So much for electronic money. It’s easy pickings for thieves

“Computer systems have been compromised either at stores or in the companies handling the processing of card transactions. In other words, a company involved in the flow of payments has been hacked. It could be more than one company. The computer hacking has exposed everyone whose cards are going through those systems. The thieves are using the ATM card information in a way that does not require the PINs.

As the Secret Service agent explained it to me, what happens once the thieves have stolen a bunch of numbers from a company is that they print gift cards with their name on them and our billing information on the magnetic stripe. He said they rarely bother with printing up credit cards anymore. <>

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I stopped using cards to pay wherever possible sometime ago when I discovered how easy and frequently hacking occurs. The full extent is not put out in the media as people would stop using electronic payments and governments don’t want that as they can’t track cash so easily. There is no such thing as secure electronic banking

  2. Anonymous says:

    There has been a spate of cash machine hacking over the last 6 months here in the midlands. So far they have caught 3 separate professional gangs all of whom they say are from Romania (whether there’s a political agenda there I don’t know).
    There is also a problem with people hanging around cash machines when people are using them with some attempts of theft by these people after the customer has obtained their cash.
    The authorities warn us to be on guard against this but they do nothing to help prevent it which leads me to wonder if they are hoping it will push people over the edge and start civil unrest giving them exactly what they excuse to bring in tighter police controls and armed police presence on every street.
    I know this is on the agenda for some point in the future.
    Now we have an open border which the government is saying will be a problem yet the do nothing to stop it although they can. Again, a political hidden agenda.
    I personally wish every day their plan fails.

  3. Tapestry says:

    The top of the tree of evil is the Jesuits, the Pope, the Black Pope. Send your complaint to Head Office.

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