Who are The Archons?

How far up does the conspiracy go?  Jews?  Jesuits?  Or ETs?
John Lash explains.  His website www.metahistory.org and this video show how to understand the
concept of alien intrusion.  Many of us have spiritual experiences, and are aware of entities beyond the normal.  But is one of these entities predatory on humanity?

You need the back story on who these are – the Archons.  The Gnostics taught the Archons come from this galaxy and existed before the solar system began.  Shamans have always been story-tellers in an oral tradition to remember the origins of their tribes.  Written sources, like we use today, are easily manipulated, unlike spoken traditions.  Something in the human body senses the truth when someone is speaking, from the resonance signal.  The stories are carried in human bodies.

Gnostics decided the education of humanity needed to go to another level, to reading, writing and critical and deconstructive thought at around 1000 BC.  Secular writing did not exist before that time.  Their documents were found in Egypt in 1945.  Among their documents was a description of the existence of alien beings.

The threat to humanity is from Archons, inorganic beings who came into being when the planets were forming, when the earth did not exist.  The earth came into being in an entirely different time, from an inorganic world that existed before the solar system.

Anonymous said…

The ultimate danger that humanity is facing today is intra species (within our own species) predation. There is a part of the human species that has split off and has become pathologically, criminally, murderously insane. I don’t think that statement is going to come as a revelation to anyone listening to this interview. I’m not being Nostradamus here folks, I’m not saying this is going to happen, I’m saying, This Is Happening!

The planet has been taken over by governmental, military, economic, educational, pharmaceutical sectors by murderous, deceiving psychopaths, and the real danger to our species now is to get the agenda of these psychopaths, to know who they are and take them down because they’re not going to stop until they are taken down. So we’ve got quite a job on our hands here and it’s extremely important facing this critical moment in our evolution to distinguish between that which is done to us by an alien intrusion into our minds causing us to behave like zombies remotely controlled by some psychic entities and that which is done by our own kind.



David Icke

The Archons are terrified of humans and the control system.  Gnostic texts were found in 1945 in Egypt.  The New Testament were gnostic writings to a great extent although they’ve been censored and symbolic stories told as real.  What’s been deleted is talk of The Archons.  In the Zulu and Islamic traditions, they have different names.  They are terrified of humans as we have the ability of creativity.  They can’t create.  They have to mimic that which is already created.  The Archons created a fake reality, which we perceive as real.

They manipulate and possess minds of humanity.  They are limited and have to piggyback humanity.  Once we realise what’s going on, the game’s over.  Archons or reptilians are the one-eyed man, making humans blind so they are king.

The global Orwellian state is being rushed out in panic, as so many are awakening to the control system we live under, and they are terrified.  They knew the awakening was coming.  The old ways of control, like religion, ‘I know my place’, no longer work as it did.  It’s a different game now, in which truth vibrations are impacting on more and more people.  The way they controlled humanity is no longer enough.

People say of Icke ‘If you are genuine, you’d be dead!’  It’s like the ducking of the witches in the Middle Ages.  If you don’t drown, you’re a witch.  If you drown, you’re not a witch!  

The forces that contacted me 22 years ago are an expression of a much greater operation to remove this system of human control.  Opening to a greater awareness, and to forces trying to help humanity out, the more we can get free of these arrogant forces that are in panic to get us in lockdown, micro-chipped, and our vibrational being suppressed.  The control system is desperately trying to defend itself.

The vibrational change is cumulative.  There is a tipping point where the impact of this new energy will bring the control system down.  It’s like we are computers that have been hacked with code.  Once that code is discovered and removed, we’ll be in a new phase of history.  Icke thinks that by 2016 and 2017 the numbers and the kind of people who are awakening will be enough to unravel the control system.

Meantime the fascist ways will continue on and on.  It will come down so fast, people will be shocked at the speed.  They have created a distortion in our perception of reality, which is the energetic foundation in the control system – sacrificing children, paedophilia, starvation, wars, economic manipulation, austerity to bail out corrupt banks.  Truth vibrations are going to break the distortion.

They want us all in a state of fear and anxiety – heavy, low vibrational state which blocks our creativity.  They feed off human energy.  We’re their power source.  They’ve loaded a software programme into human genetics – emotions of anxiety, guilt, anger, fury, hatred.  That converts us into power stations, the very energy they want.

There are a few greedy families that want to control the world was the first level of finding out the system.  Behind that is a much deeper story.  Caring, love are energetically hundreds of times more powerful than the negative side.   It will take just a tiny part of the population to switch its mindset to confident creativity to overthrow the current lockdown.

The relationship to time changes in Near Death Experiences.  There is no time, only here and now.  Past and future come together.  Time is how we decode reality.  It can slow and speed up in our perception.  Time is relative.  Yesterday and tomorrow are artificial lines.  There is only an infinite now.

Saturn and the Moon are connected to our perception of time.   Saturnalia in Rome is now our Christmas, trees in the home.  Greek word for Saturn was Chronos.  Time keeps us from the infinite realm of no time.  We find it difficult to perceive anything that doesn’t have time sequence.  He explains the DVD movie, and its recording of time.  It’s all there on the DVD yet we see it in sequence.

I am a person having an experience of consciousness called David Icke.  We are made to be aware of one of our five senses all the time, taking away our awareness of our consciousness.  In silence and stillness, you are aware of everything and all possibility.  Noise pollution is now everywhere removing silence.  Radio.  Sirens.  TV.  Technology.  All possibility comes into your mind in your silence.  The mind is awareness of infinite possibility.  They control us to live within a fraction of our capacity to experience consciousness and awareness.


He’s a great communicator.  I’ve ordered his new book The Perception Deception.  That doesn’t mean I understand everything he says or agree with it all either.  He’s a good starting point for researching many topics, as, apart from anything else, he passes on his sources, and you can then go and read them yourself.

My current read is not an Icke reference.  It’s called Stone Age Psychedelia written by Chris Everard, who also wrote an earlier book Spirit World.  He is highly critical of Icke’s what he calls ‘mistaken analysis’ of the occult.  I find Chris Everard’s analysis accords better with my family’s and my own occult experiences, which include paranormal events that most people find hard to believe when I tell them the details.   Everard explains in far more detail than David Icke does what the Spirit World consists of, and I find he’s a very good read on the occult and the paranormal, as a result.

I have a friend whose work includes deliverance of people possessed by demons.  Anyone who doubts that this phenomenon is real needs to see exactly what happens when demons are being driven out.  I might write a blog post explaining some of his work in a week or two.  While Icke is a good source and has awoken millions of people by his brilliance as a presenter, he then leads his followers down a very strange path which Everard is convinced is mistaken.

I’m sure I’ll be referring to Chris Everard again as I read this latest book.  He agrees with Icke that our capacity is restricted by the planetary and spiritual environment in which we are made to live.  However, he does not think we are All One, as Icke does.  Evil and Good are both here, and they are not One at all, just as they are not All One in the Spirit World.

I’m hoping that things will fall into place after reading a bit more Everard, and that might enable me to make some progress into a subject that Icke has left a little confused for me, to say the least, and at last I might be able to make some clear dividing lines which enable my political approach to meet up with some kind of spiritual one.  I want to base that on hard reality that is tangible from experience, and will not buy into anything that’s handed down, and could have been heavily manipulated.  To possess some kind of spiritual knowledge should bring an element of peace of mind, while we face up to the evil that is encroaching into our lives on all fronts.

To be able to access the Angelic for support and assistance, as well as be harassed by the Diabolical has to be the aim, whatever form that takes.  Everard says most of the Spirit World is neutral, but there are elements of Good and Evil to be found.  The Evil has control of the world’s current power elites, who, inter alia, have corrupted the contact between man and the Spirit World,  Luciferian-style, liking in with the Evil and losing control to it.  I’ll read more before assessing the book finally.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I often visit John Lash’s website metahistory.org, it has a lot of interesting information. It’s very thought provoking with a flavour of James Lovelock’s Gaia. He presents a different yet believable angle to the alien theory by explaining the complex Gnostic texts on sophia. I find him very inspiring as his writing opens an area of my mind that other writers have failed to do.

  2. Anonymous says:

    John Lash is tripped up immediately by his words @ 07.35: “The trick is that”.

    Do you mind if I use the term absolute PISH!

    Open to challenge.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry I forgot Icke was referring to lizard Jews with a new name in a defense mechanism.

    Here lies on mans awakening to the NWO s somehow spiritual when it is merely factual (08.10).



  4. Anonymous says:

    I notice from the info on this and other sites that many from the intel community are now putting info out there.
    The forerunners to the soviet KGB the OGPU which was almost totally made up of jews, were taught to always blame christians such as preists monks and especially the jesuits, this seems to have taken off again and althought i find the subject a total bore, we are again seeing them blamed from everything from spreading flu epidemics to the master christian rothschild, who only hides as a jew, beware cranks and trolld who peddle this crap
    Brian P

  5. Tapestry says:

    Icke refers to ‘bloodlines’. These cross all races and eras, and are not conveniently confined to Jew, Jesuit, Christian or any other category. There is supposedly a genetic element to the NWO – families counting for more than beliefs.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Archons my arse. But looking at Icke, as he gets older, I am prepared to believe he is turning into a lizard. Something not right there.



  7. Anonymous says:

    This explains why the jews used their tool oliver cromwell to kill the king


  8. Anonymous says:



  9. yes2truth says:

    ‘Bloolines’ is too vague a term and can be interpreted to mean anything you want. Hence all the bloodline BS we get from Icke with the exception of his reptilians idea.

    There are just three so called bloodlines of mankind: Semitic – White; Hamitic – Brown and Black; Japthetic – Yellow.

    Then we have Hu-mankind from Cain and Canaan who have racially polluted all three bloodlines of mankind.

    The Biblical word ‘confusion’ means mixed bloods or inter-racial breeding and polluting – confusion. Adultery in its deeper meaning also refers to this.

    Finally we have Israel as the CHOSEN RACE which is the Anglo-Saxon Celtic and North Western European Nordic peoples spread across the earth.

    Germans are not included as they are The Assyrians of Old Testament times. They are Semites but not of the chosen people Israel.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    Too much importance is given to who did and why. I think more importantly is how they turn 200 floors of concrete and steel into dust. THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW!! Because it is probably the solution to an infinite source of energy. instead we’re stuck on this merry-go-round of blame obviously to distract us of the most important technology of our time.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ask the Queen ! She may have a good answer if she wants, or wait until the celestial light reveals the truth ….

  13. yes2truth says:

    Ask the Queen he or she says!!

    She’s a zombified Fabian marxist – brainwashed from the age of twelve. They have been pulling her strings for longer than anyone else.

    Try some coffee tomorrow and see if you can smell it. LOL

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