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BobbyNatural said…
You dear Aussies often point to America’s shootings as proof guns cause crime. The places where honest people may keep and carry them at will have almost NO CRIME. Where the restrictions are greatest, coincidentally the locus of racial minorities, is where our own government (CIA) brings in large quantities of heroin, to give the street punks something to fight about.

Just like alcohol prohibition caused gangs to flourish (and a gang scion to enter the White House), narcotics causes crime, but also funds many expensive projects the government would be ashamed to tax us for, secret projects experimenting with high-tech weaponry of biological, meteorological, seismic, IT and data collection, and psychological nature, in addition to massive underground construction, secret space programs, black operations (false flag attacks), and general psychological warfare against – us.

Please read The CIA’s Greatest Hits, by Mark Zepezauer, and understand how much money goes into The Mighty Wurlitzer, as the “Company” boys call their controlled mass media mouthpieces.

Then you may understand America a little better.

We are decent, Christian people, but misled by “education” and mass media, so we elect illegal immigrants and drop bombs on inoffensive (to us) people, while submitting to a draconian police state never envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

TAPIt’s the decent Christian thing that makes you obey the evil that controls you.  The Jesuits are at the top of the pyramid of power.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Come on now Tap what are you saying here? We have all inherited the system. Do you obey the law, pay your taxes?

    I stopped obeying (different to yielding to) evil men when I became a man. What I observe is how evil obeys God.

    Christianity reflects this:

    Evil men murdered Jesus, yet in doing so God opened the way to creating His new chosen ones – His family. Christ became the Sacrificial Lamb to pay the debt of sin, for those who accept Him as Lord and Saviour.

    Evil therefore obeyed God. God triumphed over evil. It is the mysterious way He works.

    Evil men create a world government. Why? So the Son of God can depose their chosen one as the only rightful King. It is God just always demonstrating how man’s ways are futile in getting the better of Him as Creator.

    WASP may be your alter ego, who knows but God heads the ultimate pyramid of power not Jesuits and not extra-terrestrials, though I do not dismiss the possibility such exist.

    As for the world, still yet to be convinced Rome is not now trumped by the new money – usury and their friends.

    Obviously I could be wrong but as a dominant seat of global power for hundreds of years why did Rome not take control of state banking? Perhaps you will tell us it did?



  2. Anonymous says:

    Which “God”? There are many. “God” of the living?, “God” of the dead, “God of the qur’an etc to name but a few.
    The “God” of the bible is a reformation of the of the Egyptian “Sun God”.
    The biblical names “Satan” and “Lucifer” are not in any original Hebraic scripture.
    “Satan”, as you know is latin for adversary, to oppose, to obstruct and can be given to anyone that opposes, or is adverse to something or someone. It does not mean it is evil. It can and is often used for good. Truth seekers, whistleblowers etc are ‘Satans’ of evil doers.
    The “God” of the bible often used his messengers/angels as ‘Satans’ against his chosen ones, to obstruct their paths when they were about to make a bad decision.

    Numbers 22..Balaam and the donkey..And God’s anger was kindled because he went: and the angel of the Lord stood in the way for an adversary against him.

    The word “adversary” was changed to “Satan” when translated into Latin and propagated as an evil entity by the early christian evangelical church.

    The name “Lucifer” is as you know Latin, and originally had nothing to do with the Christian or Jewish Devil. He was a minor Roman God of the Morning Star — the planet Venus when it appears in the morning, rising just before the sun. The name, means “Light Bringer/bearer.” The name Lucifer does not appear in the Bible at all before the 5th century CE. The Hebrew text (Isaiah) gives the name “Helel ben Shahar,” a Canaanite deity of the Morning Star. For political and cultural reasons, the Hebrews demonized the gods of the Canaanites. The Christians carried on this tradition of demonizing Pagan gods, and when the Latin translation, the Vulgate, was written, the name was translated as “Lucifer.” His name has been synonamous with Satan ever since.

    • TMWKTMBNE says:

      Don’t believe any of this post by anon, it’s all a lie, the contributer is totally deceived. Lord Jesus Christ is the Truth, the way and the life.

  3. Excellent points BobbyNatural – but speaking as an Aussie I must say that Americans have no idea of how peaceable it really is living in a culture without gun cultists (the lies of those who misuse stats to say this is a violent nation notwithstanding). Sure, the so-called ‘war on drugs’ is to blame for almost everything. When the CIA stopped distributing smack here the crime rate dropped through the floor. Friends who come here from the US are surprised that no-one carries guns – or ever needs to! We also have no NRA, so no (in)vested interests in promoting tools of death and murder – and relatively few superstition-extolling religiousnutters like Anonymous (above).
    Please read these perspectives from a land at peace @ http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/war-or-peace-choose.html &


  4. Anonymous says:

    I see anti NWO blogger kevin Field had his home raded by police who took away reams of papers and two computers, ah well thats another good guy down

  5. TMWKTMBNE says:

    I envy the Yanks and their free-thinking, spirit of independence, people here in the UK are very controlled. The Duke of Wellington even commented on this, saying that we were so very malleable, ‘can do anything with them’, we believe in Queen and country, Churchill, etc. Protestantism is still very strong in the USA, it’s dead in UK, the people are so compliant and are deceived and miss-led by media, gov, institutions – with the well trained Oxbridge cadres leading the way. All the best Christian writers and researchers are Americans: Dr Stan, Gail Riplinger, Constance Cumby, Carol Matriciana (she’s English!) and others like Eustate Mullins, Tuper Saucy, etc. God Bless Christian America!

  6. Tapestry says:

    Satan (Hebrew: הַשָּׂטָן ha-Satan, “the accuser,”[1]) is a character appearing in the texts of the Abrahamic religions,[2][3] who personifies evil and temptation, and is known as the deceiver that leads humanity astray. The term is often applied to an angel who fell out of favor with God, seducing humanity into the ways of sin, and who now rules over the fallen world.
    Satan is primarily understood as an “accuser” or “adversary” in the Hebrew Bible, and is not necessarily the personification of evil that he would become in later Abrahamic religions.

    In the New Testament, Satan is a name that refers to a decidedly malevolent entity (devil) who possesses demonic god-like qualities.

    In Theistic Satanism, Satan is considered a positive force and deity who is either worshipped or revered. In LaVeyan Satanism, Satan is regarded as holding virtuous characteristics.


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