Macdonalds tells its own employees not to eat fast food! It’s a health hazard!

By Dr. Mercola
McDonald’s is the poster child for the modern Western diet and all the health problems that it engenders. As a general rule, “food” was designed to supply your body with all the nutrients it needs.
Processing destroys many of the nutrients and is the primary contribution to most of the chronic degenerative diseases many experience today. I would also argue that food processed to the point of not decomposing after more than a decade is not actually real food and shouldn’t be consumed…
Ironically, the fast food giant recently ended up with a PR nightmare after suggesting its own employees forgo fast food fare for healthier options like salad and water. As reported by Business Insider:1
“Several excerpts from the posts, which were created from a third-party vendor, warned against the negative effects of fast food, even going so far as labeling a cheeseburger and fries, core items on its menu, as an ‘unhealthy choice.'”
The site also warned employees that fast-food meals are “almost always high” in calories, fat, sugar, and salt—and rightfully so, I might add. Warning employees of the health hazards of the very food they produce and serve, however, does not make for good PR.
In response to the controversy, McDonald’s shut down the website in question, which was aimed at providing “work and life advice” to employees. According to a company spokesman,2 the information was “taken out of context,” thereby generating “unwarranted scrutiny and inappropriate commentary.” Employees will still be able to receive work and life advice over the phone.

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