Shock Doctrine – how corporations destroy countries to make vast profits

 I have almost finished reading Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, and I think it is a book that you would like if you have not already read it. 

 It is very thoroughly researched, there is a huge amount of evidence. She exposes how shock and disaster are inflicted upon whole countries in order to put them in a psychological state of chaos, so that deals can be done, new regimes imposed, and vast profit made by the vultures of transglobal corporations. 

All whilst everyone is in a state of shock, before they have a chance to pick up the pieces of their lives. It all stems from the Chicago School of thought on economics. Some corporates, such as Haliburton carefully position themselves to profit from selling arms, hiring out soldiers, from reconstructing countries, and from selling medical care, winning at every stage. 

 The end goal seems to be to privatise the whole world so that all contracts are farmed out through “democratic” governments to private corporates, and the IMF and The World Bank hold all the economic power in the world. And all jobs will therefore be controlled by giant corporates, and people will have very little choice who they work for and what sort of jobs they do. The governments are just money launderers to collect taxes and channel it on to a few big global players via private contracts for everything. Anywhere that resists, they just apply some shock, and then go in to reconstruct. 

She stops short of saying that natural disasters and 911 are created by the same people that profit from them, and thus she just narrowly avoids being classified as a conspiracy theorist. She probably reaches a much wider audience that way, though I have no idea what her actual beliefs are. The book is about the global conspiracy, but not classified conspiracy theory, very clever !

 There is a good chapter on Nelson Mandela and how the ANC had no power in government as economic deals were done behind the scenes so that the IMF and World Bank were effectively making the rules.

 I suspect that the same tactics are currently being applied to The Philippines. 


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  1. TMWKTMBNE says:

    Good stuff, Julia. All makes sense. What is The Corporation? Just an amoral machine. Good = profits, bad = losses. If The Corporation (I believe there’s only one, if we could see all the way to the top the pyramid) could get away with it, and profit from doing so,,they would turn all those not deemed to be ‘contributing to society’ in to tinned pet food..! Old people, disabled, long-term unemployed, offenders, etc. It may sound ridiculous, but I believe they would if they could. Btw, Satan is sometimes called ‘the king of commerce’. I also think that TPTB are in the process of crashing the entire global and financial system, so as to usher the survivors in to their ‘New Age’, hence the internet, bringing real freedom of info. and knowledge and blogs like The Tap and books like the one your reviewing. When they ‘crash and burn’ this world, the current global system, prepare for pain snd sufferering! Alice Bailey wrote that the New Age and their world leader ‘the christ’ (not our Lord Jesus Christ, but a counterfeit) will only come about, and will be welcomed by the majority, after a period of destruction. But when?

  2. Tapestry says:

    The period of destruction is in full swing. It’s applied all over the world in phases so as to conceal what’s happening. The internet is a control device, as are mobile phones. Yet they have enabled us to find out more of what they are up to and who they are.

    The Jesuits are the warmongers and killers. The Zionists the economic ‘operators’. The god they both worship being Satanic and their strongest desire is lust for sex with children.

    The forces of good are defeated, but still exist. The god of the good needs to strike back.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree Tap. That is the picture that has been unfolding before my eyes. It’s how the good fights back that’s not in my my sight at the moment. I wish it would reveal itself and soon.

    Humble One

  4. TMWKTMBNE says:

    In reply to Tsp’s comment ‘the god of the goog needs to strike back’. This world has been given over to Satan and fallen angels. The Bible also states clearly that a new heaven and earth will be made by God, and that this world will be destroyed, ‘used up like a dirty rag’. Modern bibles deny this, and replace it with their counterfeit, the ‘New Age’. Satan has an almost exact counterfeit for everything God does. The doctrine that this world can be saved is an occult, pagan Romish teaching. We are not in control, we can’t salvage anything material from this world, it will be destroyed, it’s in decay. Physicists suspect this msy be the reason for the fact of entropy, that the universe is in the process of ‘flat-lining’, dead uniformity everywhere. Watch Christian physicist Chuck Misler’s 3 hour lecture ‘Beyond Newton’ on YT, changing ‘constants’ i.e. light speed, the plasma universe, the ‘holographic’, digital universe, dna and rna coding, intelligent design, chaos V information, etc. Good stuff..!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, that’s a very well put together statement.
    When our time comes, remember where your MP’s and Councillors live, you will need to speak to them.
    We may have to fight our own military there may be no option.
    If we don’t stand upto the Zionist puppets, we may not get another chance, we will be disappeared.
    Blood needs to be spilt to ensure we are not slaves again, make sure it’s not our blood.
    This time in the UK we may be starving, it’s time to be stocking up on food, just in case.

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