Read WASP before he’s deleted. Religions are control systems.

Hi  Tap, firstly in answer to Harbinger, yes I do have pdf’s of Waters Flowing East,  

I believe it’s in several parts, only one of the many hundreds of Pdf’s I have,  there are many sites available to download a copy.
I could quote to you a lot of Books, & Pdf’s that you  have never  heard of, that’s not what I am about.  My Interests are Mainly Technically Biased, it just so happens I got involved in this stuff on Jesuits which is so ridiculously obvious. that  all control is From Rome, I am at a loss as to know why this is not accepted as such. 
I have quite a lot of Stuff on this, which is Readily Referenced, but I am of the opinion it will be over the heads of many, judging from the reactions so far.
(Don’t give up WASP)
I do Appear To Generate a Great Deal of Controversy From The Posts I Send – This is Good, as it Encourages People To Think. Many of You Would Like To Think of Me as a Complete “Nut Case,” but you can’t because I have a Far Greater Understanding, of a lot of Stuff Many of you Haven’t even Heard Of, & I have introduced you to a lot of new & Interesting Material, which Tap  Edits & Comments on for your Enlightenment.
You, & your Acolytes Do Spout Off  a Load of Irrelevant Bollocks, Harbinger.
I believe at one stage you were constantly on about The Protocols of The Elders of Zion. which were not written by Jews. If you had been paying attention, you should have realised this, as I have given adequate Evidence in Past Posts of this fact c.f.  The Secrets Of The Elders Of  Bourg – Fontaine  ……….  THE PROTOCOLS – THEY ARE A FAKE , Criminal Forgeries  don’t you know!
You spend too much time trying to prove me wrong Harbinger, you should realise I am but a Conduit to The Knowledge I pass on, you will find that most of it is derived from Books, Pd’fs,  & other Media Researched by Experts in Their Particular Fields, but I am sure you realise that, as I always give references of Original Source Material. I unlike you prefer a much Wider Spectrum of Reference.
Why were the Jews Originally Vilified? 
Pope Clement Vl, I believe it was, who quite obviously unable to stop the spreading of the Plague, which the people expected him to do, did something within his limited capabilities.  All he could do was Consecrate The Tiber as a Floating Cemetery.  The rampaging Plague hadn’t yet reached Germany, & the populace were searching to lay the cause at some ones feet. The Jews, & to some extent the Muslims were their chosen scapegoats. They were herded into Ghettoes, & told Convert to R.C’s or Die.
At least 1000, were burnt alive – Holocaust BURNT OFFERING!  
My view on the Plague { BLACK DEATH as there is evidence that has shown, it probably wasn’t Bubonic Plague ) is:  why did it take so long for it to propagate? 
I don’t think, sanitary conditions would have been any better at an Earlier Time in History, Do You?
It is not possible to consider, Persecutions without taking this issue into account. 
This leads me to conclude that it was The Release of an Advanced Biological Warfare Agent using The Black Rat as The Vehicle for the Distribution of the Flee Carriers. by a Higher Controlling Deity, as a Population Leveler. 
There Is Nothing New  About This Technique – You Might Think
An alternative to this would suggest that it was Delivered by EXTRA TERRESTRIAL SOURCES, via an Asteroid or more likely a Comet, as they have been shown to contain Pathogen like Materials, in their Vapour Trails q.v. Halley’s Comet.
You view things from the Point of View of  Religion, Harbinger, this had to be thought up by the Human Mind. Christianity, this too was a concept that was thought up by the Human Mind, other human minds considered it could be used as previous Religions had been, as control systems, but this for some reason, gave an even more Powerful Control  when combined with the Old Religions, operated by The Catholic Church – Enter Christ’s Vicar on Earth, they thought they had it “Sewn Up” & GREEDY MEN “THE PURVEYORS OF RELIGION” COULD PROSPER BEYOND THEIR WILDEST DREAMS.
Nothing in Nature stays in a Steady State for long q.v. REFORMATION, this was Countered with The Anti-Reformation, which Morphed into The INQUISITION so  gave These Perverts Carte Blance to take over Property & Wealth without Regard For Status – In the name of Religion –   The Church of Rome Continues To Prosper, together with The Sadomasochists who operated the System  (Did I Hear The Name JESUITS in The Background?)
I have sent Posts on this too,
The Jewish Expulsions, & Fomentation of Wars, Many Refer to actually Involved Jesuits, who used The Jews as The Front Men as usual, to hide behind, as has been pointed out.  The Word Jew is used as a Generalisation, by Many who haven’t got a Clue, so it is Time you started to use the Right Terminology & Referred To These “JEWISH DEVIANTS” as JESUITS.
What Do You Know of The Occult or Other Forms of Esoteric Religions?
Very Little in My Opinion
“IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN & ALWAYS WILL BE” .  That is important to realise.  Many don’t.
There is nothing in This World that this does not apply to, The Human Mind can therefore be Influenced by Signs, & Symbols, & it is, for every second of everyone’s life.
All Life Forms are Composed of Atoms, & Molecules, which are surrounded by a sea of  Electrons.
Interaction With These Electron Repositories will cause  Responses, Control the Responses, & You Control The Individual, Who Hosts The Electrons. This is The Purpose of Religion.
To understand this you need to consider Energy, Frequencies, &  Colour Correspondences, & a lot of other stuff, but not in isolation, because, without considering MAGIK & SYNCHRONICITY, related to these you will get nowhere. (You will note the use of MAGIK with a  ‘K’& not a ‘C’).
The Smarter Ancients used Religion as a Maximised Control System, Those Who Conceived the Power Of Religion For This Purpose, Then Are The Same Sect  Who Still Operate The System Now. 
Would They Ever Wish To loose Control, I Think Not!
I know far more about this stuff than you could possibly imagine Harbinger, your knowledge of Religion related to Christianity, & The Talmud is far superior to mine, which doesn’t bother me because they are just Modifications of the Control System that has been used since the beginning of Mankind, what you call it is of no consequence, what it is capable of Achieving is. You lack the ability, however,  to Perceive anything beyond your Self Imposed Limited Parameters. I have a Greater understanding of the Deeper Concepts Related to this Stuff than  You will Ever Have. You & your Acolytes appear to have Little or No Understanding of The Higher Concepts Involved, in dealing with this material
I never started throwing insults around in the first place Harbinger, It was just wrongly assumed, I would follow suit by many.
The Jesuits are Controlled by the Illuminati who are not Jews.

TAP – yet the Jesuits were founded two hundred year prior to the Illuminati?

WASP’S REPLY –  In answer to your query, The Illuminati have been around far longer than The Jesuits have Tap, the one you are referring to is The Modified Illuminati.
TAPPlease expand on that next time, WASP
They required to control the Catholic Church, which they saw as The Most Efficient  Mass Control System, as well as the Immense Wealth, that The R.C.C Possessed.  To do this the Jesuits were Infiltrated, who then in turn merged into the R.C.C, & thence into the C. of E. other Religions, & Masonry, as well as setting up Phalangist Movements such The Mormons, Politically Controlled  Organisations, New Age Movements, & Political Think Tanks. they use very sophisticated techniques to influence People q.v.Ther Frankfurt School 
The first thing you need to understand is that in Nature there are no such things as Limiting Parameters – All Parameters Are Concepts of The Human Mind. The acceptance of Religious, & Political Ideologies are just self Imposing Parameters on yourself.
God can only be considered as the Ultimate Energy Source, so to me the more successful Religions make use of Higher Off Planet Entities, present by accessing other Parallel Universes. Ever since c.a 1940 scientists have observed a Strange Phenomena related to simultaneous Time study, it has been observed that a single particle can be influenced by The expectations of an Observer.  …………
I don’t see this as being in anyway difficult to understand, but perhaps some may find it a strange concept at first, so I would suggest you sit back & think about it, in so doing remember we are but Genetic Modifications, produced by a much Higher Intelligence. of a Species we can imagine. 
The Wealth of The R.C.C. is Immense, no other Individual, or Organisation has anything to compare with it. The Illuminati realised this & use The Jesuits to carry out their wishes. Who in turn  use The Jews as a SMOKE SCREEN, to Sway Governments Take Over, & Destroy Countries & Build & Destroy Empires.
Any other Wealth Pails into Insignificance,Compared with that  Possessed by the R.C.C
The Wealth had to be Hidden, ( ie The Gold & Treasures Stolen of of The Aztecs by the Vatican, which to do so the carried out Genocide in the name of Christianity),  so what better way than to do this than via Jewish Custodians, Enter PAPAL PUPPETS The Rothschildswho with most including our Royalty Are Very Low In The Pecking Order of Power.

There is not much I haven’t covered as Initial Articles, over the years, which very often get resent by many at a later stage.
There are also a lot of these Posts though still available on the Net, that get deleted from Tap’s  Blog. for some reason 
WATCH THIS SPACE, You will Learn a Lot!

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11 Responses to “Read WASP before he’s deleted. Religions are control systems.”

  1. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, I notice that on sending Larger Posts, some of the letters get omitted, as they are Grammatically Correct, prior to sending them, & I don’t think they are Typos. This tends to alter the context of the sentence to some extent. I have checked with original. It could be they get corrupted on re-sizing which I very often do.

    In answer to your query, The Illuminati have been around far longer than The Jesuits have Tap, the one you are referring to is The Modified Illuminati.

    I will tell you about it in another Post, I am involved at present researching other stuff I am interested in, not directly related to Jesuits.


    • Anonymous says:

      Tx wasps how beautifully written …And yes he harps on about. Religion ..yes indeed they are controlled …they are Businesses ..Money power ect you already know ..Great Thinking ..Appropriate you are trying to do is inform people who don’t have a clue

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unknown to me Wasp had sent this post as I was preparing mine and as chance would have it, it relates to what WASP is talking about. Unfortunately I meant to add one more article concerning the Vatican’s ill-gained wealth but forgot to include it so here it is now.


    Very interesting article WASP much of which I can relate to through scriptures and the history of religions. Appreciated.

    WASP can sit at my table any time. Just love the way he thinks outside the box by pulling from our own and other dimensions.

    The secret to wisdom is to get knowledge and to get knowledge is by here a little, there a little.

  3. Anonymous says:

    An incredibly arrogant reply to say the least. To presume you know far more about something than another because they disagree with your views just proves you to be a truly conceited individual.

    I have never called you a nutcase. I have infact praised your past posts at times. Ad hominem attacks always lose one an argument.

    As for the Jesuits (again…..yawn) and the Jews I have said all I need to on the issue. To continually harp on about them as you do is laughable to say the least. No reply either on its Jewish founders as well as the letter from the chief rabbi of Spain to the Grand satraps of Constantinople I see WASP…….

    The bottom line is we’re going to disagree. I am not religious in the slightest and I DO NOT look at reality from the point of view of religion as you presume. You really should change your conceited attitude WASP.


  4. Anonymous says:

    One thing that gets me is that it doesn’t matter who did what and who is responsible for whatever. The fact of the matter is the world is in an awful state and getting worse, while people argue who’s responsible when what we should be doing is agreeing to disagree and get on with putting things right for our children and grandchildren. Secret societies ect can’t achieve anything without co-operation from the masses. The Vatican needs investigating for sure as does these massive corporations and central banks. The point I’m trying to make is that we (society) should be demanding transparency or nothing moves. I believe Governments are controlled but the one thing that the controllers need is our co-operation to keep the status quo. If we (society) got cotrol of our Governments and took power away from central banks we could start healing society….. Just a thought.

  5. wasp says:

    Hi Tap,just to say Yep! that’s correct, Gordon, I’ve been telling them for years, but will they believe you, anymore than they will believe me – I Doubt It?

    I did the Vatican Billions by Avro Manhattan a while back. & also stuff by Msgr. Rodriguez, at least you see it as I do, Gordon, & I believe Tap, is now convinced also.

    With respect to Harbingers Comments:
    I did not specifically relate every aspect of the Post to you Harbinger. viz To Think. Many of You Would Like To Think of Me as a Complete “Nut Case,” was the statement. ‘Many’ would infer more than one, & not specifically you, Harbinger.

    In my opinion your Spectrum of Analysis of the issues is very limited, and does appear to Gravitate around Religion. I have yet to see this is not the case.

    I am not interested in proving anyone right or wrong, I just present, reliable information as a Conduit.
    In the end it’s up to those reading it to decide for themselves.

    If you consider this is Arrogant then that’s unfortunate, I merely Bite Back, or should I say ‘Sting’

    I concur with your statement, however, we will Agree to Disagree, as we obviously view different Spectra, when analysing the same stuff.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Anon at 11.57:

    You are so right!

    However as all of you will come to discover what you choose in this life determines your eternity in the next. That is a matter you all seriously need to consider.

    I suspect WASP directs the issue of Religion at myself but I have no time for even remotely true Christian religion as Christian religion is already well infiltrated by Zionist interests as it has been for far longer by Vatican interests. Or do I need to reconsider such? Both have been at odds with God’s plan of redemption from the start.

    What I can see is that the Roman influence has more recently been superseded by the new Israeli influence but such is a matter of disagreement.

    What I do need to point out to you is that while religion is and I am in agreement with you here, used as a control mechanism, whether that is by Satan or TPTB, God is very much alive and is at work in all things.

    I can therefore confirm to use your own words “…your Spectrum of Analysis of the issues is likewise very limited.”


  7. Tapestry says:

    You get the same picture as WASP gives about the Jesuits from Walter Veith, who is a Christian. It’s quite a thing to realise that the Pope is the main focus of the fascist NWO. Many internet news services like Alex Jones, David Icke never mention the Jesuits. That makes them look like managed opposition. I still wonder about off planet influences.

  8. Anonymous says:

    As a student of theology and world politics who has followed everything written on this blog for some months and having taken notice of articles and comments.
    i wish to give the score verdict
    and it is this
    Harbinger and the British public 1
    wasp and the shills 0

  9. Anonymous says:

    As a student of theology! Oops! Therein lies your problem. You are being taught by men who want you to see things as they see them and not by the Spirit which teaches one to see as God sees things.

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