WASP – The vatican owns your mortgage

Hi Tap, I have had Several Technical Problems, The first one being The Sound on one of my Big LCD TV’s cut out, & stopped working all together. 

It’s under 2 years Old & still gives an Excellent Picture, but not worth trying to get it replaced, so should this happen to any of you this is how I solved  the problem. (It’s a Common Fault with Sanyo, Toshiba, & Many others),  & will save you shelling out several hundred Quid for a new T.V.Set, if  Sound failure is your only problem..
I utilised a spare 5.1 Sound System that was not being used, & took the sound outputs off of  the Two Digi-Boxes via the Graphic Equalizer of my Sound System, & then connected an outputs to The 5.1 Sound System. I can now get TV Sound on both, the 5.1 System, as well as through my Studio Monitors,  I don’t watch a great deal of TV, but I like to watch Selected History Channels, & Youtube Videos on The Box. It’s Better than ever now       
The next incident that occured was a Browser Hijacker, on The Main Computer, The One I Generally use, my Laptops were ok, but I Prefer to do your  Posts on that particular one. It appears one of my Family  clicked on an Advert, hence enter “Snap.do”  &  Delta Sites, one was called Feven 1.8  it really started Cocking Things Up, so I had to devote a considerable amount of  time getting rid the Rubbish. They { my family i.e.) like to use Chrome, which I & many others would describe as a complete load of Crap!.
I had to do a hell of a lot of Tweaking to get things back to normal
I read your several Comments Harbinger, very interesting, but haven’t had a great deal of spare time, there is no point in going on aboutThe Protocols they were Fake, & penned by The Jesuits. q.v. Post I sent a few weeks ago. I am afraid you haven’t got a clue of the way The Real Power Structure Works, & I am not going to retrace information I have given  previously. You don’t wish to understand it therefore, it would be a complete waste of Time. I  haven’t at any time said The Jews weren’t Important Players, I have said they were The Vatican’s Puppets, & aren’t The Ones in Controlthat position is Occupied by The Jesuits, who are themselves Controlled by The Illuminati, of which there are Two Councils, i.e.  Lower, & Upper Ruling Bodies, the Latter, then choose the overall Head, “GODFATHER”You also can’t as you appear to do,. Extrapolate The Jesuits To The Jews, & call The JESUITS,  JEWS,  
It’s The Jesuits that are The Organisers & Increase The Entropy, of Everything they “Touch” – ORDO AB CHAO – don’t ‘ya’ know !
It Matters Not What Flavours The Jesuits Are, Composed of, or Their Origins, whether, Jews, Crypto-Jews or Worshipers of Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, It’s What They Are Now, What They Stand For, & What They Do, Together With Their political Influence That Is Important, Operated by their Control of The Immense Wealth  of The Vatican.  If you Chase After The Jews, You Are  Following an“ASYMPTOTIC CURVE  “  so will never Reach Base. Further to Solve an Equation, that represents a given set of Criteria or Data, you must not Miss out Terms, & need to give Each their Respective, Representative Bias. A lot of Readers constantly state I am Wrong, but no one has successfully given proof of that, Have They? 
The situation is Akin To Millikan’s Oil Drop Experiment, which I Have Cited on Many Occasions, Chasing After Jews For 300 Years hasn’t Really Solved Anything, & Never Will. Cutting The Head off of One, or even several Snakes not a lot of Good, you Have To go To The Root of The Problem, that which Hosts The Reptiles – ” MEDUSA “
” THE VATICAN IS THE GREATEST & WEALTHIEST CORPORATION THAT HAS EVER EXISTED, “ That Exerts Tremendous Power, & influence via this Wealth.  Above top league stuff,   i.e. BULK GOLD, This I have given adequate information on, in Many Previous Posts  
THOSE THAT HAVE THE GOLD, MAKE THE RULES, & THAT’S THE JESUITS, WHO USE THEIR PAPAL JEW BANKERS TO THEIR GREATEST ADVANTAGE, EVERYONE BELIEVING THAT THE JEW BANKERS, ARE THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM, Most of these Jews you will also find are Papal Knights or Papal Dames, better known as SMOMS Several years ago I brought this to your Readers Attention, in Relation to The IMF, EU, & Bilderbergers etc.
Take THE GLOBAL LOOTING just  for starters  Involving Lagard, & Mario Draghi, both Jews & Jesuit Coadjutors, How The IMF Floated The 10% Levy  I will also add that you won’t have to look too hard to find, that other Little Papist Wheezles 
It is unfortunate that I do no not have as much spare time this year as I did last year, as I Have no shortage of information that clearly proves my point.  I am of The Opinion Tap, that Harbinger & I will never agree, his perception of a Limited Spectra, will always Enhance his Myopia, in this Respect, I will continue on my Straight  Line of Research, whilst Harbinger Favours, The One Mapped Out,  For The Deceived,  By The Jesuits., so will continue Chasing After Jews, & get NOWHERE
The Vatican Owns your Mortgage!
The Pdf that is enclosed is “Jumping The Gun” a Bit, w/r/t The other information I will Post in Due Course, If This Information is Irrelevant  as Harbinger would have us believe, why then is so much effort expended in trying to Eliminate It from the Internet. To exemplify this particular statement I would add, however, that much of this information has now been corrupted, or no longer exists, & other Sites Return  404 Errors, when trying to access it, so I have had to do a bit more searching than I would have wished. Particularly with regard to this Pdf. I have found you the best version I have seen to date, which is of a very high quality, I will try & look for a Link for you, as the one I have now  doesn’t work anymore, but luckily I have the pdf
Meanwhile, I found these Word docs. which I must have downloaded  sometime ago from  one of  The Many News Sites..They’re  Copyable from Word, unlike the Pdf.  which has a copy restriction, so will save a lot of Typing, for The Relevant Points.

COMMENT –  “It Matters Not What Flavours The Jesuits Are, Composed of, or Their Origins, whether, Jews, Crypto-Jews or Worshipers of Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, It’s What They Are Now,”

Seriously WASP? Is this what you truly believe? It doesn’t matter that the Jesuits were created in order to protect Jews who had converted to Christianity, while in all reality they are a trojan horse, deceiving people with Jews who despise Christianity while secretly worshipping the Talmud?
Again, silence on the letter from the chief rabbi of Spain to the grand satraps of Constantinople and his subsequent reply in 1492 (eviction of Jews from Spain) detailing how Jews should deceive the Christians by infiltrating their ranks with which to destroy them in ever establishment.

“I will continue on my Straight  Line of Research, whilst Harbinger Favours, The One Mapped Out,  For The Deceived,  By The Jesuits., so will continue Chasing After Jews, & get NOWHERE” 

And more arrogance – “I’m right you’re wrong” 
I’ll point this ‘obviousness’ out to you WASP as it appears you still can’t see the wood for the trees: the Jesuits were created by Jews, run by Jews in order to deceive the public into believing they are Christians when they are not. This proves, beyond all shadow of a doubt that the global conspiracy, for the creation of a one world order, comprising of world government and banking system IS a Jewish one.

Now you can continue being incredibly arrogant, off doing wild goose hunts, and NOT replying to my comments in the comment section, like all others, instead preferring to try and pull me down on front page articles, but regardless, it won’t remove the fact that ‘if it walk like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck’. Jewry controls and always have done.




By William Thomas

It was time for another check-in with a well-informed military man who never fails to astonish me with revelations that never seem to appear on Fox or CNN.

“What’s new?” I asked Hank.
“Oh, dude.”

My friend and deep source for more than 16 years sounded tired. And shaken. This veteran of the Gulf War, personal intrigues and interventions at all levels of the U.S. government and military, does not rattle easily.

Since we’d last spoken, Hank related, he’d stopped to help a stranger “on a tight deadline” change a tire on his car. Hank asked no questions, which must have impressed the mysterious motorist. Because weeks later he “got a nice little knock on the door, and there he is again.”

You know where I live, Hank thought. Damn!
“What do you need?” he asked aloud. “Another tire fixed?”
“No, just some of your time.”

The visitor on his doorstep was not the first insider to check Hank out, review some of the pieces we’d done together, and come forward. But this Vatican Jesuit “who helped run things” was certainly the highest placed. Over subsequent visits, Hank was introduced to enough of “his friends, neighbors, compatriots, ner’do-wells” to establish this man’s veracity.

His ears, he said, were still burning.

“No political event or circumstance can be evaluated without the knowledge of the Vatican’s part in it. And no significant world situation exists in which the Vatican does not play an important explicit or implicit role.” -Baron Avro Manhattan, English historian, Knight of Malta, The Vatican and World Politics

“The Vatican has surfaced again,” Hank informed me. According to his Vatican source, “They have been purchasing a large amount of storage and online storage space. They are taking a lot of pictures, a lot of documents and a lot of scans and putting that information together in a large vault of information. And they’re wanting more.”

If so, this project will take tons of terabytes. The “Vatican Secret Archives” – as a London newspaper tagged them – contain almost two-million items. Forget the DaVinci Code. Squirreled away in 50 miles of catacombs shelving, this volatile stockpile of scandals dating back over 1,000 years is the real deal. [Independent May 21/06]

A short list of what those Vatican records might hide:
1. Not long after the Vatican State received sovereignty and $85 million after signing an alliance with Hitler’s fascist mentor, Mussolini in 1929, Pope Pius XII dealt with another devil he admired, closing down the Catholic-dominated Center Party, one of the Nazi Socialist Party’s strongest opponents. As Jews were being carted away to gas chambers from their ghetto beneath the Vatican’s windows, instead of condemning the Holocaust, “Hitler’s Pope” is accused of forbidding monasteries and convents to shelter Jews, and accepting loot stolen from the Nazi’s victims. One 1946 U.S. Treasury document alone shows the Vatican serving as a repository for more than 200 million Swiss francs.

In accord with Jesuit doctrine, Pope Pius XII also allowed Franciscans to force conversions using torture in Croatia, where priests like Father Krusnoslav Draganovic (indicted for war crimes) and Bishop Ivan Saric (“Hangman of the Serbs”) assisted escaping Nazis. Father Filipovic-Majstorovic commanded a Ustashi torture camp, where 700,000 non-Catholic Jewish and non-Jewish “heretics” were slaughtered with a relish and brutality that shocked even the Nazi SS. Never charged for his crimes, Fra Sotona (“Father Satan”) as inmates called him, was rewarded with gold smuggled out of Croatia by the retreating Germans. [The Vatican in World Politics; Ottawa Citizen Sept 10/00; serbianna.com; US National Archives -CIA www.archives.gov; Unholy Trinity, srpska-mreza.com; The Vatican’s Holocaust; biconews.com; liberalslikechrist.org; reformation. org; listserv.acsu. buffalo.edu]

2. The Vatican’s sins in Croatia continued. In 2005, UN chief prosecutor Carla del Ponte charged that a “most wanted” war criminal was being shielded in a Franciscan monastery by the Vatican hierarchy. A fugitive since 2001, with a $6 million bounty on his head, General Gotovina was charged with crimes against humanity. In a statement that must have challenged the Mossad, Del Ponti told the press, “The Catholic Church has the most advanced intelligence services.” [Trumpet.com Sept 23/05]
3. Other documents detail the Vatican’s infamous “Ratline” that spirited as many as 30,000 Nazis out of Germany after the WWII. Among those rescued by the Holy See were the notorious Gestapo killers Klaus Barbie, Adolf Eichmann, Gustav Wagner, Franz Stangl (head of the Treblinka extermination facility), members of the SS (Super Sadistic) Waffen Galician Division – and the diabolical Dr. Joseph Mengele, the widely feared “Angel of Death” at the Auschwitz death camp. The Vatican assisted these monsters and many more to reach South America and the USA. Catholic officials linked to the Ratline include Bishop Giovanni Montini, who became Pope Paul VI. [atheists.org; srpska-mreza. com; archives.cbc. ca; aracnet.com; Vatican Ratline; hartford-hwp. com; American Atheists Nov 27/00; vaticanbankclaims.com]

Editor’s note: The reader is cautioned to not believe that Auschwitz was a death camp, but a concentration camp in which prisoners worked. The gas chambers were built for the tourist trade after WW II ended, and the Auschwitz Museum actually reduced the number of those who died from 4 million down to 1.5 million. Yet Zionists have never reduced the 6 million figure correspondingly.

4. Did a plucky German woman of English descent cross-dress to claim the papacy in 854, as many medieval church chronicles describe “Pope Joan”? [Independent May 21/06]

5. In May 1981, John Paul II was shot by Mehmet Ali Agca. The Pope survived, and forgave Agca in prison. Was the KGB indulging in “payback” for the Vatican’s role in funneling more than $12,000,000 in covert American funds to the Solidarity Trade Union in Poland – beginning the breakup of the Soviet Union and ensuring the Church’s position in a post-Soviet Europe? What did Agca tell the Pope? [Independent May 21/06]

6. Regarding the church’s massive cover-up of predator priests, the Vatican has never admitted what it knew and for how long. What do the archives hide?

7. Vatican records could also add to existing court documents tracing “the flow of money from the Corleone Mafia family to investments in the Vatican bank.” Authorities would love to learn more about Liccio Gelli. The former Italian Black Shirt worked closely with the OSS-CIA after the war, founded the Masonic Lodge P-2, and was later linked to an attempted fascist coup in Italy. A close friend of Argentine President Juan Peron, Gelli used his Vatican connections to supply arms and back the dictator’s return to power in 1973. Gelli was also a central figure in the collapse of the Banco Ambrosiano, as well as the murder of banker Roberto Calvi, who helped the Vatican Bank’s American monsignor Paul Marcinkus set up offshore accounts to launder the Papacy’s dirty drug and other monies. [hartford-hwp.com; American Atheists Nov 27/00; vaticanbankclaims.com; atheists.org; puritans.net; mega.nu;mafiascene.com]

In hopes of diffusing charges of a cover-up, the Vatican archives were opened to British author John Cornwell in the late 1990s. An ex-seminarian and author of a book refuting the alleged murder of Pope John Paul I, Cornwell was considered onside. But this lifelong Catholic read only a part of the Pope Pius XII material before finding himself “in a state I can only describe as moral shock. The material I had gathered, taking the more extensive view of [Pius XII’s] life, amounted not to an exoneration but to a wider indictment.”

When Cornwell’s book, Hitler’s Pope detonated in 1999, Pius was portrayed as a prelate prepared to accept Nazi atrocities to stem the advance of Stalin’s “godless communism.” The catacombs slammed shut, and the Church’s post-Munich records “remain locked away in the Secret Archive to this day,” the Independent reported. Though 40 selected scholars still get to peek in the Vatican archives every day, they are forbidden to see any documents since Hitler’s rise to power in 1939.
Editor’s note: Hitler rose to power in 1933.

[Independent May 21/06]
Let us, at the same time, be vigilant, that no one may suspect our designs … You well know that what we aim at is the empire of the world.”

-20th Jesuit General “Black Pope,” Aloysius Fortis to the secret Conference at Chieri in 1825.

With so much at stake in copying and moving documents that could go astray and blow up the Roman Church, I wanted to know what had precipitated the present papal panic?
According to Hank’s Jesuit source, the Vatican is on the verge of being “outed” for one of the biggest Ponzi schemes of all time – bilking its followers and victims for trillions of dollars while convincing believers worldwide that their suffering and exploitation is “God’s will.”
The catalyst for this threatened exposure? U.S. Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.
I didn’t get it.

Romney is a Mormon, Hank quoted his Jesuit insider. “It’s kind of making the Vatican nervous as people learn more about Mormonism, which considers Jesus and Satan brothers – the light bearers, the sons of God – and start to ask questions of their own religions.”
Vatican viewers had apparently choked on their catechisms when Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee asked his opponent on nationwide TV if the Mormon faith considers Satan and Jesus to be bro’s (brothers)?

“Well, technically that’s correct. Read the book. Make your own decision,” Hank paraphrased Romney’s response.

I whistled into the phone. “If one person in a thousand reads the Book of Mormon and thinks, ‘There might be something in this …”

“You got it,” Hank prompted.

” … many fingers will be pointing back at a place that is never on anyone’s radars – except for photo ops with the guy in the robes,” I finished.

“That’s right,” Hank agreed. “This hits them in their religion, politics, pocketbook, and influence. It rocks them to their core.”

Still, I was perplexed. Long before the primaries, I wasn’t even tracking Mitt Romney. “Where the heck did he come from?” I asked Hank.

“That’s the point,” he responded. “The fact that this guy came out of nowhere and was put on the podium means that the people doing the choosing are not in lockstep any more. The fact that Romney made it past the first 50 million hurdles and get on the stage with everyone else … that he actually says what he means and means what he says, and can prove it” – is causing lights to burn late in the Vatican. Because according to Hank’s informant, even though we’re dealing with the supposed tip-top of the global financial power elite, not even the Jesuits know who put him there.

“There are people who tell the Vatican what to do,” Hank said.
“People with two arms, two legs, and one head?” I asked.

“One hopes,” Hank shot back. “I haven’t seen the man behind the curtain yet. I don’t know. How much higher can you be than the folks who say, ‘If you don’t do what we say, you’re damned to hell’? Now they’re seeing eyes looking back at them. And they’re freaking.”

According to Hank’s Jesuit source, his fellow Jesuits are starting to ask what else the Vatican knows – and can prove – concerning its long history of “infallible” assertions.
“People are going to demand answers. On CSPAN,” Hank mused. “Suddenly the fog lifts: ‘Ya’ll friggin’ lied to us for the past thousand years. What the hell?'”

The Vatican is already alarmed over its defecting global constituency. In November 2007, a senior Vatican cardinal told top prelates that the Roman Catholic Church urgently must discern why so many souls it was “battling” over were leaving the Church to join the Pentecostals and other evangelical groups. Cardinal Walter Kasper told more than 100 cardinals that their Church of 840 million believers must confront the “exponential” rise of these charismatic groups, which currently count some 400 million faithful. In formerly Catholic Brazil alone, Roman Catholics accounted for about 90% of the population in the 1960s. By 2005 that count was down to 67%. [AP Nov 23/07; Fortune Dec 21/87]
Given this slippage – and Mitt Romney’s public assertions of Lucifer’s hidden Christian agenda, which as we will see ties directly to those self-professed Luciferian lightbearers: the Jesuit-founded “Illuminati” and the Big Banks they control – the Vatican is attempting to introduce distraction and “reinforce their power base,” Hank had learned, “through the recent housing development problem.”
“Wait a minute,” I broke in. “You’re not saying that the Vatican is behind the mortgage mess.
“Ye are able upon earth to give and to take away empires, kingdoms, principalities, marquisates, duchies, countships, and the possessions of all men …” -Pope Gregory VII speaking of the papacy (1073)

“The Vatican is the strongest push for banking anywhere in the world,” Hank calmly responded. “When it comes to moving money or not moving money, they are the key. Bank of England. That’s where they came from. Everything is a promissory note to the Bank of England. The Federal Reserve doesn’t come close.”

He had a point. Let’s take a moment to follow the “money” allegedly in your jeans.
Where do U.S. banks get their marching orders?

From the Federal Reserve that is constantly in the news setting the interest rates that charge or cripple economies. Often seen as a U.S. Government agency, the “Fed” is actually a privately held, for-profit bank that supposedly stands ready to make good on even the dodgiest loans made by U.S. banks that must hold in reserve only 10% of the money they loan. This “fractional reserve banking” means banks can create mortgages and other loans out of thin air.

Another word for this is fraud.

Editor’s note: Not only can they create loans out of thin, they DO. Every loan that is created for at least the purchase of a home, is created out of thin air. They enter the loan in a ledger and it exists. No backing exists to lend money.

In usurping the Constitution, which reserves the sole right to mint U.S. currency at zero interest, the illegal Federal Reserve Act passed during Congressional recess Christmas in 1913 essentially enslaved Americans and their successive governments under a mountain of compounding war debts – before being exported as a model worldwide.

The Federal Reserve Act was created by in London by Baron Alfred (“Red Shield”) Rothschild. Its final draft was decided at a secret meeting of heavy financial hitters held at JP Morgan’s Jekyll Island estate in Georgia. Among those present were Senator Nelson Aldrich, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Warburg, and several senior officials of J.P. Morgan’s banks. [Secrets of the Federal Reserve; The Creature from Jekyll Island]

Hold on, advises G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature From Jekyll Island. “We had the Morgans, the Rockefellers, Kuhn, Loeb & Company, the Rothschilds and the Warburgs … These were the major competitors in the field of investment and banking in those days; these were the giants. Prior to this period they were beating their heads against each other, blood all over the battlefield fighting for dominance in the financial markets of the world. And here they are sitting around a table coming to an agreement of some kind. What’s going on here? They came together completely and decided not to compete – they formed a cartel” – to print money, collect taxes, and charge interest to the U.S. Government and other borrowing banks on loans made from nothing.

With his extensive European banking savvy, Warburg was the most knowledgeable banker in the group.” Voicing the Jesuit agenda, this non-ordained “cohort” will later tell the Senate: “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” [quotes.liberty- tree.ca]

Mullins recounts how, because of popular opposition to Eastern bankers, “The main problem, as Paul Warburg informed his colleagues, was to avoid the name ‘Central Bank.’ For that reason, he had decided upon the designation of ‘Federal Reserve System.’ This would deceive the people.”
As Mullins further observes: “This patent removal of the system from Congressional control meant that the Federal Reserve proposal was unconstitutional from its inception.” [Secrets of the Federal Reserve]
And Morgan?

John Pierpont Morgan was born in 1837 during the first money panic in the United States, said to have been caused by the House of Rothschild. It was this family who later bailed out Morgan’s bank, uniting both houses. [Secrets Of The Federal Reserve; cyberclass.net]

According to Eric Jon Phelps, whose prodigious research for Vatican Assassins runs thousands of pages, the executive vice-president of Morgan Bank today is the Sovereign Military Order of Malta’s U.S. secretary. “At Morgan Bank’s New York headquarters is a telex which links SMOM U.S. to SMOM headquarters in Rome,” Phelps states.

DaVinci Code aside, who are the real Knights of Malta? According to their official website, founded in Jerusalem during the 11th century, the 12,500-strong “Order of Malta is a lay, religious order of the Catholic Church [who] seek to glorify God through … work with the sick and the poor and witness of the Catholic faith.” [smom.org]

This smokescreen site does not mention how this ancient Jesuit order became militarized to hold land won by the first Crusade. Or its many interwoven links with Freemasonry, including the Order’s Nazi-borrowed Maltese Cross, which is often depicted with the Roman Empire’s double-headed eagle signifying dominion over East and West, above the Masonic inscription: “Order Out of Chaos” – time-proven Mithric recipe used by controlling elites to frighten large populations into begging for the “protection” that enslaves them.

While any Catholic can join the lower order to help the poor, high-level Knights of Malta initiates must count military service and a family coat-of-arms dating back at least 300 years. Current Grand Master, Andrew Willoughby Bertie, photographed with the Pope, is descended from Mary Queen of Scots.
This modern Church “charity” is a sovereign state enjoying diplomatic ties with 94 countries, and Permanent Observer status at the United Nations. The false identities issued by the Vatican to high-ranking Nazi war criminals were Sovereign Knight of Malta passports. [Blackwater; aftermathnews.wordpress.com; Ole Andersen Mar 14/01; crwflags.com]

The Knights include many current heads of state, industry, media, and entertainment. For a contemporary example, check out right-wing Christian extremist Joseph Schmitz. Operating under his department shield – “Always Under The Protection Of The Almighty” – this Pentagon’s Inspector general brought scandal after scandal to the almighty while overseeing military contractors for the Bush White House from 2002 to 2005. At least 149 contracts totaling more than $42 billion were covered-up by Schmitz as corporations like Halliburton, KBR, Bechtel, Fluor, CACA, Triple Canopy, Dyn Corp and Blackwater cashed in on the crushing of urban Iraq. Schmitz blocked many Congressional probes into graft, corruption and profiteering by such Luciferian-style “luminaries” as Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Iraq’s first U.S.-appointed warlord Paul Bremer, and Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin – who called Allah “an idol,” and implicated God in massive vote-rigging by saying that God put GW Bush in the White House after the majority of Americans voted against him.

Under heavy fire for blocking investigations into Abu Ghraib torture and Edward Aldridge’s $30 Boeing tanker scam, Schmitz resigned from the Bush gang to join Catholic Christian fundamentalist Eric Prince’s Blackwater mercenaries in 2005. As crazed as any Taliban radical calling for a return to strict Sharia law, the Pentagon’s Schmitz called repeatedly for a government and military “under the rule of law under God.” He also – as Jeremy Scahill writes in Blackwater – “proudly listed his membership in the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.”

The Knights, as we have seen, also enjoy direct input to the Fed through the Morgan Bank.
“The Pope is the ruler of the World. All the emperors, all the kings, all the princes, all the presidents of the world are as these altar boys of mine.” -Fr. David Phelan, Roman Catholic Priest Western Watchman (June 27, 1913)

By June 1932, Congressman Louis McFadden was fed up with the Fed. “We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks … private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves,” the Chair of the House Committee on Banking and Currency told the House of Representatives.

“The United States has been ransacked and pillaged …The truth is the Federal Reserve Board has usurped the Government of the United States. It controls everything here … to supply financial power to an international super state – a super state controlled by international bankers and international industrialists acting together to enslave the world.”

Meeting in private with the presidents of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors “controls all economic activity throughout the United States,” Mullins explains, “creating money out of nothing” – and manipulating money markets and employment by setting interest rates for the billions of dollars in government bonds floated daily to keep a seriously bankrupt economy afloat. [Secrets of the Federal Reserve]

Since these 12 Federal Reserve Banks are meant to be “unknown to the public,” lets name them:
Rothschild Bank Of London Warburg Bank Of Hamburg Rothschild Bank Of Berlin Lehman Brothers Of New York Lazard Brothers Of Paris Kuhn Loeb Bank Of New York Israel Moses Seif Banks Of Italy Goldman-Sachs Of New York Warburg Bank Of Amsterdam Chase Manhattan Bank Of New York [vaticanassassins. org]
Those dollars in your wallet are actually “Federal Reserve notes.” These “promises to pay” are not items of intrinsic value called “money.” Regardless of denomination, each bill printed by the Bureau of Printing and Engraving in D.C. on contract from the privately held Federal Reserve is actually worth exactly three-tenths of one penny.

No wonder the Fed’s founder, Nathan Rothschild, once boasted: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.” The privately printed .3 cent thousand-dollar bills streaming in sheets off the presses become “liabilities and obligations of the United States Government, and are added to our present [$6] trillion debt,” Mullins mentions. “The government had no debt when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913.” [Secrets of the Federal Reserve]
In case you’re wondering, the never properly ratified U.S. income tax was also introduced by busy banksters in 1913 as the only means to finance the wars that ensure perpetual profits from pyramiding public and corporate debt. The U.S. “Federal Income Tax” is not “federal” either.

According to attorney, author and federal witness, Paul Andrew Mitchell, “After much diligent research, several investigators have concluded that there is no known Act of Congress, nor any Executive Order, giving IRS lawful jurisdiction to operate within any of the 50 States of the Union. … When all the evidence is examined objectively, IRS appears to be a money laundry, extortion racket, and conspiracy to engage in a pattern of racketeering activity, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1951 and 1961 et seq. (“RICO”) … In other words, it is an organized crime syndicate operating under false and fraudulent pretences.”

As Eustace Mullins helpfully explains – and Aaron Russo’s DVD “America: Freedom To Fascism” demonstrates – “The IRS is actually a private collection agency for the Federal Reserve System. It originated as the Black Hand in mediaeval Italy, collectors of debt by force and extortion for the ruling Italian mob families. All personal income taxes collected by the IRS are required by law to be deposited in the nearest Federal Reserve Bank.”

In other words, into the pockets of the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Rockefellers, Harrimans, Morgans and other elite families. Slick, eh? But don’t try to buy any of this hot Fed stock. “The Federal Reserve Act stipulates that the stock of the Federal Reserve Banks cannot be bought or sold on any stock exchange. It is passed on by inheritance as the fortune of the ‘big rich’,” Mullins relates. “Almost half of the owners of Federal Reserve Bank stock are not Americans.”
These “foreign” owners include the Fed’s originators, the Vatican Jesuits.

“In a country where there are Jesuits, they must either rule or the country must go to ruin … it is they who rule the world.” -Luigi Desanctis, official Censor of the Inquisition, Protestant Reformed pastor (1852)

“The Great Depression put all the smaller banks out of business and made the Federal Reserve Bank ‘lord of all’,” Eric Phelps documents. Guess who helped trigger the Great Depression? According to FDR’s son-in-law, it was a Knight of Malta named Joseph Kennedy. As Curtis Dall relates: “The feeling around the Street, in succeeding months, was that there were, in particular, three large short-sellers of stock, allegedly, Tom Bragg, Ben Smith, and Joe Kennedy … Of the three mentioned well-known short-sellers, Joe Kennedy was allegedly the most important, the most powerful and the most successful … Was Joe Kennedy carefully selected by world money leaders to sell short?”
Today, the largest bank in the world today, the Federal Reserve “is one of the greatest contributors, or players, in international trading,” Mullins observes.

The Fed gets its orders from the Queen Mum of All Banks, the Bank of England – aka, the Bank of Rothschild. Considered by many to be the world’s most powerful institution – the power behind all presidencies, dictatorships, and thrones – does the Bank of England answer to any other bank?
Well, yes, actually.
The Bank of Rome began opening branch offices in Venice in 1587.
Bank of Rome = Vatican Bank controlled by the Jesuit General, aka the “Black” (hidden, shadowy) Pope.

The Jesuit’s Bank of Rome opened its Bank of England branch in 1694. The first bank to be named after a country, the Bank of England had nothing to do with the British government – except to own it through privately held, interest-compounded debt. (See Paul Grignon’s excellent “Money Is Debt” animation here.)
Unaccountable to either the Queen or Parliament, the misleadingly labeled “Bank of England” finances the throne, the British prime minister, parliament and much of the planet out of “The City” located in central London. All major British banks have their main offices in this “Square Mile” – as well as 70 U.S. banks. Throw in the London Stock Exchange, Lloyd’s of London, the Baltic Exchange (shipping), Fleet Street (publishing and newspapers), the London Commodity and Metal exchanges – and you are looking at Earth’s financial axis. [Descent into Slavery]
The City operates as a sovereign state, just like the Vatican. Since 1820, the Rothschilds have traditionally chosen The City’s Lord Mayor.

Back in the USA, as author Eric Phelps explained in an interview just before publication of his secrecy-shredding Vatican Assassins, (which was held up to include corrections by sympathetic Jesuits) – the Vatican’s Black Robes “own and control” the Federal Reserve Bank “by proxy, through the Knights of Malta, with their various trusts and so on. They never own anything outright; they always own it through a trusted third party.”

Including the Vatican-home mortgage connection.
“That the Jesuits were the disturbers of kingdoms, the oppressors of nations, the masters of the world, I freely admit.” -Marcel de la Roche Arnauld, Roman Catholic Priest (1827)
“All roads do lead to Rome,” I told Hank. We have the Federal Reserve begat by the Bank of England begat by the Bank of Rome. Similarly, the Bank of Canada is an offspring of the Bank of England, which in turn is a child of the Bank of Rome – aka, the Vatican Bank.
And the Vatican, as everyone “knows” is run by the CNN featured “White” Pope. Left untranslated is the coronation moment when the new Pontiff is told in Latin: “Take thou the tiara adorned with the triple crown, and know that thou art the father of princes and kings, and art the governor of the world.” [Vatican Assassins]

So who runs the White Pope?

Why the Googleable, shadowy Black Pope of course! The Jesuit General.
The Jesuits, dude.
This irritable tribe of priests, have subverted the pure morality of primitive Christianity to serve their own selfish interests.” The Jesuits have “perverted” Christianity “into an engine for enslaving mankind, a mere contrivance to fetch wealth and power to themselves.” – Thomas Jefferson
According to Baron Avro Manhattan, author of a jaw-dropping series of Vatican books, “Many historians and researchers and one American Congressman stated that: ‘The Vatican through the Jesuit Order controlling the Illuminati is in control of the United States Federal Reserve.'” [Vatican Billions by Avro Manhattan]

That word again.
If “Illuminati” sounds too “conspiratorial” it’s because it is! The much-misreferenced “Illuminati” turns out to be a real 15th century German sect established by the Jesuit Adam Weishaupt at the Jesuit’s University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria on May 1, 1776.

The Jesuits had been tossed out Rome and every country in Europe for their back-stabbing treachery. As Phelps explained to interviewer Rick Martin: “Weishaupt was the promoter of the Illuminati, with the House of Rothschild, for the punishment of the Catholic monarchs of Europe, and the Pope, for suppressing the Jesuit Order. Weishaupt was under the supervision, at least initially, of Jesuit General Ricci, who died in 1775 in Italy. Weishaupt was under orders.” [TheSpectrumNews.org; illuminati-news. com]

Go that? The “Illuminati” is a real organization founded by the Jesuits at their own German university in the 18th century. In his big book, Phelps explains how the Illuminati took over the House of Rothschild, “creating a colossus of wealth around the world, subject to the Jesuit General.” [Vatican Assassins]

Lucifer means the “illuminated one.” The Bavarian Illuminati believed they possessed the ‘light’ Lucifer ripped off when he became Satan.
Editor’s note: Some state that Lucifer is not Satan.
Sound familiar, Mr. Romney?

For “Illuminati” today read the Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Counsel on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberger Group, the Trilateral Commission – all real entities with street addresses, exclusive executive meetings, and website masquerades.
Don’t roll your eyes. The “illuminated ones” want you to tune out. “They” include men like Pierre Jay. Initiated into the Order of Skull and Bones in 1892, Jay, became the first Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. A dozen other members of the Federal Reserve are linked to this same dis-Order. [The Secrets of the Federal Reserve]

GW’s granddad, Prescott Bush joined Skull and Bones in 1917. Two years later, Adolph Hitler joined the freaky German Skull and Bones society, the Brotherhood of Death. It is well documented that as a director of the London-affiliated New York banking house, Brown Brothers-Harriman, Prescott Bush funded Hitler’s political comeback. But no official account mentions that the Harriman Bank, with its various money-moving fronts, was owned and directed by the Rothschild’s, who, as the banking bloodline controlling the Central Bank of England, got their money from the Jesuit’s Bank of Rome.
This does not mean that the Vatican gets on the phone and issues interest rate changes to the Bank of England and the Fed. Banking at the top doesn’t work like that. Rather, the folks taking the bankers’ calls are FX money traders who set the currency valuations that influence interest rates and determine the fate of countries – and home mortgage holders.

The so-called “globalist conspiracy” of Knights, Masons, and Bilderberg attendees is really a network of influential industrialists, politicians and media heads who meet regularly in private to “to clear up differences and misunderstandings” – and persuade invited skeptics to join their new world bankers’ paradise. They do not occupy some mythical control room pushing buttons that change the players and scenery on the world stage. They don’t have to. Bankers and the Vatican follow a much simpler Golden Rule: “Those with the gold make the rules .”

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

25 Responses to “WASP – The vatican owns your mortgage”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “It Matters Not What Flavours The Jesuits Are, Composed of, or Their Origins, whether, Jews, Crypto-Jews or Worshipers of Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, It’s What They Are Now,”

    Seriously WASP? Is this what you truly believe? It doesn’t matter that the Jesuits were created in order to protect Jews who had converted to Christianity, while in all reality they are a trojan horse, deceiving people with Jews who despise Christianity while secretly worshipping the Talmud?
    Again, silence on the letter from the chief rabbi of Spain to the grand satraps of Constantinople and his subsequent reply in 1492 (eviction of Jews from Spain) detailing how Jews should deceive the Christians by infiltrating their ranks with which to destroy them in ever establishment.

    “I will continue on my Straight  Line of Research, whilst Harbinger Favours, The One Mapped Out,  For The Deceived,  By The Jesuits., so will continue Chasing After Jews, & get NOWHERE”

    And more arrogance – “I’m right you’re wrong”
    I’ll point this ‘obviousness’ out to you WASP as it appears you still can’t see the wood for the trees: the Jesuits were created by Jews, run by Jews in order to deceive the public into believing they are Christians when they are not. This proves, beyond all shadow of a doubt that the global conspiracy, for the creation of a one world order, comprising of world government and banking system IS a Jewish one.

    Now you can continue being incredibly arrogant, off doing wild goose hunts, and NOT replying to my comments in the comment section, like all others, instead preferring to try and pull me down on front page articles, but regardless, it won’t remove the fact that ‘if it walk like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck’. Jewry controls and always have done.



  2. Chris Jones says:

    Polarising paradigms again. These ‘bad people’ can be both – both Jesuits and Jews, and many things on top including Masons and members of Fireman Sam fan club. What is common to them is that they are bad, corrupt people who have lost all morality

  3. yes2truth says:

    WASP is a like stylus stuck in a record and just as boring. LOL


    The Vatican (VatiCAIN) has no need to hold any mortgages ‘cos it holds all the titles.

    The Canaanite Jew Banksters (THE BEAST) hold all the mortgages via their fraudulent usury banking system.

    The whole thing is a carve up between the two.

    As far as I know Rome (The VatiCAIN) was against usury, unless it’s changed its policy since medieval times.

  4. Anonymous says:

    none of us bother with wasp, dont read it and dont reply, hes lost each argument but still rattles on
    i blame henry curteis for alowing this to spoil the website

  5. Chris Jones says:

    Off topic -ish:

    Tha Bank of International Settlements was ordered to be dissolved in 1944.

    (copied from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bretton_Woods_Conference#The_Bank_for_International_Settlements_controversy)

    “In the last stages of the Second World War, in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference, the Bank for International Settlements became the crux of a fight that broke out when the Norwegian delegation put forth evidence that the BIS was guilty of war crimes and put forth a motion to dissolve the bank; the Americans, specifically President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Henry Morgenthau, supported this motion.

    This resulted in a fight between, on one side, several European nations, the American and the Norwegian delegation, led by Henry Morgenthau and Harry Dexter White; and on the other side, the British delegation, headed by John Maynard Keynes and Chase Bank representative Dean Acheson, who tried to veto the dissolution of the bank.

    The problem was that the BIS, formed in 1930, had as the main proponents of its establishment the then Governor of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman, and his colleague Hjalmar Schacht, later Adolf Hitler’s economics minister. The Bank was as far as known, originally primarily intended to facilitate money transfers arising from settling an obligation from the peace treaty after WWI. After World War I, the need for the bank was suggested in 1929 by the Young Committee, as a means of transfer for German reparations payments (‘see: Treaty of Versailles’). The plan was agreed in August of that year at a conference at the Hague, and a charter for the bank was drafted at the International Bankers Conference at Baden Baden in November. The charter was adopted at a second Hague Conference on January 20, 1930.

    The Original board of directors of the BIS included two appointees of Hitler, Walther Funk and Emil Puhl, as well as Herman Schmitz the director of IG Farben and Baron von Schroeder the owner of the J.H. Stein Bank, the bank that held the deposits of the Gestapo.

    As a result of allegations that the BIS had helped the Germans loot assets from occupied countries during World War II, the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference recommended the “liquidation of the Bank for International Settlements at the earliest possible moment.” [2] This dissolution, which was originally proposed by Norway and supported by other European delegates, as well as the United States and Morgenthau and Harry Dexter White, was never accomplished.[3]

    In July 1944, Dean Acheson interrupted Keynes in a meeting, fearing that the BIS would be dissolved by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Keynes went to Henry Morgenthau to prevent or postpone the dissolution of the BIS, but the next day the dissolution of the BIS was approved. The British delegation did not give up, however, and the dissolution of the bank was still not accomplished when Roosevelt died. In April 1945, the new president Harry S. Truman and the British suspended the dissolution and the decision to liquidate the BIS was officially reversed in 1948.[4]”

    How did Roosevelt die again? This bank is still running illegitimately and has done so for the last 70 years

  6. Anonymous says:

    If every person in the world was educated about the ideologically of the Jew Babylonian Talmud – all the wars, bankers crimes, paedophilia, racism and much more would make sense.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Polarising paradigms again. These ‘bad people’ can be both – both Jesuits and Jews, and many things on top including Masons and members of Fireman Sam fan club. What is common to them is that they are bad, corrupt people who have lost all morality”

    On the contrary it’s called joining the dots. For your information freemasonry amongst Jews is called talmudism for the goyim. Although masonry IS NOT Jewish, the setup of it; the many lodges dotted all over to take care of travelling (stone)masons had the perfect structure with which Jews saw could be infiltrated and manipulated.

    What you fail to see is it isn’t about people being bad or corrupt. They (the Jews) see themselves as the rightful leaders/controllers of this world, as YHWH’s chosen on this planet. Their talmud teaches them that non Jews are soulless animals there to be exploited. They are taught it is acceptable to steal from, assault, rape and murder gentiles. All is permitted within their teachings.

    When you understand that this about conditioning of people, from a young age, to accept they’re superior to all others it makes the Brahmin caste system seem quite harmless in comparison. People do not realise just how much Jews are taught to hate gentiles and that they will always be inferior to them.



  8. Tapestry says:

    Most people struggle with the notion that there is another tier of plower above what is presented as the power structure – PM, President, Royals etc. The fact that there are multiple levels controlling the face is hard to fathom for anybody, undoing a lifetime of wrong thinking in most cases. A discussion as to which group is the top dog, the Jew or the Jesuit, is helpful to those like me who struggle to understand the concept at all. Harbinger makes a great case that the Jews control the Jesuits. WASP makes a good case that the Jesuits control the Jews. I see the two as wrapped together inextricably in symbiotic association, two sides of the same coin. I am more interested in what lies above them both – what the mystic aspects are and the contacts with the spirit world, the Satanic aspects. Why is the diabolical in control of the world and the Angelic sidelined?

  9. Anonymous says:

    “Why is the diabolical in control of the world and the Angelic sidelined?” [Tap]

    I remember when younger a great song by Chris de Burgh called Spanish Train. If you don’t know the song it’s about the Lord and the Devil battling it out for the soul of a dying railwayman. The song sums it all up at the end with the following:

    “And far away in some recess
    The Lord and the Devil are now playing chess
    The Devil still cheats and wins more souls
    And as for the Lord, well, he’s just doing his best”

    You will never defeat someone who lies and cheats. They will however trip over their mistakes sometime and it will lead to their downfall.

    Think of all those terrible miscarriages of justice like the Guildford Four, the Birmingham Six and recently Barry George, all imprisoned by corrupt, lying police. Years of their lives stolen and what happened to those who put them there? And they’re the lucky ones. What of those simply assassinated by the police?

    God gave freewill and that allows evil to do what evil does.
    Thirty years ago, most young women wouldn’t have contemplated lap dancing. They had too much respect for their parents and moreso themselves, but nowadays young women jump at the chance. The choice? 40 hours a week for £200 (before tax) working retail/catering/office or 20 hours a week for £1,000+ as a stripper? Women do it because feminism has conditioned them to believe they don’t need a man and as long as they’re ‘bringing home the bread’, how they earned the money is irrelevant. And anyway, to them, good and bad, along with morality is relative.

    Evil controls the material world while good the spiritual. It’s far easier to manipulate people with that which they see and that which they don’t.



  10. Chris Jones says:

    @Harbinger – I’m aware of what Talmudic teachings are and agree with your take on it as well as the need to join dots. You are well versed on this but if I’ve read it right modern Judaism is a religion that puts man before God, and Talmud before Torah, though even the Old Testament itself is also generally contentious in my view.

    I believe, like most religions, Judaism has obviously been deliberately corrupted and manipulated at some point in its history for future control purposes.

    In terms of Jews v Jesuits v Zionists I don’t think there needs to be a situation where people need to choose a side once again and go in to the whole red/blue, Manchester United/ Manchester City debate. Surely they are interlinked and equally corrupt and they all obviously answer to a higher unpleasant belief whether they know it or not..

  11. yes2truth says:

    Here is what the Freemason King James Bible says:

    Gen 4:1 And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.

    Here is what the Aramaic Targums say:

    And Adam knew that his wife Eve had conceived from Sammael the angel (of death) and she became pregnant and bore Cain. And she said: “I have got a man from the angel of the LORD.”

    They ALL come from this satanic beginning. Whether Cain or Canaanite – VatiCAIN Jesuit or Canaanite Jew all descendants of the serpent and Eve – hu-man beings and not men.

  12. Anonymous says:


    “I believe, like most religions, Judaism has obviously been deliberately corrupted and manipulated at some point in its history for future control purposes.”

    I would agree up to a point especially with Judaism. From the Christian point of view they broke the covenant and rejected the messiah in Jesus. From the Jewish point of view they’re still God’s chosen. I don’t even think Christ expected the religion as the ‘church’ he spoke of was not one that could be contained within any building. He was 100% anti materialism. But regarding Judaism, well, the overwhelming majority are talmudists and not even Jewish, only by religious conversion. So as for true Judaism, well, that’s a debatable subject entirely. Is a Jew one who follows the Torah or the Talmud? Is a Jew one of the house of Juddah? Is a Jew simply an inhabitant of Judea?

    “In terms of Jews v Jesuits v Zionists I don’t think there needs to be a situation where people need to choose a side once again and go in to the whole red/blue, Manchester United/ Manchester City debate.”

    This answer ties in also with the previous emphasis on what you’ve written. Many Jews are Zionists and Christian Zionists are deluded fools. Jesuits are Jews. Without them they would never have come about. So effectively Jesuit malpractice’s proper name is Talmudism in a nutshell. WASP speaks of the Jesuits being in control and to a point I’ll agree but only in order to fulfill Talmudic doctrine.

    So really there should be no “is it the Jews or the Jesuits” for the simple reason I’ve explained.
    Lastly, people say “why do you lay blame on the Jews when many just get on with their lives knowing nothing of this”? I simply reply that very few Jews speak out about the Talmud for fear of ostracisation from the tribe. Only a few like Henry Makow speak out but he still remains a holocaust believer.



  13. Anonymous says:

    “Tomayto” / “Tomato” Who gives two hoots what those monsters who are inflicting this cr4p on humanity believe? IMO pepole shouldn’t be arguing over what those evil turds believe. Humanity should be working out a) who they are in terms of names and adresses and b) what humanity are going to do with them to keep THEM under control so this can never happen again.

    Just a thought

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think Taps’s point deserves an answer. He says Harbinger makes a great case and Harbinger knows he only scratches the surface as there are heaps of sources that point to a group labelling themselves Jews such as what the Old Testament prophets say, what Jesus says, what the apostles say, what Revelation says, the scattering, the expulsions, the Dutch bankers and Cromwell, the Federal Reserve, Bill Cooper’s Beyond a Pale Horse, the works of Eustace Mullins, Benjamin Freeman, Myron Fagan and what they say about themselves…endless corroboration.

    We know Rome fornicates with the leaders of nations (read the whore in Revelation) but it seems quite clear to me the intent of the Rothschild created agenda involving this new Israel what with a false messiah and slavery via chipping the populous as a means of being able to trade. This is also a claim of ownership as a master might chip his dog or a farmer brand his cattle. WASP just says it’s not them but doesn’t have much to back up the position and I for one am open to hear the proof (or forever hold your peace) and with all due respect I know WASP has been a contributor for a very long time on the blog.

    Israel is the most contentious piece of real estate that exists considered Holy to Jews, Christians, Muslims etc. (To me it is just a bit of land with loads of political and spiritual associations.) Indeed I believe it the centre of this planet from the point of view of the written word whereby it is from this geographical location that writing goes from left to right or right to left. I guess we likewise have this left right paradigm. Pro Israel anti Israel. I know God has a plan for this special locality but that is not the same as those who control such.


  15. Anonymous says:

    There is a PLAN but more than one plan, a fight between Those who rule heaven and those who rule earth:

    “I created the Yishuv, I alone. Therefore no men, neither colonists nor organizations, have the right to interfere in my plans.” Baron Edmond de Rothschild


    I’ll offer Tap my simple explanation: God, the Father, Yahweh, Jehova, whatever created all things wanted friends and therefore created man in His image insomuch as in three parts with a body, mind and spirit all of which compose the person. He gave us free will and we blew it with Eve deciding to disobey. I am not much of a reader of the OT but there was some agro going on in the heavens whereby Lucifer, the Devil, Satan whatever, rebelled and I recall took 1/3 of the angelic beings with him in rebellion. In my opinion in that action Lucifer becomes Satan, the angelic beings become demons. From the book of Job we can see that God permits Satan certain powers over man but God does remain the boss bit like the Jesuit/ Jew argument – who has control?

    Perhaps the best way I can answer Tap’s question superficially, at this time, was in a conversation the Father had with me one day while I was mowing the lawn. I was thinking about how God always has to be one step ahead of Satan in the grand chess game, Satan’s greatest error being to have Jesus killed but he can’t help himself – it’s in his nature. At some point in the not too far future Satan has to face God to be locked up for the 1000 years. (Google it if you want the texts.)

    I was wondering how that meeting might go and it became a conversation:

    I am thinking God will say to Satan: “You knew one day it would come to this.” Satan would reply “Yeah but look ay all the grief, the sorrow and suffering I brought along the way.” God replies “That’s not mine, that’s yours” (this is where He took over) “and now you are going to endure it in its entirety.” “

    And that’s what He’s doing for the thousand years” God said to me. I replied “What about the other 5,000 years?” God answered “I’m gonna let him off with that, cause I’m a God of Grace and that’s why 5 represents grace.” And then He said “And now I put my feet up cause that’s my day of rest!”

    I suddenly realised that with Satan locked up, and with Christ on the throne (having deposed the fake Jewish One World Religious Antichrist) the Father has no adversary and therefore has the day off. I was amazed! It’s perfect!

    For those of you who know why the Bible contains what I believe is referred to as the genealogy we are able to date the world as being 6,000 years old and therefore the millennium rule by the true Son, the person now returned who was crucified at Calvary, has taken over the New World Order world government and rules such with His elect, His family. It’s God’s way of showing the outcome of Eve eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Evil continues to work among us until the real Messiah’s triumphant return.

    Lots more to it than that but hope it helps explain the way of the truth as it relates to the basic question of the time we are in. It’s about a battle of powers and principalities and what is going on in the heavens. As with Job, God has Satan on a leash and he can bite those who get close to him and those rabid folk can then go and spread evil…If God be for you who can be against you? Loads, but He always gets the upper hand.


  16. Tapestry says:

    Jerusalem was the main space port of the Annunaki. The stones of the Wailing Wall are too big and perfect to be part of any ancient human civilisation. The space station was built by entities with higher technology than is possessed by humans to this present day.

  17. Anonymous says:

    All of us in our office who log into this to see what is happening most days say there is no argument, harbinger and the truthers win hands dopwn aginst wasp, we cant understand why wasp is still having stuff up on the website ?
    it makes no sense and neither does wasp

  18. Anonymous says:

    SUSA & Friends in the ? need their nappies changing.

    so full of SHhhhh!!!!!!!!

    & stop throwing your dirty dummies around

    Adults only here please.


  19. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, We have made some progress, there was a time when the Majority would not even consider that The Jesuits were even involved, now the Tendency is to Call Them Jews, & admit they are involved, up to their neck in it in fact, whether they are Jews or Gentiles is of no significance actually. I will continue to call My Jesuits, Jesuits, whilst Harbinger will call his Jesuits, Jews.

    Many have missed the whole point of the Information contained within, The Post, It should have struck you that I am only interested in Who The Perpetrators of Evil Deeds Are. & what they are known as, as an organisation in our Present Time – and that surprisingly enough is the JESUITS.

    A Further Point that should have been obvious in The Post was that The Vatican is The Main Player, as they Hold all The Aces, & the Trump Cards, & they have a Handle on so many Individuals, who are WORLD STATESMEN, ie – ” I May ask you a Favour one Day, I might, I Might Not.”

    I would add that there was another section to this, which was Probably too big a doc. for Tap to include

    As I stated it is not that important as there, are Two Further Tiers of Control above Them. You all Assume that the Illuminati are Jews, They are not, that which is stated in this article is incorrect, & is The Illuminati on show to the Public.

    The Illuminati were not Founded by The Jesuits, The so called Illuminati – The 13, Main Bloodlines are not The Illuminati, they are those they want you to think are The Illuminati. so they are The Pseudo Illuminati.

    The Real Illuminati would think nothing of destroying all the Jew & Muslims in a Middle East Conflict, to enact The Rebuilding of The Temple The Jesuits are their Military in The Field, who are Controlled by The Real Illuminati Strata, Headed by The ‘GODFATHER’ . It is Quite Ridiculous Tracing Everything back to THE JEWS, as most people The Majority, have no idea of how complicated this Name Categorising them is, & will get you nowhere. Taking this to It’s Illogical Extreme lets call All CATHOLICS JEWS

    There is a lot of incorrect information going around about this stuff, as I understand: The Jesuits were formed as a Counter Reformist Group, whilst this might have had a concerted effect, in Protecting The Jew Converts, owing to them carrying out The Inquisition, This was not The Main Purpose. IGNATIUS LAYOLA was put in control of them, the order came from The The Ruling Families to then Pope.

    RELIGION IS JUST A COVER, TO DECEIVE YOU EVEN MORE, I will give you more information on this shortly.


  20. Anonymous says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9nos0k4KfE A Hebrew scholar’s challenge to the errors of Z Sitchin

  21. Nixon Scraypes says:

    If you want to move beyond the catholic/jew dialectic and get a flavour of that old time religion of the elite you could do worse than check out Alan Watt talking to Jackie Patrou in 2004,transcripts at sentient sentinel.No insults,no harsh words,just interesting conversations between two intelligent human beings.Makes a change doesn’t it?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Tap @ 9.14:

    Heard it before:


    It’s just a modern theory. Hang in there Dude!

    Kind regards


  23. Anonymous says:

    Sorry TMWKTMBNE I had not noticed you beat me to it!

    Tap’s view of Jerusalem as a space station due to the need for superior technology of (free) masonry may shed more light on the mason issue?

    Tap – We trust you will accept you are debunked on your comment of 9.14.

    Not trying to be smart just want to promote The Truth.

    Got loads in reserve you have no knowledge of…



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