The Boy Business

People prefer to believe this isn’t true.  But it is true and real.  People horribly abuse and kill young boys to sell videos for big profits.

Amusement Arcades are where pedophiles go to find vulnerable boys.  They start by giving them coins to play with, and win their confidence.  Runaways boys are another easy target, often found at main railway stations.

One victim describes how he was picked up and taken to Amsterdam, and asked to comply with the wishes of a pedophile, who showed him photos of what could be done to him.  He was asked to work as a recruiter of boys to pay off his debts, refused and was raped.  He described why the paedos liked younger boys.  He likes them to bleed, to cry.  He enjoys the pain.  He gets his hit out of making them cry.

Picadilly Circus is the London centre for pedophiles looking for young boys, rent boys.

Some run away from children’s homes.  One describes how they trusted a particular paedo who won their trust offering food and a bed for the night.  He pulled a knife, and forced them to do sexual acts taking photographs, then drugged them.  They became addicts.  He took them to Amsterdam and sold them to a brothel.   One was drugged and exploited.

Other children went to an agency called Bovver Boots run by Harry Jeffreys, owned by Peter Howells, which pretended to be recruiting for acting roles.  The owner lied to the boy’s mother, and convinced her there was no problem.  Paedophiles will spend a lot of time and money to befriend a child and his family, before they make any move on the children.  This paedo’s associate had a minor role in BBC Eastenders, and was trusted by the boy’s parents.  They threatened to reveal revealing pictures to others as a threat, to his family.  The boy was so frightened he felt he couldn’t tell his parents what was going on, and complied with more requests to pose naked and be abused.

His family found out and saw the pictures when the police took them to show to the parents.  The boy talks well about it now, but suffered terrible guilt, and remorse.  He still has cold sweats and nightmares ten years later.  He wishes he could just turn back the clock.

The worst part of the documentary is the description of  a child dying on camera as he’s raped.  This is hard to listen to.  The fact is that none of this would be happening unless the government, police and legal profession weren’t riddled with pedophiles.  As David Cameron says, he doesn’t want to see a ‘homophobic witch hunt’ – so pedophiles in the Conservative party and elsewhere throughout government are protected.  From the very top.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The massive haul of pedo films have to be looked through by specially trained police officers to see if any of the boys can be identified.
    In very film seen there was no men with men, it was all men with boys, homosexuality is about men with boys thats why Cameron said what he did about it turning intoa gay witch hunt
    its not banned in every culture and religion for nothing mr cameron

  2. Anonymous says:

    Vicious Peado’s

    County Durham detention centre last year when a former inmate said he was also abused. Since then the force said it has been contacted by more than 100 alleged victims

    08000 566065 Help report line


  3. shirlz007 says:

    ”no Police Force in the world has ever seen a genuine so called ‘snuff’ movie, where a child is actually killed in front of camera”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :/
    WHERE THE F**K DID THEY GET THAT STATISTIC/FACT FROM!!! That statement is about as ignorant and misinformed as the above ‘Anonymous’ comment! silly ITV… when was this documentary made anyhoo?

  4. shirlz007 says:

    ”no law enforcement officer, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, has ever found was is called a ‘snuff video” BOLD CLAIM THEIR PAL… evidence?

    I am actually shocked and disgusted at the police officers level of ignorance!!! (whether he is genuinely that stupid, or it was early 90’s, and the reality of child ‘snuff’ was still not to talked about… ‘orders from above’)… ‘Heartbeat’ is to shown after this! Early 90’s… when Michael Barrymore was still a family favourite!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The russian mafia run many brothels dogfights and filth movie films for the UK market
    The Cambs police said 10 years ago many snuff oveis from this source are sold at boot fairs.
    A house in wooton rd kings lynn, a seat of depravity and ruled by this mafia, had a house raided where over a milion pounds of filth films was found on the premises m,any of thes ewere snuff films.
    Crotics said they were boy actors, the police say the vast majority of these are real.
    Tony Blair brought in the russian mafia by stealth and donations to his office at new labour

  6. shirlz007 says:

    Russian Mafia… one of the biggest global problems of the late 90’s and early 00’s (but not for Putin)

    That has got to be (not being sick… but in the context of seriousness of the subject, compared to the ‘facts’ given, the stories told, the police officers interviewed and ITV’s cringing reporting), one the funniest documentaries I’ve ever seen! I bet people where watching that when it was first broadcast, thinking:-
    ”why don’t Scotland Yard and The Met turn it over to MI5 and the Security Service?” :/

    WELL!!!! 😀 the thing is…

  7. Anonymous says:

    whoever shirlz007 is she is wrong to doubt the seriousness of these films for the homosexual market.
    I remember the likes of her saying ah jimmy saville and greville janner would never do these things.
    Sydney cooke gave the leads while in prison to several other men who admited active involvement
    in thes eactivities.
    And remember the BBC knew and said nothing and in fact insert homosexual subliminals into programmes

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, the biggest snuff video was 9-11.
    The jumpers who were being microwaved in the towers, are all in pay as you view.
    They have been mainly taken off MSM and are available if you are sick enough to want to pay.
    The main video, was taken by Jules and Gedeon Naudet along with Etienn Sauret and Sarah Klein.
    There were a lot of French videographers at 9-11, wonder why ??

  9. Chris Jones says:

    We’ve all been watching snuff films for the last 50 years at least. Or ‘illegal wars covered by mainstream media’ to give them another name

  10. Anonymous says:

    @Shirlz007.It’s actually the Russian-Jewish mafia.No Catholics,Orthosox or other “goyim”.Just as the U.S. mafia was with a few Sicilians as ‘front-men’,& Jewish controlled Hollywood making films that only depicted an Italian mafia.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    Its know wonder children are being Abuse and killed …just read some of the above coms….Brain F Dead ….

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