NY Times: Russians Debate Sticker Price of Sochi Games

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Who exactly are these “Russians” that are “debating the sticker price” of the upcoming Winter Olympics to be held in Sochi? A deeper dive into the cesspool of this latest anti-Putin attack ad reveals that the notorious Western stooge, Aleksy Navalny, and his group of George Soros-CIA funded traitors are the ones “debating”. How predictable! One might as well be asking the Marxist porno-whores of ‘Pussy Riot’ for their opinion of Putin.
The $50 Billion price tag that the media keeps throwing around is very misleading. It is an inflated figure that does not distinguish between the true cost of building the Olympic venues, and the investment cost of developing Sochi’s permanent infrastructure. Of that $50 B total, only $7 B was used to build the actual venues; with the majority of those funds coming from private investor money, not the State treasury.
The additional $40 B + is being used to develop Sochi’s infrastructure. The splendid southern city has the potential to become a world class ski and sea resort. The construction and upgrading of roads, railways, power stations, sewage systems etc., will reap huge tourism rewards for the region for many years to come. Leave it to the dishonest Times to lump long term infrastructure investment with actual Olympic spending. The two are temporarily related, but are not at all the same.
If The Times wants to “debate the sticker price” of something that is truly extravagant and wasteful, perhaps they should have a look at Obongo’s Food Stamp spending ($49 Billion per year), or the useless Dept. of Education ($80 Billion), or the bloated Dept. of Offense ($800 Billion), or how about the sky high cost of The First Beast’s endless vacations and Air Force 1 joy rides. ($25 Million and counting).
Damn hypocrites!
Russia’s $50 Billion investment isn’t all about throwing an extravagent party. The tourism related development of spectacular Sochi is a wise long term investment for the people of the region.
Navalny (left) is a trouble maker who serves the CIA & Globalist George Soros (right). That’s who The Times turns to “debate the sticker price” of Sochi???

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