Simon Dee was axed by BBC for refusing to interview paedophile musician, confirms former wife

This quite amusing argument broke out in Tap Blog comments.


Charles Frith said…
Tony Blackburn in this clip says that Simon Dee refused to interview Garry Glitter. Part one is also a must listen. This is what happens when you don’t play ball with the Media and the snoops.

(TAP – He had earlier raised complaints with BBC management that Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter were too ‘friendly’ with the kids.  See in the video how he was treated for standing up to the filth)

12:16 pm 

Paul said…

Simon Dee was offered a mid-morning
slot on Radio 210 in Reading.
He left the station after refusing to

I was there as Deputy Programme

Paul Hollingdale

8:27 am 

Anonymous said…

I was his wife at the time.
TAP –  Interestingly I had quite a few conversations with Simon Dee, when he took an interest in my campaign to save the British Hallmark in approximately 2004.  He wrote me a letter expressing his fury at the abandonment of jewellery hallmarking (hallmarking was saved thankfully), and put his phone number on it.  He was quite a character, grappling with  the evil of government which he was well aware of, as the video shows.  Maybe his refusal to bow down and his willingness to speak out led on to his death from cancer.  He knew too much to be allowed to continue, and was always a potential thorn in the perverts’ side.  Tony Blackburn likes to put the boot into his former colleague, I notice.

Simon Dee, the man Hollywood based Austin Powers on


Radio 2 DJ Paul Hollingdale cleared of child porn charges

12:18pm Wednesday 5th August 2009 in News
The Argus: Radio 2 DJ Paul Hollingdale cleared of child porn chargesRadio 2 DJ Paul Hollingdale cleared of child porn charges
A former Radio 2 DJ was acquitted of possessing child pornography today after the Crown decided to offer no evidence in his trial.
Paul Hollingdale, 75, of Western Road, Hailsham, had denied one count of possessing an indecent photograph of a child on July 27 last year.
He appeared before Hove Crown Court for trial today where prosecutor David Harounoff said that a computer expert had found there was no evidence of anyone accessing or viewing the photograph, which was found on Hollingdale’s computer.
He also said that the user had probably been unaware that the file, which was classed as a level one image, the lowest level of severity, had been created.
Judge Anthony Scott-Gall recorded a verdict of not-guilty and formally discharged the defendant, who was dressed in a navy blue suit with pink tie.

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13 Responses to “Simon Dee was axed by BBC for refusing to interview paedophile musician, confirms former wife”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my….do we now need to start looking into Alvin Stardust?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a great old article and may shed some light here.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I see now the police have said there is no current reason to interview Uri geller again,
    the Greville Janner roadshow moves on and still no one is prosecuted
    susan foster

  4. yes2truth says:

    The only ‘negative’ thing I ever heard about Alvin Stardust was him publicly kneeling down in prayer on a crowded railway platform. He was then married to Lisa Goddard, but not for much longer after this event, if my memory serves me correctly.

    Whether she was present at the time I have no idea.

  5. Anonymous says:

    thats strange you should put this up, as its from an old article by T Stokes
    whom you branded a racist an idiot and a fake ?

  6. Tapestry says:

    I often put up posts on different tacks, so readers can make up their own minds. I have never been quite happy with T Stokes, but still you find some good stuff published under his name.

    Same goes for Alex Jones. David Icke and many others. No source is perfect anyway. All have an angle somewhere. I do.

    Some of the details on the above link on Simon Dee are incorrect. Caroline came first, for example. But never mind. There are other parts which ring true. I just use my instincts and trust readers to do the same. I never profess to know exactly what the truth is. By reading around things every day, you feel yourself getting closer.

    There are no quick fixes, I’m afraid.

  7. sovereigntea says:

    Dee mentions the CIA

    Max Clifford, in 1962, went to work for the press office of the EMI music company.

    “EMI was a key member of Britain’s military intelligence establishment.”

    Who knew who and when ?

    Savile >> Decca Playlist Bribes Meetings >> Johnathon King

    Simon Cowell of EMI & King helped arrange parties and guests for Clifford that were all absoulutely, definitely and most certainly over the age of consent and of course never ever ever at all not even once supplied used saw or even thought about any drugs.
    Savile visited Israel Govt
    Clifford provided the newspapers with stories that helped easily blackmailable Tony Blair close associate of Lord Levy to come to power. Blair signed up for the Iraq war the Yinon plan. Blair promoted devolution in the UK.

  8. sovereigntea says:

    Dee worked for Radio Caroline

    Ray Teret (born c. 1941)[1] is an English radio disc jockey who started his career in the 1960s.

    He was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and started work as a warehouse clerk, apprentice heating engineer and waiter at the Ritz Ballroom in Manchester.[2] In the early 1960s, Teret met Jimmy Savile after winning the Savile-run singing contest at the Palace Theatre in Manchester.[3] The pair later shared a flat on Great Clowes Street in Broughton, Salford, Lancashire,[3] with Teret becoming Savile’s support DJ, assistant and chauffeur.[4] During this period, Savile referred to Teret as his son, while Teret referred to Savile as Dad.[5]

    Teret joined Radio Caroline North in the mid-1960s, where he became known as “Ugli” Ray Teret. His theme music was Jungle Fever by the Tornados, and he also used The Ugly Bug Ball by Burl Ives. After leaving Radio Caroline North in 1966, two years before it shut down, Teret worked in a series of DJ and media related work, mainly on the radio in the Manchester area, including Signal Radio[6] and Piccadilly Radio.

    On 8 November 2012, Teret was arrested at his home on Woodlands Road in Altrincham by Greater Manchester Police, one of two arrests made in respects of an allegation of historical rape.[7] The offences are alleged to have taken place in Trafford in the 1960s and 1970s, against three women who were then under the age of consent.[3] The arrests were not part of Operation Yewtree.[8] Teret appeared at Manchester Magistrates’ Court in October 2013. He was charged with a total of 32 offences spanning several decades, including 15 counts of rape of girls aged under 16, nine of indecent assault and three of possessing illegal materials. He was released on bail.[1] On 15 November he attended court and was again granted bail, until April 2014. It was reported that he was expected to plead not guilty.[9]

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have intimate knowledge of pop music from the late sixties to around 1983, and i can tell you the satanic grip of occultism and israel shows right through from top to bottom.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ooh anonymous at 8:12, don’t leave us on tenterhooks please please tell us more, who you are would be a bloody good start.



  11. Anonymous says:

    The BBC knew that most DJs were homosexual, there were problems with this on the pop music Prog Ready Steady go, this spilled out into the clubs, but gossip of young girls being exploited was rife at the BBC also.
    Re Kevin Field, i enjoyed his radio show, but police took away all his research papers recoding discs and his computer early yesterday, while the public saw his whistleblowing as patriotism, the law sees him as a traitor
    good luck kevin

  12. Anonymous says:

    And who are you Neutrino, that’s not your real name.
    Why are you so interested in who people are ??

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