquarters on the very day of 9/11? Sure enough Barak was among the first to accuse Muslim extremists, notably Al-Qaeda, an organisation founded & funded by none other than the CIA, for carrying out the attack! Even Sherlock Holmes couldn’t work that fast! I wonder what Jews would have thought if Osama Bin Laden was there instead accusing Zionists of this heinous treachery? The outcry would have been deafening! Fact is the day after 9/11 Osama Bin Laden actually denied any involvement in 9/11 on Aljazeera TV. Needless to say the BBC along with the entire mainstream media deemed this earth-shattering interview was unimportant & so unworthy of showing the world! Explain this please?

5). 19 Saudi hijackers were accused yet it was felt necessary to flatten Afghanistan & Iraq! Why didn’t the BBC ever mention this mysterious anomaly?

6). Why didn’t the BBC ever mention that the Talaban actually offered to hand over Bin Laden so long as America produced at least some evidence linking Bin Laden to the attacks? Since Bin Laden had already been fingered, Bush & Cheney had to have some incontrovertible evidence! Now this is plain logic! Of course there was no evidence! I’ve always wondered what would have happened if the Talaban said, “screw this! Bin Laden – get on your bike! You’re taking a trip to DC!”

7). Just about the most damning indictment of the BBC is how your lies directly led to the death of 1.5 million innocent Iraqis. The BBC was instrumental in swaying the public into believing the lies of Tony Blair that Saddam had WMD’s & of his apparent ability to attack the UK within 45 minutes! Not once has the BBC apologized to the Iraqi people. Instead you’ve virtually boycotted any talk of Bush & Blair being tried for the war crimes they obviously committed. The very fact a tribunal in Kuala Lumpar decreed Bush & Blair were guilty of war crimes NEVER MADE MAINSTREAM NEWS is testament to the level of skulduggery of the BBC!

8). Your coverage of the startling revelations of Bradley Manning & Julian Assange that the US military was indiscriminately opening fire on unarmed Iraqi civilians was a scandalous! Even though video footage proved conclusively the US military was committing the most heinous war crimes imaginable, you brushed this aside as if it was nothing. This would have been bad enough. You then proceeded to ignore the outrageous plight of Bradley Manning. He was incarcerated, held in solitary confinement for 11 months, tortured! After almost 3 years in jail he was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment, a crime befitting the most evil serial killer, MERELY FOR TELLING THE TRUTH! You never lifted one finger to help this astonishing young man – shame on you! True to form, you’ve proceeded to portray all other whistle-blowers such as Assange as common criminals. He’s a journalist for Christ sake, one of your own! As for John Kiriakou who was jailed for revealing the US military was illegally torturing detainees, once again you never lifted a finger to help this brave man!

9). You’ve never mentioned how all of Iraq’s oil is being stolen. Indeed how would the public feel if they knew that America had built a pipeline, courtesy of the US taxpayer, from Iraq’s oilfields, all the way through Jordan, into Israel where oil is purchased at a knockdown price so mind-boggling it beggars belief! Of course, a Zionist controlled media lying about the fact 9/11 was planned & executed by Zionists, is hardly going to mention how Israel is gaining so wonderfully from all this mayhem in the Middle East!

10). On that note, why haven’t you ever shown the world Netanyahu’s reaction to 9/11? YOU’VE SHOWN EVERYTHING ELSE HE SAYS! In fact you’ve given him a free platform to spew his racist war-mongering bile! Why didn’t you show the world how the day after 9/11 he literally could not contain himself saying “THIS IS GOOD FOR ISRAEL!” The mother of all ironies – THIS IS THE ONE TIME NETANYAHU ACTUALLY TOLD THE TRUTH, for the undeniable truth is Israel is the only country to have gained from 9/11!

11). 9/11 paved the way for the systematic destruction of civil liberties! 30 years ago the Patriot Act alone would have brought about a media onslaught. However the very fact the BBC never once mentioned the ratification of what is without doubt the most criminal piece of legislation in history – the NDA Act, clearly indicates something is very seriously amiss! How many Brits are aware this act allows the US administration to INDEFINITELY DETAIN ANYONE, WITHOUT CHARGE, WITHOUT TRIAL, WITHOUT ANY LEGAL REPRESENTATION? It’s like the worst criminals are in control & you say nothing!

12). RON PAUL should be America’s President. To say he was cheated by the most blatant election rigging through the use of Zionist Diebold counting machines that can’t count, is a chronic understatement! In every straw poll RON PAUL was miles ahead, only for him to end up 2nd or 3rd in just about every Primary & Caucus. Yet even though he was a front runner, THE BBC NEVER MENTIONED HIS NAME ONCE!

13). Your coverage of the scandal regarding Adam Verrity was an act of Treason, plain & simple! This was far more serious than the Profumo case yet you buried it! This man was seen everywhere with Liam Fox, UK’s Defense Secretary, Cameron’s right-hand man! When the question was finally asked ‘who the hell is this guy’, it was revealed he was inextricably linked to Mossad & several Israeli arms manufacturers, Fox was forced to resign…….. AND THAT WAS IT! What damage may have been done to Britain was not questioned! Cameron was never put to task over this scandal of cataclysmic proportions!

14). In 2008/9 the Israelis invaded Gaza killing some 1500 innocent civilians. The consequent inquiry conducted by judge Goldstone, a man of impeccable credentials, concluded the Israelis had utilized White Phosphorous cluster bombs, a weapon the international community had deemed illegal & thus banned! The Israelis therefore had indeed committed war crimes! NOTHING! The report, even though conducted by a self-confessed Zionist, was well & truly buried……… by you!

15). Moreover, the BBC then refused to publicize any appeal for aid for the hapless Palestinians who once again had been subject to brutal oppression by the Israeli forces. I remind you of the Tony Benn interview where he refused to be bullied by the BBC interviewer. How can you stoop so low?

16). The Israelis have imposed a blockade of Gaza. The Palestinians are being denied basic essentials such as water, electricity & medicine. They are systematically being wiped out, it’s called Genocide by the way, just in case you’ve forgot, YET YOU SAY NOTHING! Even the fact a former US President, Jimmy Carter, has released a book ‘Peace Not Apartheid’ which blatantly condemns Israel, has never been mentioned by the BBC!

17). Your coverage of the fact Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Mali & the Central African Republic have been devastated by the West is an absolute travesty! These countries have done nothing yet your reporting is of the most disgraceful one-sided nature. When are you going to question what the hell we’re doing destroying these countries? Just in case you’re suffering from a severe case of Amnesia, here’s one – WHY IS THERE ALWAYS MORE MONEY FOR WAR?

18). You accused Syria’s President Assad of utilizing Chemical weapons on his own people at light speed. Once again the media acted as a mouthpiece for Zionist war-mongers. Yet nothing was said of how Assad had no reason to gas his people for he was winning the battle against the rebels. Moreover, he more than anyone knew this kind of incident was exactly what the US administration was waiting for! Most significantly, if Assad was going to gas anyone, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE REBELS, NOT HIS OWN PEOPLE! However, slowly but surely it became abundantly clear this attack was a classic false flag operation carried out by the rebels. The Russians & the UN even went as far to say so, yet the BBC who were so quick to trump up lies, suddenly clammed up big time!

19). Our PM David Cameron secretively accepted payment of £100 million from the NSA for the release of private E-mails & phone conversations of UK citizens! Since this decision can effect the life of every person in this country, the fact it was taken without any consultation or debate is an act of criminality! How could he do do such a thing without telling us? What justification can you possibly have for not taking Cameron to task over this? This after all is nothing less than an act of TREASON!

20). Finally, Iran has not attacked another country since 1798; Israel has attacked almost all its neighbors! Iran has no Nuclear weapons; Israel has over 300! Iran has had no UN resolutions tabled against it; Israel has had no less than 65! Iran has not committed any war crimes; Israel has on several occasions! Iran wants peace; ISRAEL WANTS WAR! ARE YOU EVER GOING TO TELL THE TRUTH?

As I said……… they asked! Needless to say I could have listed 100 more indiscretions – unfortunately, the Vodka ran out! Tangle with me BBC!


See also http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=88339
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18 Responses to “Why I won’t pay my TV licence, BBC. It’s a very long list!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    fabulous i will cut and copy this and send it to all my pals
    please do the same
    thanks tap

  2. Anonymous says:

    I want to say I enjoyed it.
    Sure, every point was correct.
    But in all reality, this man has wasted his time writing a letter to the BBC. Will anyone take heed? Bit of a no brainer that one eh?

    The author is merely a grain of sand, on a beach, with the overwhelming number who will still watch AND believe what the BBC has to say. The fact that Orwell based his ministry of truth, from his dystopian novel, on it speaks volumes, yet does that distract anyone from viewing?

    People are waking up, but will they before the total control network is finished? The answer is a resounding no.

    Complaining to the BBC on how it should behave is like telling a homosexual porn actor that sodomy is unnatural. Neither will give a shit what you think. They have a job to do.

    Anyway, why does the author still have a TV is what I’d like to know about? Surely he must see its purpose as nothing but a mass, indoctrination device?



  3. Anonymous says:

    Harbinger is right and one of our wisest commenters
    I found outsomething i wanted to share many whistleblowers and truthers and having their email adresses closed down, for breaking the terms of contract
    e g giving another opinion,
    John Macdonald ( bigmac) whom i have known for some years had this along with kevin field Dr patel chris spivey and trutherone have all had their websites closed their emails rescinded and been the victims of online chracter assaassination
    take care and use anonnymous not your real name

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like the part where you wrote “7). Just about the most damning indictment of the BBC is how your lies directly led to the death of 1.5 innocent Iraqis.”

    You may want to fix that bit 🙂 one and a half Iraqis.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A phenomenal article and highly commendable. While i see your point of view (Harbinger) i do believe that the momentum is gaining some visible traction in the form of the awakening of the sheeple. If more people wrote such “in-your-face” material like this then the establishment will get the message. Whether getting the message is going to force an altered agenda or change of behavior is another matter but, the establishment will at least know we are no longer asleep and that ULTIMATELY…We The People are coming!

    See the link as attached for yet more reasons not to pay anything to the fraudulent body that is the bbc.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Henry and the boys gotta hear this ! i ama van driver and this morning going through Stamford Hill at snails pace in the traffic
    i saw these hasidc jews with pigtails and homburg hats frantivally chasing small boys on bikes laughing like hell, i saw these two builders l;aughing and said whats up ?
    they told me the little boys gave the jewboys the dieudonne salute
    ( up yours zionists ) and they went potty, there was an obese red faced jew puffing and blowing
    i dont know if was wasp but he was a dead ringer for him ?chasing this laughing boy with a satchell about 10 yeard old.
    god that was wonderful

  7. Steed EOW says:

    Letters like this are like pissing in the wind, because the BBC employee receiving it will take one look, deem it ‘conspiracy theory’ and trash it. No-one important will ever see it.

    However, I do believe that by the simple (if futile) act of challenging people at every level we can create a new mindset which will then give future generations the balls to make a difference. For example, at my local supermarket no-one questions the (prediminantly immigrant) people who park in the child-parents bays without children. Every turns a blind eye. I don’t! And when I confront them they shit themselves, because they’re not used to it. It’s a small act, but it’s about changing OUR approach to such wrongdoing. We need to learn to stop turning a blind eye to everything.

  8. yes2truth says:

    Isn’t the licence fee collection factored out to a finance house?

    When I had a Tel-a-lie-vision I found that all my communictions to them were ignored and automated demands and threats just kept dropping through my letter box – so I ignored them in return. Went on like that for five years. Never had a visit from them in all that time.

  9. Twig says:

    the BBC has literally become an Israeli propaganda machine

    They sure hide it well.

  10. mat says:

    Fantastic Post !!!

    I feel exactly the same 🙂

    The BBC are controlled by the elite, Scumbags!

  11. Anonymous says:


    “While i see your point of view (Harbinger) i do believe that the momentum is gaining some visible traction in the form of the awakening of the sheeple. If more people wrote such “in-your-face” material like this then the establishment will get the message.”

    They’ve always known. Whether one hundred, one thousand or a million people wrote such letters it would do diddly squat!
    Case in note; February 15th, 2003 – massive protests all over the UK against the planned invasion of Iraq. There was well over 1million marching in London. Some believe close to 2million. I should know as I was there. What did it achieve? S.F.A. The Jewish bankers did it again – commanded the ignorant goyim, to kill and be killed and for what? PTSD, cancer from depleted uranium, loss of body parts and growing public hatred of the armed forces. And to those in charge, the implementation of their banking grip over a country that resisted to the end and cheap oil for Israel.

    People maybe waking up but nowhere near the number needed to effectively stop the implementation of the total control network.



  12. me says:

    We stopped ewatching the TV more than 15 years ago. The country has gone to the dogs and is on its way down to worse. I doubt there is anything anyone can do about it – just help people as you come across them and let the selfish greedy £$%^%$£”!^ get dropped in the lake of fire when the judgement comes. believe it or not, there is great satisfaction in righteousness and in helping those less fortunate than yourself.

  13. Anonymous says:

    the u.k. “tv license” is only legal because it was put to the euro parliament a couple of years ago, it was passed as “law”under the term; tv tax. this was the only reason that it was passed (tax) therefore a demand for payment of “tv license” in my opinion is not a legal demand.

  14. Barney says:

    They don’t call it tel-aviv-zion for nothing, and now some sets really are “two way” as in Orwell’s 1984.


    If I buy a piece of equipment with the ability to decode electromagnetic signals, why should I pay again for the “right” to use it? I’ve paid for it. I pay again for the electricity to run it. I didn’t ASK the BBC to broadcast propaganda. What if I choose never to watch the output of the Bolshevik Brainwashing Crapheads (BBC)? Why should I STILL have to pay for something I’m not watching? I don’t pay for taxis when I’m not going out, so what’s the difference?

    You’re STILL paying if you don’t have a licence. You may be saving money, but the tv takes your MIND in payment. Get rid of it while you’ve still got a few brain cells to rub together, and NEVER let your precious kids expose themselves to this brainwashing tool.

    Why would you want a tel-aviv-zion anyway? There’s nothing on there worth watching. It’s just brainwashing, propaganda and LIES (three ways of saying the same thing), with “actors” PRETENDING to live fake lives that fit precisely what the government wants you to think of as “the new normal”, while you just sit there in a trance when you could just as easily be living your own REAL life.

    Basically it’s an excuse to do nothing, so what’s the point in being alive if you’re too lazy to live?

    I don’t even remember how many years I’ve been tv-free. I still see the sickening crap they transmit when visiting friends, but I’m better off without a set of my own.

  15. Most if this is untrue the
    BBC and ITN do their best to report fairly. Sky News are the ones biased!

  16. Most of this is untrue. The BBC lost some of its staff in 9/11 like many other news agencies with offices based in the WTC. The BBC and ITN try their best to be fair and impartial.

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