Everything ‘cultural’ is contrived, and designed to stunt your potential

What is culture? Henry Makow writes the truth. “How do we know what we know? We are taught by the mass media and the education system. But what if they were subverted by a satanic secret society, i.e. the Illuminati? (i.e. Cabalist Judaism and Freemasonry.) 

“Modernism” mirrors a gradual perversion of reality and morality by the Illuminati bankers. What we regard as “progress” is really the advance of their satanist agenda. It is the change in “changing the world.” 

The mass media and education system promote this suspension of reality. Truth is suppressed. Lies are promulgated. Negative or self-destructive behavior is portrayed in a positive light.

Modernism is a solipsism where the bankers’ perversity becomes the norm. For example, the CIA actively promoted modern abstract art, an art disconnected from human identity and aspirations, an art any child or monkey could produce.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Been sayin this all my life ..lol….think Sheep is da word….

  2. julie says:

    And talking about “Art” how did Tracy Emin become a CBE? Because she is a friend of King David Cameron’s funder, the Jew Poju Zabludowicz. He is the Chairman of BICOM (British Israel Communications Centre) and his father made the family fortune in the Israeli arms trade.
    Poju Zabludowitz’s wife commissioned an artist to sculpture a statue of Christ with an erection. It was displayed at the Baltic Centre in Gateshead. This is the TALMUDIC doctrine.


  3. TMWKTMBNE says:

    The point and purpose of ‘modern’ or ‘contemporary’ art seems to be advocation of chaos. No values, no morality, that TRUTH does not exist, we are inclined to accept ‘the void’. Listen to the lyrics of ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ on the Beatles album ‘Revolver’. The push in the 60’s to usurp Eastern religious philosophy over the teachings of The Lord Jesus Christ was, and still is, very deliberate. God created us with intelligence, discernment, reasoning – the ‘New Age’, fundamentally Hindu philosophy, invites us to negate our intellectual powers, given us by God, the Creator of everything. Modern ‘art’ expresses prieceisly this. Welcome to ‘the void’. Nothing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Interesting article, as I remember The Modernist movement of the 1960’s was initially a very Jewish fashion, led by the likes of Marc Feld and other young men who had fathers in the rag trade.

    The Mods were quite andromegous in their dress, often wearing make up and acting effeminately, in between popping all manner of prescription drugs..esentially a counter culture.

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