What are the Irish ‘truth-grafs’ all about? The truth expressed in graphical form.



(For release 14th January 2014)

“To learn who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticise” – Voltaire

Defacement and Tyranny of the Irish People
It is the actions of the bankers, politicians, multicult industry, elements of the clergy and media, Irish and otherwise, that is the real defacement and brutality visited upon the Irish. The Anglo-bank truth-grafs (truth-grafs are public graphical statements of truth) depict the skeletal bones of a building, built on the corrupt and destructive policies of despots, who skewer through our past and future generations represented by the columns and towers piercing through each floor. It overflows with the blood of Éireann, a few of these tyrants names are written in our blood, their hands covered in the blood of the Irish people.
The horrendous consequences of their crimes, like the shell awaiting completion, are ominously yet to be fully realised. The Anglo-bank truth-grafs are a monument bearing witness against these terrorist’s greed, deceit, and dangerous utopian, collectivist policies, resulting in the bloodletting and devastation of the Irish people, our homeland, our culture and indigenous peoples the world over.

The Anglo-bank bloodied bones serve as a symbol of the terror, desecration, suffering and tyranny of Ireland. It stands for the global oppression primarily by Zionists and Jewish financial terrorists and treachery by Irish traitors who preyed on their own people, subjecting them to financial and multicult terrorism, leaving Ireland open to exploitation, colonisation, and the plundering of our peoples lives and futures, their bodies, minds and souls.
It represents the murderous swindle of a small nation’s sovereignty, having won it after thousands of years of struggle highlighting the grotesque end-product of this Jewish supremacist world order, where a once proud, intelligent and fiercely determined, resistant and spiritual indigenous people were bullied, terrorised, tricked and betrayed by bankers and neo-Marxists – their right and leftwing capitalist and multicultist zealots, into a multicult, globalised, debt-slavery distopia, ultimately enslaved and living on their knees.

The only time Irish blood should be spilled, is in defence of our people, homeland, culture and our freedom.

“Blood is a cleansing and sanctifying thing, and the nation that regards it as the final horror has lost its manhood… there are many things more horrible than bloodshed, and slavery is one of them!”
Pádraig Pearse.

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Not Anti-Jew but Anti-Zionist and Anti-Jewish Supremacist
The truth-grafs on Anglo-Irish bank are not anti-Jew per se. They do not include all Jews and are not against ordinary Jews. The truth-grafs are anti-Zionist and anti Jewish-supremacist. The protest recognises the right of all ethnic and indigenous peoples to a secure homeland, free from foreign or domestic subversion and terrorism that undermines the survival and integrity of a people and their culture, whether it be Israel for Jews, Palestine for Palestinians or Ireland for the Irish. It recognises Zionism and Jewish-supremacism with associated ideologies and predatory cultural practices as the principle global force deleterious to the survival of ethnic difference and indigenous people worldwide, including Jews, but primarily so of indigenous Europeans.

Zionist Engineered Global Financial Holocaust
Zionists are those Jews and non-Jews who staunchly support the state of Israel and aggressive internationalist Jewish policies in pursuit of Jewish global interests to the detriment of other ethnicities, indigenous peoples, cultures, nations and their sovereignty.

Zionists include financial terrorists, the most powerful international banks which are predominantly Jewish, globalist individuals and banking families such as the Jewish Rothschilds and non-Jewish Rockefellers. Giant Jewish banks such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Wells Fargo, the U.S. federal reserve (a private Jewish bank), the financial area known as the City of London, Bank Of England, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Bank, various politicians especially in the U.S, such as U.S Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner, Jewish international fund manager George Soros and international political advisor Henry Kissinger, mostly all Jewish Zionist financial terrorists.

The IMF, ECB, World Bank are umbrella organisations of the Bank for International Settlements. The BIS is an organisation of central banks which fosters international monetary and financial cooperation serving as a bank for central banks, it is not accountable to any single national government. There is little if no deviation from one global banking organisation to another, the banking alumni subscribe to the same Zionist self-interested financial prescriptions enslaving nations. Former Jewish IMF director Domininc Strauss Kahn, World Bank Jewish Robert Zoellick, Jewish ECB former director Jean Claude Trichet are Zionists, current ECB Italian director Mario Draghi is a former employee of the Jewish Zionist Goldman Sachs bank.

The European Banking System 
Being a consortium of the same global financial councils, committees, giant supranational banks, their ex-employee experts and advisors who are appointed as directors to various EU financial departments. The ECB and central banks are disproportionately infused with Zionists and their unwitting non-Jewish policy enforcers. Various financial and political appointments from Prime Ministers (Mario Monti, Italy) to ECB directors are staffed by ex Goldman Sachs employees, their agenda pervades the European banking and austerity debt-slave system. The IMF and ECB pose as good cop and bad cop while both dictate to countries to pay a criminal, banker, gambling debt we do not owe.

Individual European central banks take their cue from the ECB, IMF, supranational giant banks and globalist financial institutions, as well as many ex-banking economic experts at the head of European financial institutions and advisory groups. In Italy for example, Goldman Sachs had one of its senior ‘advisors’, Mario Monti, installed as non-elected prime minister, while ex Goldman Sachs /World Bank director Mario Draghi heads the ECB. The giant international banks and their ex-employees form an international banking fraternity of groups, committees, think-tanks, providing the personnel for many of the central banks directorships and unelected EU and ECB positions setting the agenda for the western banking and political world (the 3rd world having been wrapped up decades ago). Many non-Jews are directors etc, in the international banks, however the biggest players and owners are Jewish Zionists, with a keen sense of their own ethnic and cultural Jewish identity holding sway and shaping the economic landscape.Ultimately all roads lead to the U.S. Federal Reserve, Wall St., the financial City of London, Bank of England, whose foundations and key pillars are comprised of Zionist bankers.

“This is The Goldman Sachs Project. Put simply, it is to hug governments close. Every business wants to advance its interests with the regulators that can stymie them and the politicians who can give them a tax break, but this is no mere lobbying effort. Goldman is there to provide advice for governments and to provide financing, to send its people into public service and to dangle lucrative jobs in front of people coming out of government. The Project is to create such a deep exchange of people and ideas and money that it is impossible to tell the difference between the public interest and the Goldman Sachs interest.” UK Independent.
What price the new democracy? Goldman Sachs conquers Europe – Business Analysis & Features – Business – The Independent

Jewish Financial Terrorists
The top brass of the global giant banks and institutions like the IMF, ECB, World Bank are filled almost successively and disproportionately with Zionists keenly aware of their own Jewish identity, racial and cultural heritage, (as all people have a right to be). Their ‘Jewish-group’ sense of ethnic cultural identity means they engage in group survival strategies resulting in their support for aggressive Israeli and Jewish internationalism, as well as lining their pockets at the expense of non-Jewish nations. Through use of economic policies which terrorise national populaces, such as internationalised non-sovereign fiat currencies, speculation, insider-trading, reckless international lending, unjust conflict-of-interest policies (protecting bondholders), threats of national economic collapse, bank bailouts, austerity policy recommendations, gambling whether a financially terrorised country will default or not, while also supporting aggressive Israeli and Jewish interests internationally, they ameliorate their power by such extortions of the national economic wealth and resources. The above are therefore Jewish financial terrorists fully cognisant but careless of the consequences on the mostly non-Jewish natives of nations upon which they inflict their criminal banking terrorism. Their action is a holocaust with countless millions dead over the centuries as a result of their Zionist globalist financial terrorism. The victim count continues.

Irish Traitors 

Ireland did not need Zionists or Jewish bankers to devastate Ireland. Irish traitor scumbags neither Jewish nor Zionist, were perfectly capable of that. To name but a few -Bertie Ahern, Charlie McCreevy, the overseers and enablers of Irish financial corruption and mass-immigration invasion. Scumbag Anglo-Irish traitors, thieves and liars, Sean Fitzpatrick, David Drumm, property developer Sean Dunne. The austerity enablers and mass-immigration plantation-pushers like Enda Kenny, Eamonn Gilmore, Peter Sutherland, John Bruton and the multicult loving, gravy-train riding, Irish trade unions, notably SIPTU and UNITE, as well as megalomaniacal tax dodging glitterati like Bono and U2. These people should be tried for treason, the results of their treachery, decisions and actions have served a death sentence on many Irish people, a life sentence of suffering for many more and will be felt by our descendants for generations to come. Irish sovereign territory, resources and wealth used for Irish health and well-being is stolen, the blood of the Irish is on their hands. Treason used to carry a sentence of hanging, if the new Central-bank HQ shell at Traitors Quay is suited for any useful purpose, then it’s eight floors are well placed to hang treacherous vermin like these.

Zionist Role in Irish Enslavement
That being said, Irish woes are not solely down to Irish traitors, the financial and banking system is not Irish, no longer sovereign. It is in the context of a larger Zionist engineered global financial collapse, (Zionists made billions), that Ireland’s problems were magnified.
It is an international system, with for example, Zionist Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Citibank etc. having buildings in Dublin, with so-called Irish banks having international bondholders, Zionists among them holding disproportionate vested money and power. The Irish banking system does not exist in a vacuum, it is one small cog in the international banking system where most influential players and top dogs are Zionists, with many U.S and EU institution’s key positions staffed with their ex-employees or currently being advised by them.

When the bust came, the Irish were ‘advised’ and directed to undergo austerity enslavement by the ECB and IMF (effectively the Goldman Sachs and Zionist banking fraternity’s EU police). The bondholders, (many of whom were Zionist-owned giant banks and investment groups like the Jewish Rothschilds), were not to be burned, we were told. Instead the indigenous, once sovereign Irish people and their descendants would suffer and pay for the illegal, dangerous gambling and corrupt activities of the terrorist bankers and speculators. We would be the eternal host, cash-cows for the parasitic international bankers.

Unsurprisingly it was Jewish Zionist U.S Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, the financial advisor to Obama who demanded that Ireland pay the full share of a €30 billion debt slice that was being considered for a 2/3 cut.
“the haircut was vetoed by US treasury secretary Timothy Geithner who, as his payment of $13 billion from government-owned AIG to Goldman Sachs showed, believes that bankers take priority over taxpayers.”

Morgan Kelly On How Ireland Can Save Itself From Bankruptcy – Business Insider

Tim Geithner helped sink Ireland | American in Ireland | IrishCentral

The IMF were arguing in favour of a reduction of unguaranteed bonds by 2/3. The IMF as good cop presented the Irish with a plan to haircut €30 billion of unguaranteed bonds by 2/3 on average. Do not forget the IMF were still directing us to bail out the banks and repay gambling losses they incurred, to pay a debt that is not the Irish peoples.
It was in the context of an engineered global recession by the above named Zionist bankers, groups, institutions and individuals, that Irish corruption occurred. A problem that might have been somewhat manageable became a tortuous abyss which we, our children, grandchildren and descendants are being crucified for.

“The devastating effects of the economic downturn can clearly be seen in the numbers turning to MQI’s homeless and drug services nationwide,” said chief executive Tony Geoghegan. These figures are evidence of the ongoing impact of the economic recession – and the Government’s austerity measures aimed on the most vulnerable.”
Merchants Quay Ireland

Homeless charity provides 73,000 meals per year | Irish Examiner

Recession blamed for 25% surge in suicides | Irish Examiner

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