Hogan Howe’s calls for water cannon are answered by Boris Johnson, the man who appointed him.

Water cannon in Germany.  People lose eyes and can be seriously injured.  Thanks, Boris.

Nick Clegg currently has responsibility for Constitutional Reform.  Very dangerous.

Smoke and mirrors – news is ‘managed’ in UK now.

No willingness to hold a referendum on the EU.

Nudge Unit – applied behavioural psychology.

Ethnic mixing overcomes racial tensions, writes Goldsmiths College Professor in report.
Multiculturalism (keeping ethnicities separate) is a left wing doctrine.  Report says mix people more.  All of us are being moulded into the end result that the EU wants.

Cyber bullying research from the EU.  Diversity with common purpose.  More and more multiculturalism, and increasingly diverse student populations.  Our lives and beliefs are being manipulated.

Common Purpose works at extremely high levels in Britain, all over the world including China – mixing races into one easily controllable form of humanity.

Social engineering of social groups – religions, universities.  From above government level.  Businesses and schools have to run diversity programmes causing much stress for people.

Multiculturalism is defined on Wikipedia – 

Applied Marxism – 2 or 3 pages, how it is destroying our society.  Professor who wrote it lost his job.  Read it to see that politics of all three political parties is controlled.

Boris Johnson encouraging Police to bring in water cannon.  The effects are numerous injuries including people losing eyes, as in Germany.  As with tasers, Police are being armed with brutal weaponry as they’re frightened people will start fighting back, and are arming in advance.

Multi agency spectrum of injunctions has been passed into law to stop people gathering on streets and demonstrating

Police are going to be wearing video cameras.  You have no legal requirement to give your ID to the Police unless you’ve committed an offence.  The cameras negate the right not to identify yourself.

Thames Valley Police has done nothing about the former Oxford and Cherwell College sexual abuse.

Babies are being genetically sequenced at birth so that the state can ultimately select people on their genetic make-up.

G4S is now running children’s homes – massive profits to be made.

Bedroom tax is being applied just three months after a family member dies.  David Cameron doesn’t care if people can’t afford to live in their homes any longer.  Cameron ideal for totalitarian state.

Cameron asserts that the bad weather is caused by global warming.

Government summarised by Gerrish.  

Tories are rewriting history on their website.  The extent of the applied behavioural psychology unit  is far greater than people realise.  Check it out.

Marxism is doctrine of Miliband.  Labour/Marxist political agenda.  Compass is beginning of a one party state, which we already have.

UK manufacturer unexpectedly flat in November.  Construction fell sharply.  60% fall in manufacturing since 1970.  Banks only offering loans to small business on terms which had compulsory swap contracts.  Interest rates didn’t rise and these had huge cash demands on the businesses many of which went bust as a result.

Gerrish says please spread message on social media.  Let’s bring down the despicable house of cards that runs the world, starting with Britain first.

Hi Tap,

Brian Gerrish and team need more help in getting the word out!

Please post this and lets wake the UK up.
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6 Responses to “Hogan Howe’s calls for water cannon are answered by Boris Johnson, the man who appointed him.”

  1. Anonymous says:


    The soaps will have subliminals which will afect the way you see things, e g crime homosexuality and war
    avoid it

  2. Anonymous says:


    Boris Johnston is one of those who want to bring you the NWO by stealth, read the above

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello Henry this is a superb article with great advice for the USA and Britain

  4. Anonymous says:

    this play shows the corruption with how the jews got Tony Blair
    to use british men to fight the war on Iraq for israel.


  5. Anonymous says:

    The open and flagrant use of such a weapon will (i predict) trigger a growing and ever increasing violent response from the public at large resulting in many deaths on both sides. Martial law will become the norm and as a consequence a guerrilla campaign will become evident.

  6. yes2truth says:

    Until UK Column start opposing sodomy and The Canaanite Jews they will get no support from me.

    They’re half-baked in all that they do.

    Liberal wretches at heart.

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