Who or what is a Jew?


“I believe, like most religions, Judaism has obviously been deliberately corrupted and manipulated at some point in its history for future control purposes.”

I would agree up to a point especially with Judaism. From the Christian point of view they broke the covenant and rejected the messiah in Jesus. From the Jewish point of view they’re still God’s chosen. I don’t even think Christ expected the religion as the ‘church’ he spoke of was not one that could be contained within any building. He was 100% anti materialism. But regarding Judaism, well, the overwhelming majority are talmudists and not even Jewish, only by religious conversion. So as for true Judaism, well, that’s a debatable subject entirely. Is a Jew one who follows the Torah or the Talmud? Is a Jew one of the house of Juddah? Is a Jew simply an inhabitant of Judea? 

“In terms of Jews v Jesuits v Zionists I don’t think there needs to be a situation where people need to choose a side once again and go in to the whole red/blue, Manchester United/ Manchester City debate.”

This answer ties in also with the previous emphasis on what you’ve written. Many Jews are Zionists and Christian Zionists are deluded fools. Jesuits are Jews. Without them they would never have come about. So effectively Jesuit malpractice’s proper name is Talmudism in a nutshell. WASP speaks of the Jesuits being in control and to a point I’ll agree but only in order to fulfill Talmudic doctrine.

So really there should be no “is it the Jews or the Jesuits” for the simple reason I’ve explained.

Lastly, people say “why do you lay blame on the Jews when many just get on with their lives knowing nothing of this”? I simply reply that very few Jews speak out about the Talmud for fear of ostracisation from the tribe. Only a few like Henry Makow speak out but he still remains a holocaust believer.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    The jewish iseal to flood the UK with immigrants has had some surprising results.
    The Police state that although the overtime payments have been wonderful, all Romanians have been instructed by a croked solicitor as all know what to say
    when arrested.
    What they say is now known as “rumsfelding” e g spinning a line
    The crime of pickpocketing is known as “georging” as non gypsies are called georgios.
    and shoplifting is now called
    “taxing” as they tax the supermarjet etc for their profits
    thought you would like that
    Brian P

  2. Anonymous says:



  3. Anonymous says:

    The 4 recognised top experts on wartime judaism
    David Irving
    Ernst Zundell
    Robert Faurisson
    and the jewish David Cole, make not one mention in all their books on jesuits, these 4 men have turned what we know on its heads, and if they dont mention jesuits in over two dozen books
    on this topic, jesuits play no
    part in the jewish evil
    nuff said
    subject now closed

  4. nick says:

    Author and historical researcher Ralph Ellis has information on the origins of the Jews.

    Benjamin Freedman has some info in his legendary 2 hour talk on ‘how the jews got palestine’

    However Gilad Atzman has the best info in his book ‘The Wandering Who?’

  5. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for info, Nick.

    9.29 am I prefer unrecognised authorities, who tell the story the authorities don’t ant told.

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