First Utility laughs at its customers struggling to pay rising bills

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How ridiculous and insulting this article is from First Utility. Even if you followed their advice below you would save £74 a year equating to £1.42 a week, the price if a loaf of bread. BIG DEAL! 
I’m with Scottish Power who put my electricity charge up by 19.4% from December 6th and I’m not ashamed to say I’m now in fuel poverty and as I’m all electric I have had no heating on this winter. I don’t feel bad about it because I know I’m not alone in this situation. Asking around I know that there are many double income households who are now heating one room only. I expect that the next round of price hike will put them and others into fuel poverty.
Utility companies so called energy saving advice is given by those who have no idea what they are talking about. One piece of advice I was given by Scottish Power was to install another layer of plasterboard on all my walls. For this to be accomplished all my door frames would have to be removed and replaced with new ones to accommodate the extra width of the walls. Other advice they give is to use low energy bulbs but the cost of any saving is lost in the next price hike.
So allow me to give the utility companies a bit of advice. Stop the greed and supply our needs!
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‘Co-showering, less tea:’ UK energy firm’s advice how to cut bill

Published time: January 04, 2014 18:46

Reuters / Stefan Wermuth

Reuters / Stefan Wermuth

First Utility, Britain’s biggest independent energy firm with 120,000 customers, has said that customers should follow an 
“energy diet” where two days of the week, they save and the remaining five days they use whatever electricity they want. Shower with other people, go to bed early and stop drinking tea if you want to cut expenses, suggests British energy firm First Utility after whopping their prices up by 18 per cent.
“Just stick to the low-usage energy plan on fast days, then use what you like on the other five and you could save an average of £154 a year,” the company, which charges an average of £1,120 for electricity and gas, said in a statement.
Showering together can save £34 a year, while turning off the telly and turning out the lights can knock another £18 off your bill, Frist Utility said. Playing a board game and microwaving meals instead of cooking them could also save £12 a year.
“Staying away from a hot drink twice a week could save you approximately £10 a year,” the company continues.
Ed Kamm, a spokesman for Frist Utility, defended the controversial advice.
“These tips are meant to provide some advice on how we might reduce our energy usage and absolutely not intended to trivialize the issue of fuel poverty, something we take very seriously,” he told the Independent.
But Labour’s shadow energy minister Tom Greartex said the advice was an “insult” to millions of people in the UK who are struggling to pay their bills.
“Rising energy bills aren’t a laughing matter and cause genuine hardship for millions of people issuing ridiculous advice, however tongue in cheek, will insult and annoy many customers who are struggling to heat and power their homes this winter,” he said.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday I read that Scottish Power after being confronted with much outrage is dropping their charges by 3.3%. So my 19.4% increase will drop to a 16.1% increase which is still double what they claim prices would rise by which was 8%.

    There are 6 players in the utility business which can hardly be said to be competitive. On the contrary, it’s more of a cosy boys’ club with each looking after the interest of the other, and all putting their charges up at the same time. Doesn’t that strike you as being odd?

  2. TMWKTMBNE says:

    The problem for cosumers is also that the corporation rent-boys we know as politicians are on their side, not ours. One way to look at society is as being made up of three parts: corporation, government, people. We, the people, are being ‘spit-roasted’ – which is what footballers do to awestruck girls – government one end, the corporation at the other end..! btw, I can’t believe it’s STILL RAINING…maybe a weather weapon is being used…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Historic deep freeze across North America conclusively proves global warming is getting worse, right?

    Learn more:

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, hope you have a great new year, ditto to all your fellow tappers.

    Hey Gordon, you don’t feel bad, c’mon man, all natural resources; electricity, gas, oil, water, food…. are ours. They were given to us freely and we gave them away to a bunch of corrupt, treasonous scumbags, without any blood being spilled.

    They will keep on humping us until we can stand no more, and when we hit the deck they’ll hump us some more, because they can.

    It’s way past time for accounting, jail the lot of them for starters, bring back the Bradbury Pound, create employment. Redistributing any wealth that’s left will be a dawdle and a pleasure for good folks. It can be done.

    Hold Fast, Jim Graham.

  5. Anonymous says:

    These two companies may be worth a look

    Ovo Energy


    Cant do any harm to get a quote

    Regards JimUK

  6. Anonymous says:

    Re; Jim Graham.

    Of course you’re right Jim in what you say but when I say I don’t feel bad what I meant is that I don’t feel sorry for myself as there are many more worse off than I.
    Look at it this way, up to now it’s been a fairly mild winter and I’ve become acclimatised to the the cold. Scottish Power have cut off their nose and in true Scots fashion I’ve dug my heels in saying enough is enough. I’ll save over £300 this quarter so who’s the winner and who’s the loser. If we all did that utility prices would drop like a stone.

    Re; Jim UK,
    Thanks for the links Jim. I have compared Scottish Power, OVO and ECO prices and OVO looks most promising. I’ve sent my spreadsheet to my guru (son) for further analysis
    Thanks again,

  7. Anonymous says:

    First Utility are the most disgusting and direspectful company (not just energy) i have ever dealt with.

    Their poor customer service is quite unique.

    If anyone chooses too choose this provider i suggest the following;

    Write down and take a photo of each meter reading you give them and introduce yourself to the energy ombudsman early as you will defintely need them.


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