Human movement is predictable 93% of the time from cellphones

Cryptome’s John Young.  Everything you search for on Google is tracked, so your personality can be analysed, as regards health, sex, banking and everything else.  The idea is to get you addicted to the internet.  It’s called the worldwide wiretap by the NSA.

This interview goes out in the typical Alex Jones ‘panic’ style, designed to make you feel panicky.  The information being put out here is interesting, however.

Internet telephony is easy for data to be collected on you.  The purpose of the NSA is to protect government from its own citizens, and not to track terrorists.   People making their own decisions is scary to authority. is being censored all over the world.

The NSA admits they track myspace, twitter and facebook.  There is a back door to all these systems.

Predictive crime is coming in.  You will be arrested on the prediction of a computer that you are about to do something illegal.

Most digital cameras can be intercepted, as on all your devices.

The biggest threat to the power of government is its own citizens.

The internet makes it easy to frame people, e.g. claiming people use porn sites when they don’t.
Also they make lots of mistakes, although the FBI never admits it makes mistakes.

Taking down youtube channels and so on is illegal.  Alex Jones files cases to have his channels re-opened, as does John Young.

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