How the Jesuits controlled Freemasonry and launched wars to avenge their order

They used Napoleon, their great avenger, a French Grand Lodge Freemason to avenge the monarchs of Europe who had removed the Jesuits from their countries. And lots more information as to how the Jesuits have used Freemasonry to control England since George the third, and be anti-Protestant since 1776. The Jesuits controlled the USA from the very beginning. The American Empire has been nothing but the hammer of the Pope. The High Freemasons have run America with the objective of bringing all Sects back to the Papacy. Hitler’s job was to purge as many Jews out of Europe as possible, to kill as many heretic orthodox people as possible.

The Jesuits controlled Stalin, Hitler, Churchill and FDR. The Lutheran Protestant Germans were destroyed through bombing and other mass killings. Hitler ordered the bombing of Protestant cities. Washington is controlled by the Pope, currently engaged in a war of annihilation against the Shia. The leader of the Shia is considered to be infallible and divine. This cannot be tolerated and explains the endless wars in the Middle East to kill all the Shia. Gull Island and Plume Bay in Alaska has enough oil to last the USA two hundred years.

They made America dependent on Middle East oil so that they can reach their objective of the rebuilding of Babylon. It is not an economic conspiracy. It is religious. Everything they do is based on mystery religion which came from Babylon, and was founded on it. (TAP – Marduk again behind the creation of the religions of the world)

Dubai is the beginning of the rebuilding of Babylon. The USA are building huge bases in Iraq as it is a war of annihilation against Shia Moslems. Then they can rebuild the ancient city of Babylon to be the economic centre of the world, for the coming of the anti-Christ, who will destroy the Vatican. There will be the universal commercial centre where everyone will be given their mark or number.

The Temple will be a wonder of the world using all the salted away gold from the central banks of the world.  An incredible amount of detail here.  Patriot Act.   Georgetown University.  911.  Those on the Faculty at Georgetown know the power of the Jesuits, as the Order meets there to discuss policy on a regular basis.  Georgetown University is the capital of the United States.  Their work is fine-tuned by the CFR, the Council On Foreign Relations.  That’s how the USA is run.

His book is available on his website –  $325 plus shipping or the E-Book.  Buy the CD for $40 and get the book printed yourself.  The powerpoint presentation for $20.


“Satan dreads nothing but prayer.

The church that lost its Christ was full of good works.
Activities are multiplied that meditation may be ousted,
and organizations are increased that prayer may have no chance.
Souls may be lost in good works, as surely as in evil ways.
The one concern of the Devil is to keep the saints from praying.
He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, prayerless religion.
He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom,
But trembles when we pray!”
Samuel Chadwick

The Jesuits sank the Titanic to kill off the wealthy Jews who opposed the creation of the Federal Reserve.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    But the Vatican worship the anti-christ!

  2. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, As I Have stated on Many Occasions, The Vatican will Discard Her Religious Cloak, Declare Her True Identity:
    that being The Greatest Corporation That Has Ever Existed, All Hidden In Plain Sight.

    You Might Be Interested in Some Links, in Answer To “THE BRAIN DEAD” lm Comments. Indirectly Related


  3. Anonymous says:


    We can get the low down on WASP’s claim about the Jesuits, we just need to spend $325 plus shipping via – guess who? Eric Jon Phelps.

    Surprise surprise! How did we not guess WASP was promoting Phelps behind the scenes! it just took a bit of time for him to come out.

    Perhaps that observation makes me likewise a troll?

    I thought WASP might have some evidence to present to us – it just took time for him to reveal his true assassin!
    now you know who you are following.

    Let us watch where the Tap takes us.


  4. wasp says:

    There is no need to try & be a “Smart Arse” RabbiT, in a short time I will give you all the relevant information, for free.

    I just need to get to it, & sort out The Information, & Links, as well as Reading About Other, Mainly Scientific Stuff, I am Interested in outside the Scope of this Blog.

    What Would You Lot Do, If I Stopped Sending Stuff on The Jesuits, You would have no one to Criticise, which is all that many of you are Capable of doing. All The Information I Submit or Resubmit: is or has been backed up from viable sources, located from places where many of you wouldn’t have a Clue where To Look.

    The problem is some of the Links that used to work are giving ‘404’ Errors: so they are Blocking The Information.

    You can learn a great deal about information you cant get, when they do this, it’s just necessary to find it elsewhere.

    I would have thought, in any case, I have already given you copious amounts already, regarding this stuff.



    • Anonymous says:

      ..his got more Rabbit than ??????? Lol. …I know one thing!!! Their all Men!!! Full of C&B …don’t cha know …..Tx Wasp…

  5. wasp says:

    Sure do: More Bull than C, it’s doubtful if some even have ‘C’s’ & those that do don’t have The Balls to to Justify Their Claims, & generally go by The Name of Trolls Shills & Misinformers. They are Very Easy to Spot, others are just misguided, I think RabbiT falls into The Latter Category.

    You Need To be Intelligent to understand the stuff I send, you obviously are, I am Glad There are also Many Others – It’s a Pleasure!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Is this the start of something big?

    Prince William is setting up copywrite on his & wifes names?


  7. Tapestry says:

    The Duchess who wants to be Posh? Even Royalty is being dumbed down.

  8. Tapestry says:

    Interesting implications of The Titanic – killing off the opposition to the Federal Reserve from wealthy Jews……..Jesuits killing Jews. The use of assassination and war is more powerful than money-making.

    The Jesuits orchestrate through killing and war. The Jews build up financial empires and are herded like rich cattle to serve the interests of the Jesuits and their Illuminati masters, who in turn may have contact with man’s creators, the Annunaki who are determined to crush their creation into total subservience.

    Above them are other levels of deity, who don’t share their desire for our destruction as free beings. Notions of direct human contact with God via prayer are anathema to our aspiring enslavers.

    Just attempting a summary of what’s coming in from contributors, and chewing it over. Just think. Prayer outside of religious institutions, may be our strongest weapon of survival, along with tactical moves like avoiding all their poisons and their endless social tinkering.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Very informative article some of which I knew and some of which I didn’t but it’s the stuff I didn’t which interest me the most and will be researched.

    Tap’s comment reminds me of (Luke 18:1 [NET])
    Then Jesus told them a parable to show them they should always pray and not lose heart.
    This is one of the few parables that comes with an explanation at the start: …they should always pray and not lose heart. It is part of Luke’s goal in encouraging Theophilus.

    How correct Tap is in saying “Just think. Prayer outside of religious institutions, may be our strongest weapon of survival.” It was always intended by God that we should have a one to one relationship with Him through prayer and faith and never through religion or churches or anything else made by man.
    Prayer is indeed a very powerful tool. (1John 5:14 [NET])
    And this is the confidence that we have before him: that whenever we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.
    (Matt 7:7 [NET])
    “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.


  10. Anonymous says:

    This blog is losing all common sense and credibilty
    its become the wasp show, its a shame to see so much bullshit now

  11. Anonymous says:

    The ship which sank in 1912 was almost certainly not the Titanic, but its nearly identical sister ship, the Olympic. The shipyard which built the Titanic produced two other enormous ships, the Olympic and the Britannic.

    The Olympic was badly damaged during trials, to such an extent that its owners considered the cost of carrying out proper repairs to be prohibitively high. A gigantic insurance scam was cooked up, which involved pretending that the temporarily repaired Olympic was in fact the Titanic.

    Sinking this ship therefore achieved the two goals of recouping the building costs of the vessel, and eliminating the opposition to the Federal Reserve.

    There are a number of video presentations on this subject. Anyone who may be interested could start with:

    The Titanic Conspiracy – The Great Deception [John Hamer]

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’s very sad to see so much disinformation on this site. I think the majority of people know the Jesuits are an evil power.
    The information we have at this time concludes that the Jew Babylonian TALMUD is the doctrine being used NOW.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I have stated on this blog before ” only Christianity and Nationalism can defeat Communism “.
    Not the Nationalism the MSM like to portray.
    Just like the video says, a Country needs to guard its borders and sift out 5th columnists.
    In the UK, our borders are ‘open to every Tom Dick and Harry ‘, hence we need to get out of the EU.
    All the drugs on our streets never happened by chance, it is the despair and corruption the Elite have caused.
    Although it sticks in my craw to say this, our first step is to vote UKIP, and hope they are telling the truth, and get us out of the EU.
    The video is very good please watch it.

  14. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, so we are back on Track Again, & “THE JESUIT CHICKENS ARE COMMING HOME TO ROOST” it would appear. The “BRAIN DEAD” won’t like that one little bit, will they?

    It Fully Justifies Everything I have Told you, &, your Readers; I Think You Will Agree. Guggenheim, Strauss, & Astor, we know we’re Written out of the Equation, due to Their Opposition, to The Fed. as we know from The Creature From Jekyll Island, & The JESUITS set up the Fed, To Sponsor Their Next Project.

    I posted stuff on this related to The Fed, I.G.Farben, Monsanto, & John Francis Queeny, who was Top SMOM, Together with many references. I think, therefore Phelps is regenerating a great deal of information we already know about, contained within your Archives. So anyone interested should take a look.

    To change the topic slightly:-
    I don’t know if you have noticed, but many of the Books, pdf’s that have been written by First Rate Researchers, appear to have no idea, of the Clandestine Jesuical better termed Johnarite,
    Influences at Work. This is only my opinion, what do you think?

    “The Agreement,” for example, appears to exemplifies this thief point. The Jews are Just “PAPAL JESUIT PUPPETS”.

    Yes it was the Olympic, which I have stated in previous articles, but to all intense, & purposes, everyone still refers to the sinking of The Titanic.

    If you start referring to it as, The ‘Olympic Disaster,’ no one will know what the hell you are on about.

    But glad to see you are looking for stuff Anon.

    With regard to The Talmud Comment, The Talmud is the underlining basis of Roman Cannon Law, &, thus, The British Legal System. Double Speak, which Protects CORPORATIONS, at the Expense of The Person.

    That is why they don’t like Common LAW, WHICH DEALS WITH THE PERSON, & NOT THE STRAW PERSON!



  15. Anonymous says:

    Eric Jon Phelps is an author and protagonist in the Truth Seeker movement from the United States, presenting himself as part of a WASP fundamentalist disposition. He is best known for his book Vatican Assassins. It was revealed in the Truth Seeker community that Phelps is the Vice President and Chief of Sales for a company headquartered in Tel Aviv, called Lowvehm; this is part of the Jewish blood diamond industry. Phelps has visited Israel several times, including meetings with the Zionist Barry Chamish.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, here is some good news for our readers.
    Vatican Assassins is available from Godlike Productions as a FREE download.
    Have not had time to read it but is in very readable text.
    All the available books on Amazon, seem to have gone ?

  17. “for the coming of the anti-Christ, who will destroy the Vatican for the coming of the anti-Christ, who will destroy the Vatican”

    That makes no sense as it is the Vatican that is the anti-Christ by the correct historicist view, rather than the futurism of the jesuits we see in movies as the Omen and Rosemary’s Baby.

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