How politicians see you – as farmers see their cattle

The people in power believe they have a right to be there, control you and take your money.

They issue commands backed up by the threat of violence.

Do you think they care about you, and what you want?  By definition they don’t.

By petitioning and reasoning with them, you are wasting your time.

Know your enemy.  Find ways to make him uncomfortable.  We have to make ourselves free.

The politician is your enemy.  Know him.  Don’t communicate with him.  Keep quiet and disobey.

Inside their head is their idea of their own superiority.  Threaten that and they might move their position a little.  Don’t ask or beg.

From Brasscheck –

How to talk to politicians

I agree with Larken on the mindset of people sitting in government offices.

On the other hand, it does make a difference when large numbers of people hit the streets.

Richard Nixon and his demon advisor Henry Kissinger were seriously thinking of using nuclear weapons against North Vietnam.

That was until one million people showed up in Washington to protest the war in general. The protestors did not know what Nixon and Kissinger were seriously thinking of doing.

But the fact is, one million people in Washington was a wake up call that using nuclear weapons in Vietnam would cause THEM more problems at home then they could deal with.

“The only thing that politicians care about are are you going to overthrow them or disobey them.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Video ended as it was getting interesting, will have to buy the book now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those in authority truly don’t give a dam these days at what ever level.

    I have approached MP’s on various private issues, some act for you, some do nothing. Those who act for you, I find, are ignored if they are addressing a public body. If they are approaching a private corporation you have a slightly better chance. Why? Simple they depend to some degree on goodwill. Arguing costs them money and bad publicity can injure them: Virtually no such thing for public office unless you ignore them and force them to take you to court, their actions subject them to possible media attention. Yes the courts are totally corrupt but you can use them both ways.

    On the question of how they treat you, they indeed treat you as cattle because they are Godless and without moral compass.

    I am not saying all people without faith have no moral compass, far from it, but I know God holds me to treat others with equal if not in superior respect as Jesus said – your neighbor as yourself.

    This Satanic scum have no respect. Respect is not the same as agreement.

    They are being made (to keep their big salaries) to break down the old Christian led moral way of doing things so as to bring in a new order. We therefore have to be careful here to not play into their hands and yes it is all about bribery and corruption whether legal or not.

    What this guy in the video says is indeed true. If a farmer’s animal were able to complain about their condition, the farmer’s reaction would not be to address such but ignore the issue, crack the whip (make a pretense of the matter) and move on.


  3. Anonymous says:


    What this video does not address is how to respond and to be honest there is little we can all do in the big picture (but those who can need to). We need to capitalize on the smaller at every opportunity.

    For example: You rightly decided it would be wrong to comply with the Census because it was too interfering and being carried out by a murderous organization like Mockheed Lartin. Don’t say you refused to do so as a freeman on the land but say:

    “I took great care in filling such in and posted such accordingly.”

    You don’t have to say you posted such in the bin!

    Onus on them as could have been lost in the post! If they make you do such online, keep screwing up the form filling to the point you give up due to not being computer savvy.

    If you know the Bible as I do you will know Jesus misdirected authority in what were virtual lies but were in fact true statements. He played the same game we are playing today except He was brilliant at it.

    There is another case in the Bible when folk were fleeing authority, someone took them in, the soldiers knocked on the door and the good woman said – They went that way! She lied but she did so for righteousness. We are all at war and need to learn how to defend ourselves.

    We in the UK have a Ministry of Defense but is it not in fact a Ministry of Attack?

    Just a word game.

    Tap pointed out recently that good minded Christians obeyed the whim of the evil masters. IMHO it is the Laodicean’s of this day that do so: The word means of opinion/ under judgement. These ignorant Christians are not embraced by Jesus Christ whatsoever.

    If it is helpful I’ll show you how I challenge misplaced authority:

    I got a parking ticket outside my business for parking in a taxi bay when unloading. I disputed such as this was not a taxi bay but only designated as a taxi bay the taxis never using such.

    In other words local government claim it is a taxi bay but the taxis don’t. An opening therefore arises for dispute. (Never by the way use lawyers!) Always look for that opening, that chink in their Armour, that ground for challenge but see it as fun, as a post for a blog or whatever.

    I challenged the ticket on the basis the municipal authority was therefore enforcing maladministration and that with past experience it would be worth me going to court because if I involved the newspapers the resulting publicity for my business would be worth more to me than the fine.

    It was a win, win for me. Avoid the fine or get almost free publicity.

    I use this principle in all that I do and am writing a book on how everyone who injures me is at my beck and call. Put it this way my last injury was probably as much as £¾M. No point in crying over spilt milk seemed to be God’s position as I dropped the milk container.

    The rules are fairly simple. If they want from you, you have the upper hand. If you want from them they have the upper hand. Try always to be the one from whom they want and just say no but in the best possible way. If authority demands money from you – who says you have the money to give them I mean they cant put you through a clothes drier and expect dollar bills to spew from your mouth. Learn the game but always pay your debts, never steal and never be dishonest..

    I never loose even if they think I do because I play by different rules.

    “…If God be for us, who can be against us.” (Romans 8.31)

    And I can tell you, God is on the side of the truthers! You just need to find Him that’s all.


  4. Anonymous says:

    The clue is in what they call us..Goyim.

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