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  1. Both this show 15/01/14 and today’s UKColumn broadcast 16/01/14 show the passion and determination of people who are willing to take practical steps towards delivering our freedom from tyranny. Essential viewing for all. The time for debating those who conspire against us is fast expiring. 2014 should mark the turning point where the alternative media becomes the new mainstream. Listen to both Roger Hayes and Justin Walker. Words come easily when you speak the truth.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I have been to meetings where Roger Hayes has been speaking, he is a man I would follow into battle.
    The Banks have been robbing us for years, little wonder they have marble covered buildings, in expensive choice places.
    I often wondered how they could afford such massive in London.
    Many Banks are clearing houses for drugs, that is very clear, with all the bad publicity they have.
    Tap, could you get the Class Action forms for us off Roger ASAP.

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