Girl made to remove her T-shirt by security guard

When I think of the school system I see two things: –

 1. Massive, uncontrolled fraud and waste

 2. Active dumbing down and even harassment of anyone who doesn’t toe the part line.

 A recent example from California. –



‘They were treating me like
I was a criminal.’

Among the states of the American Southwest, California restricts the Second Amendment the most.

Sadly California’s restrictions on the Second Amendment have bled over into restrictions on the First.

A security guard escorted Haley Bullwinkle, a sophomore at Anaheim’s Canyon High, to the principal’s office. Why?

Because she was wearing an NRA T-shirt — one celebrating firearms in the context of a proud U.S. hunting tradition.

While the school claimed that depictions of guns were banned, Haley’s father rightfully replied that the school’s drill team was allowed to twirl fake rifles. And if deterring “divisiveness” were a rightful excuse, what of the school’s Native American mascot?

Since this report came out, a happy ending is that the school has apologized — unfortunately, not before the father mentioned having shelled out to retain an attorney.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think i will make up a badge and stop nice women and demand they romove their tee shirts, fabulous. I may even sell franchising…

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