Extreme weather, food prices and ill health. What’s the connection?

A researcher from Reading University, David Lim has put together an interesting body of research, covering geo-engineering and its effects.  He pitches to the beginner, people who have never heard of the subject.  He breaks down a huge subject into manageable chunks.

Weather records are being broken every few months.

Alzheimers is doubling.  A global asthma epidemic.  50% of ethnic whites lack Vitamin D.  90% in the black and Asian population lack Vitamin D.   Childhood autism is surging.

Geoengineering – intervention in the climate on a large scale designed to reduce global warming.  Cloud seeding using aerosols.  Weather modification was already in use by 1891, the earliest reference he’s yet found.

An easy to take in presentation with shocking content.  Germ warfare experiments carried out over Dorset in 1969 is where he starts, leading to illness and birth defects in the population.  What’s happened since then?

The standard reply from all government is denial, although they admit they are considering geoengineering in the future.  You have to call them ‘persistent contrails’, as the word ‘chemtrail’ is not recognised by academic institutes as yet.

HAARP explanation starts at 31 minutes.  Ground-based system to alter weather, firing radio energy into the ionosphere, which bend the jet streams.  He shows how HAARP affects cloud formations, rippling them, arching them, putting holes in them etc.

He gets to the WHY at 50 minutes.  The Club Of Rome.  Climate science doesn’t stack up.  Depopulation.  Corporate profit.  Enhanced military capability.  Geopolitical agendas.  Extreme weather can be created to order.  Storms.  Droughts (breaking up clouds).  Blizzards.

Manipulation.  WM enables governments to claim climate change requires higher taxes.

Agenda 21. ‘sustainable development’.  global population control and reduction.  sterilisation.

Also money-making on commodity exchanges.  If you know what weather will be manipulated, you can make money.  Energy companies can increase cold spells, and hot spells.

Monsanto.  58 minutes.  Stress tolerant plants designed to cope with adverse weather, chemical pollution.  GM is made essential to farmers.  GM is associated with many negative health effects.  Controlling seeds is strategic, to gain power over human population.

Volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis.   Scalar weaponry.  They know how to create and steer these to targets.

HAARP can get clouds to dump depriving countries of rain.  Iran.

Whistleblowers have come forward.  Weather control is highly advantageous for power structures.

The truth is hidden behind conspiracy theory smokescreen.  Questions to politicians are batted away.  Most people don’t want to hear about it.  Government wants us to be apathetic to all of this.  But what can we do?

SRM – solar radiation management.  Knowledge about what’s going on is the start.  But you have to act on the knowledge.  The techniques of counter-intelligence are being used, to associate the topic with aliens, UFOs and other conspiracy theory areas.  Humanity has to say No.  Everyone needs to talk to politicians and stop them batting away this topic.

Join the BAPG – the British Association for the Prevention of Geoengineering, to avoid personal stigmatisation.  Reading University didn’t sack him when he went to them which was encouraging.  They know it’s true.  David Lim.  david.lim@hushmail.com

UKIP should adopt this campaign.  They don’t need to do anything other than oppose the introduction of geoengineering, which the government claims has not happened yet.  Roger Helmer should meet David Lim.



I have left Reading University now as you may know – they began to frown upon my research for obvious reasons.  I have since learnt that academia is just another arm of government, sadly.  There are many great projects and helpful research outcomes for sure, however one must always consider the NET benefit.  I have held many talks since and I am currently updating this old presentation.  As you know, there is much to do in this field.  
Thank you for the article, much appreciated.

Kind regards,
David Lim


I would be delighted to hear of any ideas you may have.  If you are referring to a talk in your neck of the woods, I would gladly accept the offer to speak – this information needs to go far and wide.

If so, past experience has shown that in order to maximise the event’s impact, I suggest the following arrangements:
I will:
  1. Work with you to agree/confirm a date and venue
  1. Write an awareness/promotional article for local publication (let me know if you/or your organisation does not wish to be mentioned).  If you have established media contacts then we should try those, if not I will endeavour to get the article published independently
  1. Provide artwork for an A4 poster and A6 flyer design for the event
  1. Advertise the event on numerous websites (e.g. UK-Skywatch.co.uk, CPUK.org, naturalskies.blogspot.com, local independent news sites etc.)
  1. Create a dedicated Facebook page for the event which is useful for signposting
  2. Develop a tailored presentation for the talk (include local photography and video footage) with a suitable title
  3. Provide light refreshments if facilities allow (e.g. tea, coffee, biscuits)
  4. Provide the AV equipment for talk
  5. Provide extensive information packs (I ask £4 each to cover printing and binding costs etc.)
  6. Offer attendees the option to provide their contact details on individual ‘contact slips’ if they wish to get involved
  7. Provide a display board with key information
  8. Present: 1hr 10mins > comfort break > Q&A = total 2.5 hrs
  9. Video the talk (no audience inclusion)
  1. Write a follow up article if required, again for local publication
  1. Kindly request audience donations that will hopefully cover the cost of the venue, my expenses and future talks if any funds are left over (this is how I am surviving at present!).  I have a helper for this.
If the venue cost is significant, then we can agree a ticket amount.  However, at present, I like to advertise as ‘Free Public Talk, donations welcome’.
  1. If, as an individual/organisation/community, you wish to donate a proportion of the venue cost, this would be extremely helpful and much appreciated
  1. Acknowledge you personally or  your organisation’s involvement (if you wish) regarding any present and future outcomes from the talk.
If you could:
  1. Use the  artwork provided to print the necessary posters and flyers (black and white copies)  
  2. Organise the legal display of posters, distribution of flyers (where possible) and talk to local people in order to generate interest.  Approaching key community figures can be useful here (e.g. councillors, local political figures, action/interest groups, members in the following areas: healthcare, land management, farmers/growers, renewable energy etc.)
  1. Try and advertise the event on any websites you feel appropriate
This format has proven highly successful for both co-organiser and myself.  Also, in order to stimulate public thought and possible action.  Geoengineering and the ‘chemtrail issue’ must be bought to the public’s attention in order to ensure the health and safety of our environment, ourselves, our children and so on.  Any assistance in disseminating this information would be wonderful.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind regards,
David Lim


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10 Responses to “Extreme weather, food prices and ill health. What’s the connection?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This was very interesting RAF records show that from 1952 they have been responsible for floods germ spraying and other crimes against the british people,
    i think it was Sir anthony Blunt at a speech at the cambridge corn exchange in the 60s, who said the RAF polits should have had the guts to say no, he went on that more acts of cowardice in W W II were shown by the RAF than any other service.
    And you only have to think of the cowardice in dropping firebombs on German dormitory towns to confirm this

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have for a while suspected the energy companies to be involved in this, such is the level of corruption and connections to organised crime/polticians.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Truthjiuce have meetings all over the country where this and similar topics are discussed
    We meet at the king arthur pub glastonbury, all welcome
    Brian P

  4. Anonymous says:

    I also beleive the energy companies are involved.
    who owns these companies ? rothchild.
    Time to sort them all out
    Latest news. 74 year old Lithuanian man “knockout dropped” by black gang dies in hospital,
    Lithuanian leader says we will have revenge on blacks

  5. Anonymous says:

    The RAF are also held in very low regard by the British people for their constant lies over UFO sightings, when the RAF prefer to obey a corrupt partisan and racist government over the people who pay their wages, they lose all respect from the population
    and they have

  6. Anonymous says:

    another reason for the increase in illness is all the electro-smog – WIFI, dect phones, mobile phone masts etc…


  7. Anonymous says:

    Not just the RAF after our forces were involved in torture and murders abroad, the british people were booing them on their marches so the marches were stopped

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mentioned this before, a well publicised RAF exercise was to take place in my area a few years ago. Took photos of circular Chemtrails which Carnicom pointed out demonstrated targeting. When I noticed these circular Chemtrails were still hanging about hours later I realised something was wrong. Six weeks later on 1st January I came down with the worst flu I had ever experienced causing me total debilitation – no energy to do anything! I am satisfied such was a biological weapons test.

    I know which RAF base was behind this and I observe chem tankers heading there regularly leaving normal contrails (on their way to collect the Chem) then later the spraying begins.


  9. Anonymous says:

    The deficiencies of Vitamin D for humanity are colossal – so not only do we have the heavy metals infecting the atmosphere, our water, land , crops and livestock we are also robbed of one of he most important natural resources we have – our sun. As we have an all out war being waged on humanity – for the vast economic benefit of many corporations – it is also obvious that certain beings sure as hell are terrified of us, why other reason for the planned culling? Time to wake up people – and act.

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