One Response to “How they smashed Oklahoma with weaponised tornado”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    For anyone in doubt that the lunatics in charge are modifying the weather. Here is your evidence.
    Note that the UK & USA are missing. Are chemtrails about Solar Radiation Management ? or is there another purpose to dumping chemicals on you ?


    Current catalog of countries activein weather modification activities The following list of countries with weather modification program was assembled from several
    sources. The World Meteorological Organization maintained a
    Register of National Weather
    Modification Programs. The WMO published the proceedings of its 10th Scientific Conference
    on Weather Modification, with most of the papers
    report on weather modification in the author’s home countries(World Meteorological Organization 2012). Finally,the membership of the Teamprovided information on activities that they were involved in. The list created in this fashionidentifies 42 countries with active weather modification projects.

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