Update on Justfab Shoes. Liars as well asThieves. Don’t buy anything from these despicable people.

They told us our ‘account’, which we never opened, was closed, an account which they decided to withdraw £35 a month from our credit card.  They got away with seven withdrawals before we noticed totalling £210.  My wife had bought a pair of shoes for £17.50 last May.

We called them after a bank notification of the fraud, and they told us after much argument that we would get a full refund.  That was the first lie.  By their own admission in a later call, they only sent a part of the money, which has yet to be confirmed by the bank.

Not only did they not fully reimburse as promised, they then tried to take another £35 again in December in addition, after saying they had closed the account.

Thankfully our bank spotted the attempt and blocked it.

They are not only thieves taking money from peoples’ credit cards as they wish, it appears.

They are liars.

Beware!  I would strongly recommend you don’t buy anything from these people.

Don’t trust them.

They won’t give their names on the phone.

Our credit card has had to be suspended as the only way to stop these payments.  It’s a total nightmare.  Our travel insurance is affected as we can’t buy airline tickets using the card.  These people advertise on TV, on Yahoo, operate in numerous western countries, yet are deliberately and purposefully dislocating the trust on which the economic system runs.  Who owns this business?  What kind of people want to destroy the financial system?  It’s very odd.

I was left holding by the operative we were speaking to.  She put the call on hold, and didn’t return for seven minutes.   I rang off.

This is a worldwide scam, affecting millions of people.


Ressler and Goldenberg, owners of Justfab



The company’s business model and credit card practices have been criticized as deceptive.[21][22] In October 2011 a national class action lawsuit was filed against Just Fabulous, Inc.[23] In September 2013 Gawker called JustFab “the biggest scam in online shopping”.[24] whilst Business Insider described their tactics as “shady” [25]
Tech Crunch has also criticized the company on deceptive practices to force subscribing to its VIP monthly fee service.[26]

TAPyou need to check a box not to make a payment each month in the VIP service which is automatic when you purchase anything, and the box is very small so no one notices it, or knows what has happened to them.  

Nice they call it VIP.  It means ‘victim in play’.  

You can avoid a monthly payment by clicking a box each month before the 5th apparently, but you need a password, which they never sent to us – of course.

They told us that our account was closed in any case,  during our last phone call.  This time they say we have to go online and click skip every month so we don’t need to make any payment.  It appears there is no way out of this slippery relationship.  There is no postal address on their UK website, so how do we send a letter of confirmation even?

Their Facebook page is covered with complaints and very little else.

The company was founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in March 2010.[6] Kimora Lee Simmons joined JustFab as President and Creative Director in September, 2011.[7]
JustFab received $33 million in funding from US venture capital firm Matrix Partners in 2011.[6][8] In 2012 the company received an additional $76 million from Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty[9] and expanded its operations internationally to CanadaGermany, and the UK.[10][11]
In January 2013, JustFab acquired children’s fashion subscription company FabKids. Despite the similarity in their names, there was no previous association between the two companies.[12][13]
Celebrities who have released collections through JustFab include singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne[14] and YouTube beauty gurus Elle and Blair Fowler.[15]
A television show about JustFab and Simmons titled “Kimora: House of Fab” premiered on the Style Network in January 2013. The show covered daily life at the JustFab offices, Simmons’ role as President and Creative Director, and the duties of the company’s marketingmerchandising, and public relations departments.[16][17]
JustFab continues international expansion into Spain and France after acquiring The Fab Shoes in May, 2013.[18]
JustFab acquires rival shoe scubscription service ShoeDazzle in August, 2013. The two companies will continue to run as separate brands. [19]
In September 2013, JustFab’s CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler announced it has closed $40 million in its third round of funding to accelerate its already-fast international growth and enter new product categories.[20]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    see independent report saying romania/bulgaria infrastructure may collapse when they all come to england


  2. Anonymous says:

    Ressler and Goldenberg are Jewish names.


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