UKIP wipes floor with all three main parties in combination, and takes 64% of vote!


Is UKIP about to break onto the Westminster scene?  The Sale East & Wythenshawe byelection.


An obvious start for a dry run could be the upcoming Wythenshawe and Sale E where the Tories don’t stand a chance but where, in the high octane atmosphere of a Westminster by-election, UKIP have a glimmer of hope.

Mike Smithson adds – I’ve had a punt on the purples at 12/1. That’s now in to 8/1.


Haverhill East Result: 
UKIP – 54.0% (+54.0) 
LAB – 24.5% (-12.7) 
CON – 16.0% (-31.9) 
LD – 5.5% (-9.4)

Just two small local elections, but what if this started to go mainstream?!

Tony Brown, who has already been elected as a UKIP Councillor on Suffolk County Council, received 529 votes in the Haverhill East Ward last night. This was more than the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates put together.
UKIP’s Paul Firman meanwhile received 630 votes, a massive 64% of the vote, defeating the Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates.
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: “These fantastic UKIP gains highlight just how popular the party is becoming at a local level. It is a sign of UKIP’s growth that voters are now turning to UKIP not just on national issues, but at local Council level as well. It’s this sort of strength at local level that is so vital for a strong performance in the 2015 general election.”

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4 Responses to “UKIP wipes floor with all three main parties in combination, and takes 64% of vote!”

  1. julie says:

    The turnout was 16.4% for God’s sake. That is the story. Over 83% of people didn’t want any of these crooks. All the parties are “con” trolled by the “Corporation of the City of London”. All of them including UKIP. Nothing will change.

  2. Tapestry says:

    UKIP is no doubt an MI5 creation, but what is Farage? They tried to crash his plane. He spoke out against the war in Syria and other military entanglements. He’s not entirely locked in the system. It may be the only opportunity we get to try another political party other than the three.

    You wouldn’t need a referendum to get Britain out of the EU if UKIP had an outright majority, bar the problem of the Lords. The game would at least lighten up for a while. Let’s try it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well spotted Julie, and well said Tap.
    The MSM forgot to mention the low turnout.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Farage …Nice man..i help him campaign ….however his is a big Margaret T Fan ..also he’s the only one in that Party that can Talk ….they are a bunch of Tossers and sad thing is people will now Vote for them God help the Country …FBD ..people ..

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