Overpopulation is a myth

Nigel Farage has said that a population of 75Million in the UK is too much and that the potential reduction in the quality of our lives would be a price not worth paying. It is time to call a halt to this unsustainable population growth. Let’s grow our economy to deliver quality of life and not quantity.

Against – James Delingpole

“Of course the elephant in the room is overpopulation,” says Mr Expert, tapping the side of his nose.
Perhaps you identify with Mr Expert. Perhaps you even are Mr Expert. Either way, you’re not only extremely irritating but also totally wrong.
Let me explain.
The world’s population is round about 7 billion. This sounds a lot. It’s certainly a lot more than it was in the days when a priest complained:
“Our teeming population is the strongest evidence our numbers are burdensome to the world, which can hardly support us from its natural elements. Our wants grow more and more keen and our complaints more bitter in all mouths, while nature fails in affording us our usual sustenance. In every deed, pestilence and famine and wars have to be regarded as a remedy for nations as the means of pruning the luxuriance of the human race.”

The priest’s name was Tertullian and he was writing in 210 AD when the world’s population was a mere 250 million. But do you notice something interesting? Even back then, educated types were wringing their hands over the great “overpopulation” problem. It seems to be hardwired into our psyche: this idea that there are too many of us and unless something urgent is done to slow our growth rate, disasters will ensue.
See also, Thomas Malthus.Ah, but just because Tertullian was wrong and Malthus was wrong doesn’t mean we’re wrong to worry about overpopulation today, does it?
Not necessarily, no. But maybe this will allay your concerns, somewhat.
“You could, for example, fit everyone in the world into the state of Texas, and with plenty of room for each person. Texas is 268,581 square miles, so with a world population of 7 billion, you’d have a density of about 26,000 people per square mile. That is about the same as New York City and is considerably less than Union City, New Jersey (about 53,000 per square mile.). Many other cities around the world have even higher population densities, from Delhi, India (about 75,000 per sq. mi.) to Manila, Philippines (over 110,000 per sq. mi.). Since the world’s landmass is 732 times the size of Texas, this would leave enough room for population expansion, farmland and pristine wilderness—you’d hope—to allay the fears of even the most fanatical Malthusian doom-monger.”
That last paragraph, by the way, comes from my book Watermelons – which nails the overpopulation myth and a lot of other green fallacies besides. You might also care to read my new book The Little Green Book of Eco Fascism – out just now in Biteback.
And if you’re still not persuaded after that, there’s really no hope for you. My suspicion, though, is that it’s not really “overpopulation” you’re worried about. Rather what concerns you is the effect unchecked immigration has had on our crowded island. On that, I agree with you. Why do you think I’m a member of UKIP?


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10 Responses to “Overpopulation is a myth”

  1. Anonymous says:

    There would be no overpopulation, if the Roman Catholics throughout the World, practiced birth control.
    The population of the UK ten years ago was 50 million, now we don’t know what it is.
    UK politicians have allowed unstoppable immigration because the immigrants vote for them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There would be no overpopulation, if the Roman Catholics throughout the World, practiced birth control.
    The population of the UK ten years ago was 50 million, now we don’t know what it is.
    UK politicians have allowed unstoppable immigration because the immigrants vote for them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is a distinction between world population and the demographics of one small island.

    Yes our island is full to uncomfortable, although fitting more and more people into devils Agenda 21 transition towns while giving more room for our dual national leeches to have leisure time isnt helping matters.

    But world population given the expanses of land isnt an immediate problem, although l’m sure one of the many reasons the dual nationals flooded the west was to blur the two.

    More Hegelian Dialect.

  4. TMWKTMBNE says:

    I was listening to BBCR4 last year, when they let slip this very interesting fact: 500,000 people in the UK die every year..! I worked out that’s over 8% of the UK population (about 60 million) I think that figure seems surprisingly high…if it’s correct. The birth rate among indigenous Britons is very low and the immigrant birth rate is very high. It seems the plan of TPTB is to destroy, specifically, England; the people, the ‘idea’ of England, the history, the culture, everything. Foolish and deceived English people themselves have been co-opted to assist, as have schools, universities, colleges, media, etc. This must be instigated and executed by Jesuits to destroy what once was a powerful Protestant (i.e. to protest) nation. To undermine England in every way is the method, destroy from within and they are being very successfull.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello TMWKMBE
    I was part of the programme for many years
    always remember “divide and conquer” tory and new labour, republicak and democrat, catholic and protestant sunni and shia
    the list goes on and its all in the protocols of the learned elders of zion, this can be ordered from your library.
    My brother was a jesuit for 12 years and a lay brother for 5, he says there is much wrong with jesuit dogma, but wasp is talking bollox

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who believes UKIP is/are the answer is going to be VERY disappointed in the near future, you are about to be badly betrayed by them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes the real reason that imigrants are imported in has nothing to do with cheap labour, its to destroy the british anglo saxon nations.
    The real chosen people are the anglo saxons, that why the jews hate them above all else, christianity is their religion
    and the jews are sworn to destroy it

  8. Tapestry says:

    As for UKIP, they are good at bringing subjects to poplar attention, topics the other parties tend to ignore. Take the EU for example. If it wasn’t for UKIP, there wouldn’t be any discussion going on by now. OK all political parties operate within the control system, but not all is bolted down. Dare to try. You might get further than you think.

  9. stedra rulz says:

    I’d say, that what the elite really means is: there are too many of them for our comfort.

  10. Delingpole is wrong on this one. A New York City in an area the size of New York State (or a London in England) is not a problem but 50 of them would be.
    Bangla Desh is about pop 150 million and growing (and a survey last year showed about 30 million of them want to come here), I wonder how many of the ‘more the merrier’ school of population sizing would want to live in such an environment where in the inhabitable areas it is difficult to get away from the noise, rush, detritus and smells of humanity.

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