Last summer we organised a talk in York on Chemtrails…….

We invited our MP Hugh Bayley, who was unable to attend, and who has not been interested in pursuing constituents concerns about  the Chemtrailing intensively carried out in York and surrounding countryside. The Chemtrails are recently more prolific and the planes seem to have had a delivery upgrade as the trails are massive and very dense. Even on Christmas Day the Chemtrailing continued.

We have asked Hugh Bayley to account for the matter of how the Chemtrail programme is financed. Are we paying for people in the shadows, supposedly in secret, to poison us?
We also invited the Green Party to attend the talk on Chemtrails. We were ignored, but when pressed by email, the response was a denial that the Chemtrailing was actually happening, and that they were not going to become involved in this issue. They claimed that other environmental issues were more pressing and worthy campaigning on, like over fishing.
One or two of us contacted the Met Office for clarification on Chemtrailing. Again a denial stating that these trails are simply contrails from ordinary passenger planes and there is nothing to be concerned about.

What? Five of them flying low over Yorkshire countryside forming a grid pattern?
It’s all in plain site, for anyone to see.

These bodies are, like the BBC, simply doing what they are told to…herding sheep!
If anything, simply a reminder that they are all the same, and not one worthy of a vote.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, the comments by York readers regarding Chemtrails struck a chord.
    I wrote to Ed Miliband last year asking the same questions.
    The reply back was that he had ” noted my comments “. He must have more notes than a Grand Piano.
    After writing to our DMBC councillor, after a year still no reply, sent the letter by recorded delivery.
    The Chemtrailing is now releasing Methane into the air, this is removing the Ozone. Was this intended ??

  2. Anonymous says:

    The chemtrailing is for military use. They create cloud cover to block DEW’s (Direct Energy Weapons). Read this report by Major M C Boger of United States Airforce…‎

    If the link doesn’t work google …Operational Defenses through Weather Control in 2030

    It explains in the report about creating cloud cover as DEW’s cannot lock onto a target through cloud and fog. America is not overly popular with some countries they are having to step up their security.

    The security that geoengineering provides against DEW’s seems to work hence why Russia want to start their own geoengineering programme.
    Of course governments can’t admit the real reason for chemtrails to us for obvious reasons. So, it looks like our future will be spent living under constant clouds.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I forgot to mention the report explains about the nanoparticles and their use in the chemtrailing.
    In short they are tiny nano transmitters and receivers pumped into the sky.

  4. Anonymous says:

    US airmen have risked their carers and prosecution by getting the world out to the public on just what the chemtrails are, a population thinning exercise.
    BTW arrests have already occurred with the rumanians coached in on monday.
    The Gypsy federation of GB have said a turf war may be the highlight of 2014

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anon 10:25pm, if what you say is true.
    Why do they spend so much time blotting out the SUN. Are you saying they send signals to the Sun ?
    I think you have been planted.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anon 8.07

    You may be right, but read the report I included the link. It explains how they use the cloud cover they create.
    There’s also a lot of talk on the internet regarding this on other websites.
    DEW’s Direct energy Weapons are a major source of concern for countries at present.
    The chemicals in the chemtrails that is threatening all life on Earth could well be a bonus side-effect to depopulate.
    Whatever the reason it certainly isn’t global warming there is chemtrailing every day here in the Midlands even in winter on icy cold days.
    If governments wanted to depopulate there are cheaper and quicker ways without killing off trees, plants, animals, fish, birds in the process.
    The sickness these toxins in the air cause is long term in many cases rendering people incapable to continue work, they then end up on state benefit which is extra cost to governments. So it makes sense that any depopulation programme would be swift and cost saving.
    Obviously I could be very wrong but the air we breath is shared by TPTB also and I don’t see them wearing masks when outside so I can’t believe they would deliberately poison themselves in the process.
    The chemtrails get carried along on the wind of jet stream flow direction so blocking the sun out will be another ‘necessary evil’ as the Pilot was recorded saying. It’s not about blocking out the sun but it will automatically get dimmed or blocked out by haze and cloud cover which is created to prevent the DEW’s from locking on a target below the clouds.
    Direct energy weapons cannot lock onto a target through cloud or fog.

    Read the report it explains it all in there

  7. Anonymous says:

    I live in York and have complained to Hugh Bailey (who I believe claimed over £2000 for his power bill last year while I shivered because I couldn’t afford heating) about jets constantly flying over my house. His pathetic reply was that there are no jets over York, it’s probably just passenger planes from leeds/bradford airport flying over at 17,000 feet.

    Problems with this “theory”

    1. Leeds/Bradford airport is over 30 miles away
    2. The jets over my house are at about 1,000 feet if that, not 17,000
    3. A 747 does not and cannot do tight circles over my house. Only the 747’s that hit the twin towers can do that.
    4. These passenger planes, on their way to where I have no idea, pass over in 2-hour shifts. Usually about 11am or 8pm.
    5. They often, though not always, are around when there is heavy chemtrailing. Yes chemtrailing. Contrails do not create perfect grid patterns over York city centre!
    6. It is illegal for a military jet to fly over a city with a population over 10,000. York’s is over 100,000, yet a few years ago the Americans “got into trouble” for doing just that. They were having dog fights over the houses where I live. At one point I thought they were going to crash into the house across my street.

    So Hugh Bailey is a liar. No surprise there. But who is flying these jets? The UK, French, US? And what are they practising for flying low over residential areas at night? Also, grid pattern chemtrails always directly over York city centre. Why?

    PS Monk’s Cross is a major outdoor shopping centre in York. Next time you’re there, be aware military jets and drones regularly fly low over it and it is regularly chemtrailed.

    PPS Anyone have a link to the group that met about chemtrails in York?

  8. Anonymous says:

    In reply to anon 12.05
    “Obviously I could be very wrong but the air we breath is shared by TPTB also and I don’t see them wearing masks when outside so I can’t believe they would deliberately poison themselves in the process.”

    I’ve thought about this too. I live near York Minster. The preceding days to an event there a couple of months ago, sorry I can’t remember exactly what, were heavily chemtrailed. Also after, but not on the exact day as far as I’m aware. The event was attended by some major royals, memebers of the church and others in the establishment. Now while I don’t think there was chemtrails on the day, would they really do it right up to and immediately after there presence if it was so toxic? I think they stopped on the day due to not wanting video and photos to show sprayed skies, but I still have no idea what chemtrails are for.

    1. They are sometimes clearly obscuring the sun, but usually they are directly over the city centre which is a bit like London in that it is constantly visited by tptb
    2. I haven’t noticed any link to chemtrails and the weather before or after. So one day chemtrails, next day – sunny!
    3. some sunny days no chemtrails. Some cloudy days have chemtrails.
    4. Lets say chemtrails over the city centre during the day could are to poison people. What about the chemtrails that are on an evening over the city centre when it’s virtually empty?

    The only thing that makes sense to me, if “makes sense” is the right phrase for this madness, is that the chemtrails are to block the view of something that might be in the sky (or solar system) in that direction. What this might be I have no idea, but it’s the best I’ve come up with so far

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anon 12.58
    You are at the same thinking point I was when I started to look for alternative reasons for the chemtrails. Yes! they are making us ill and killing us slowly but I don’t think that is the main reason for them. I really don’t. I did at first but like you, I questioned why would TPTB also be subject to the toxins and although some would say TPTB will do whatever is necessary for the greater good I don’t think they would openly poison themselves along with the people, not when they have a choice. It doesn’t make sense. There has to be another reason. I think the slow poisoning is something they didn’t anticipate but cannot stop the chemtrailing because of the the very reason they started it, whatever the truth of that is.

    A good site to see is
    It’s a wealth of information with many links to The geoengineers involved, companies that finance it, Bill gates was reported to have invested the most money out of his own personal finances. That alone tells me there is more involved than poisoning the planet. Bill gates is Technology, communication, why would he invest in something that is non profitable for him? Again it doesn’t make sense, it has to be more than that.

    As the report from the USAF in the link I posted earlier doesn’t state who or what will be using the Direct Energy Weapons against America it could be Earth bound Enemy or non Earth bound enemy either way they are not going to let the public know there’s an enemy trying to attack or there would be a public panic.
    I think this is why poloticians will not talk about chemtrails because if they are military use all in the know will be sworn to secrecy.
    A canadian company involved in geoengineering (I forget the name) offers insurance on weather effects. For example a country holding a big event needing fine weather can insure itself against loss of revenue if it rains, the same goes for skiing resorts incase it doesn’t snow. A company can’t take risks on paying out that amount of money unless they can be sure the weather is going to do what it’s supposed to. This company is a contributer to the geoengineering programme.
    If you notice holiday resorts whos economy rely on the weather are usually clear skys but holiday resorts aren’t usually near military bases. If an enemy were to attack surely it would go for military bases. If the idea of chemtrails was for de population surely holiday resorts would be prime targets.

    These are purely my own assumptions and I could be way off the mark but gut instinct tells me there’s more too it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Re: Chemtrailing over York, contact Chemtrails Project UK on their Facebook for details of the York Group. Am sure they’d welcome your support.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Noticed Sunday 5 January, 9:30am, Doncaster. overnight Chemtrailing, followed by cracked ice pattern, then Haarped into close lines which changed into 70% cloud cover. Then minutes later back to 30% cloud, now back to cracked ice.
    The Elite are still experimenting on us.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Noticed the 95% cloud cover over Doncaster and the blotted out Sun.
    All these changes in just one hour.
    What are the Elite setting us up for now ??

  13. Anonymous says:

    Noticed 10:30pm over Doncaster, the winds are just starting that the Elite Haarped us for.
    The News says there are 87 weather warnings out at the moment.
    For any non believers ‘Dutchsinse’ clearly shows how they kill people in America.

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