Everyone should keep bees

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bees cannot swim. If you do put water out, make sure there are pebbles or pieces of brick in the bowl. 

What You Can Do to Help Protect the Bees

Queen of the Sun has a section on their website4 devoted to things you can do to help protect our honey bees. Here are some suggestions for actions you can take:
  • Support organic farmers and shop at local farmer’s markets as often as possible. You can “vote with your fork” three times a day.
  • Cut the use of toxic chemicals in your house and on your lawn, and use organic pest control.
  • Better yet, get rid of your lawn altogether and plant a garden. Both flower and vegetable gardens provide good honey bee habitats. It’s also recommended to keep a small basin of fresh water in your garden or backyard, as bees actually do get thirsty!
  • Become an amateur beekeeper. Having a hive in your garden requires only about an hour of your time per week, benefits your local ecosystem, and you can enjoy your own honey!  As Queen of the Sun shows, many city dwellers are becoming adept smalltime beekeepers.
For educators, there’s a free PDF,5 written by Waldorf teacher Lauren Johnson, which you can download and use as your curriculum. It also contains a guide to creating your own urban beehive tour. You can also host a screening of Queen of the Sun. For more details and instructions, please see the Queen of the Sun website.6 There you can also sign up for their newsletter for timely updates. If you are interested in more information about bee preservation, the following organizations are a good place to start.
  • Pesticide Action Network Bee Campaign7
  • The Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees8
  • American Beekeeping Federation9
  • Help the Honey Bees10

Dr Mercola 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I thought Dr Mercola would have looked for the common denominator for bee deaths.
    Monsanto was mentioned, this firm will be the death of us.
    GMO plants are part of the problem, bt toxin has been introduced in most plants, this is the killer.
    Then to compound the concealed agent we have Chemtrails.
    Chemtrails are often mentioned on this blog, mainly because of bad weather, bad cold weather.
    Bees need a warm temperature before they can fly, Chemtrails have been keeping the seasons in the wrong place and time.
    Bees fitted in with nature, now they cannot, nature has been corrupted.
    Nothing will change until Monsanto is got rid of. We need bees, we don’t need Monsanto.
    Lastly, bees cannot swim. If you do put water out, make sure there are pebbles or pieces of brick in the bowl.

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